4 Exciting Places for Corporate Team Outings in India 

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The best of productivity isn’t achieved when you’re laden with a 9-to-5 job or working weekends. It is in fact achieved when you give your employees the liberty that they deserve, making them more focused and loyal towards their duties and responsibilities. 

A small change in the daily monotonous routine can yield much higher results in regards to the team performance. To help you execute the same, we have shortlisted 4 such exciting destinations for corporate team outings, which not only guarantee adventure and fun, but also a relaxing time away from their regular schedule.  


No matter how common this place seems to be, the beauty and vividness this city offers can never be enough. Vibrant and busy with the perfect blend of modern and ancient architecture, Pune is also referred to as the Oxford of the East. Magnificent valleys, misty mountains, scenic view, lively culture and an endless list makes Pune an irresistible location to spend your vacation at. Here’s a definitive way of making the most of your corporate outing in Pune – 

Villas in Pune

Mehta Mansion – Accommodates up to 35 people

Things you can do: 

  • Play water games in the swimming pool 
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon playing various board games in the games room 
  • Make your favourite cocktails in the bar area 
  • Gather in the sprawling lawns and enjoy open-dining

Nivasa Manor – Accommodates up to 20 people

Things you can do: 

  • Enjoy an unwinding afternoon in the swimming pool or jacuzzi
  • De-stress in the sauna and steam room
  • Challenge each other to a game of squash or gather around to play various other games in the turf
  • Enjoy watching a movie in the home-theater or group dance in discotheque 
Games room perfect for team outing.

Games Room, Nivasa Manor


Contrary to the traditional belief that glorifies Alibaug for its iconic beaches, it holds much more importance than that. Since it was established in the 17th century, it has quite a bit of history behind it. From numerous churches to forts, temples, etc. there’s much more that is left unexplored. However, commonly known for its virgin beaches, black sand and mouth-watering food, Alibaug is definitely one of the most sought-after places to spend your outing at, away from the rumbles of the city. 

Villas in Alibaug:

Gatsby House – Accommodates up to 36 people 

Things you can do: 

  • Gather to enjoy various water games in the huge swimming pool
  • Host a hot-tub party in jacuzzis 
  • Enjoy playing billiards 
  • Spend your sunsets gazing at the beautiful view near the artificial pond
  • Get your legs running for a game of cricket on the cricket-pitch 

Living Room, Gatsby House

The Estate – Accommodates up to 16 people

Things you can do: 

  • Embrace the beauty of the in-house artefacts 
  • Spend your lazy afternoons chatting in the spacious living room
  • Soak in the sun while in the swimming pool 
  • Explore the beauty of nature around 
  • Host events in the sprawling lawn 


Apart from serving as the capital of India, Delhi has a unique story of its own. Hectic streets, chaotic corners, busy street-food sellers, every shade of this city will leave a lasting impression long after you’ve left this place. Delhi satiates your taste buds like nothing ever can. Honestly even the simplest of things like dining at the famous Delhi-ki-chaat, strolling aimlessly through the narrow lanes or street shopping will make your vacation worthwhile, besides this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Villas in Gurgaon :

Rustic Manor – Accommodates up to 25 people 

Things you can do: 

  • Familiarize yourself with farm tourism 
  • Have a relaxing time while enjoying spa
  • Take a lousy stroll in the well-manicured garden
  • Relish a hearty barbecue meal together 
Spacious, well groomed lawns perfect for team outings.

Rustic Manor, Gurgaon

Ivy Bridge Farm – Accommodates up to 20 people 

Things you can do:

  • Relive your childhood by hanging around the treehouse
  • Put on your dancing shoes in the artificial rain
  • Gather around the dining bridge to share your meals
  • Gaze at the artefacts from all over the world 
  • Explore the orchard 
  • Challenge each other to the game of golf 


A perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, Goa is well-known for its bustling energy, festivities, beaches and monumental heritage. With a relaxed way of life and old-world charm, Goa makes it for a city like no other. From food to the beach and from sun to sand, Goa redefines holiday spirit in every possible way. 

Villas in Goa

Wings on Water – Accommodates up to 19 people

Things you can do:

  • Relish barbecue meals together 
  • Play water games in the swimming pool
  • Host story-telling sessions in the spacious living room 
  • Share drinks in the bar area
Infinity pool for team outing.

Swimming Pool, Wings on Water

Ashore by StayVista – Accommodates up to 20 people 

Things you can do:

  • Unwind in the infinity pool
  • De-stress with spa and steam
  • Gather in the sky bar to enjoy a drink, while enjoying the breathtaking views 
  • Watch movies in the mini home-theatre 
  • Battle it out in a game of table tennis or pool 
Spa sessions for team outing.

Spa session, Ashore By StayVista

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