6 New Staycation Destinations For Your Next Holiday

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If you can’t find the right inspiration to pick yourself up and find a getaway destination you so badly deserve, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite staycation villas (and might I add, newly launched staycation Vista villas!) that can truly get you off your bed, onto the computer screen and on a conference call with your friends, deciding which place to head first. Whether you decide to splurge or save, we’ve got it all.

Sommelier’s Villa

Where – Nashik
How many – 18 guests
Why – If you’re a film fanatic, you can make the private Dolby Home Theatre and the owner’s prized movie collection your all weekend treasure!

Overlooking a picturesque valley and a water reservoir on the serene outskirts of Nashik, this massive 6 BHK villa offers endless possibilities for entertainment and leisure. Equipped with a swimming pool, gym, steam room, massage room, jacuzzi, underground bar, wine cellar – you can only imagine what this getaway would be like.

The Magnolia Estate

How many – 30 guests
Why – If you’re one for experiencing true authenticity, a stay at this villa can bring you a lot closer to reminiscing the beauty of old world opulence.

Brimming with lush green landscape views, earthy elements and cosy vibes, we welcome you to this 10 BHK vintage hideaway. Experience heritage at its best at this 60-year old property that can make any group getaway a truly memorable experience. Picture yourself on a sprawling lawn gathered and swaying around a bonfire as the cool breezes fill your hair – this is what it’s like everyday at The Magnolia Estate, and you can experience it too.

Destine Villa

Where – Kasauli
How many – 12 guests
Why – If you enjoy the company of nature, a lovely walk through the forest will be enough to put you in a good mood instantly.

Plush with gorgeous interiors, a beautiful lawn, and a deck with stunning mountain views, this 4 BHK villa is a charming treat in every possible way. This place is perfect for those who enjoy vintage decor, outdoor beauty and a cosy afternoon by the fireplace. You can even request for a barbeque grill around a bonfire to make the best of your holiday.

Vino Roussanne 

Where – Nashik
How many – 6 guests
Why – If you like the idea living close to water, this villa hub can lead you straight to the lake with the advantage of a speedboat at your disposal. 

Hosted by the MTDC Grape Park Resort and together with Vino Merlot, Vino Greenache and Vino Viognier, this staycation destination comprises 4 beautifully designed villas tied to the unparalleled luxury of living in the midst of lush green land, a lake and a vineyard!

Glenogle Bungalow

Where – Mahabaleshwar
How many – 18 guests
Why – If you love living with amenities, then let it be known that this villa has its own forest! 

This majestic 6 BHK 18th century heritage villa has been built across 6000 square-feet of living area featuring distinct vintage décor. A short trek through the jungle, barbeque spread around a bonfire, bicycle ride to the Mahabaleshwar market and other such excursions are few of the many reasons why we definitely recommend visiting this ingenious villa.

Croc Villa

Where – Chennai
How many – 13 guests
Why – Located footsteps away from Pearl Beach, choosing a better location for a holiday might be challenging.

The stylish interiors of this 3 BHK villa cannot be overlooked, especially when its beauty extends from bedrooms to bathrooms and beyond. Whether you choose to have fun indoors or outdoors, you will be replete with options, including the option to play with your pets in the beautiful lawn.

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a sufficiently dull year. One of the major reasons why we think you and I deserve a break is because it is time to bring some cheer back, and what better way to do that than by the poolside with a martini.

We encourage you to book confidently as we have ensured all safety and hygiene standards are being maintained on an everyday basis, including regular sanitization and disinfection of all frequent touchpoints. Learn more about our safety practices against COVID-19 and how we are doing everything to make sure that our guests and staff are secure and well protected. 

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