5 Best Fun Activities to do in a Private Villa

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2020 has been a roller-coaster like no other. Along with being unpredictable, unhinged and utterly and absolutely crazy, it has also made us value the little things a little more. Being cooped up at home has its advantages, no doubt, but after a few months, I think it is safe to say that all of us have had a little too much indoors. Now, the value of outdoors has increased tremendously. The amount of after-COVID plans made are more than I can count on my fingers. Well, here is something to keep that ball rolling.

Whenever planning a trip, there are several checkboxes that need to be ticked. From the location, to the dates, to the tickets, to the company, and so much more. However, the stay ranks somewhere high up there. Where you choose to stay plays a undeniably huge role in bringing your trip together. The stay, on any trip, brings it altogether. It not only helps you get a feel of the place itself, but you get to embrace it in all its glory. Moreover, a bad experience will only leave you with bitter memories of what would otherwise have been an amazing vacation. Hence, to avoid that, ensuring your stay matches your needs, standards and desires is extremely important.

While the first and obvious choice when visiting any place would be to browse through the limitless list of hotels, I would definitely suggest venturing into the homestays and villa categories. Resorts and hotels have their own strengths, but villas offer a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal stay. I mean, think about it, more often than not, not only are you close to the localites, but also you have a whole property for you and your group. Economical, private and a property that exactly caters to your specific needs, what more could you want? Still a little sceptical? Well, here are a few things that could potentially give a private villa an edge.

Host Events

There are different sizes of properties and private villas. While some are huge and sprawling, others are tiny and cosy. And both types of villas can be used to host various kinds of events. The options for different kinds and types of private villas are limitless, literally. You could apply any amount of filters and still manage to find at least one that fits your description. Want a swimming pool? Maybe a huge lawn? Or a terrace? Or all three? Done, done, done and done. Be it a birthday, a staycation, a pre-wedding photoshoot, there is a private villa for all of you out there. Moreover, not only does a villa offer you complete privacy, but it offers you so much more, so you can elegantly host your engagement or turn it up with a party. Villas fit the event hosting criteria perfectly – private, fulfils your needs to the T and relatively inexpensive. Haven’t found the one yet? Keep looking, because I am sure there is one out there waiting for you too!

Vista Valencia’s huge luscious lawn is ideal for hosting events.

Endless Fun

There is a reason as to why more and more people are opting for villas for getaways. They are simply more convenient, especially for larger groups. The prime goal for when a large group sets out together is to spend time together, which, in my opinion, is simply not comfortable when in a hotel. More often than not, hotel rooms are tiny and would barely fit 15 people in one room. Why go through that ordeal when you could simply just book a private villa. Not only does that ensure that your friends and family are together and can have all the fun together in the living room, but also ensures everyone can retire to their rooms when needed. Gather everyone around, play with cards, carrom or simply sit and catch up.

Aquila’s spacious and rustic living room is ideal to spend time with your family and friends.

Endless Number of Activities

Every private villa has something or the other unique to offer that you will be spoilt for choice. Since, the owner is offering their home to you, a lot goes into ensuring that their villa is worthy of being stayed in. Hence, most villas have something or the other to offer. While some villas have a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, others have a terrace with a breathtaking view of the skyline, and others are a stone’s throw away from the beach. Each villa caters to a different kind of audience. You can opt for a villa that offers a luscious lawn, carry your outdoor sports supply and play FPL i.e. family premier league or make the most of the badminton court and polish your badminton skills. Or even relish some home cooked authentic meals of that particular area. The choices are limitless and the personal touch of every villa is, quite frankly, unmatchable.

Moksh Villa’s picturesque pool is just what you need to relax

Closer to Locals

The location of private villas is, more often than not, in proximity to everything local. Even when it’s not, having the villa to yourself means that you have to venture out, either to buy groceries, or simply just to explore. This gives you a chance to have an authentic interaction with the locals of the place, which only adds to the whole experience of a holiday. Engaging and interacting with the locals, relishing their traditional cuisine and embracing the place in all its glory only seems fitting.

Interact and indulge in shopping in the local markets while at Jaipur

Limited Limitations

Booking a private villa means that not only there are much fewer rules and more of your convenience, but also means that the amenities aren’t shared. More often than not, villas have a caretaker that caters to your needs. You could try hard but when in a hotel, you would still have to share various amenities. But when in a villa, you have the house to yourself, and your group, hence the caretaker’s attention is solely directed towards you. You can jump in the pool at 7 am and have it all to yourself, visit the rooftop in the morning or turn it up and play loud music and dance your heart away!

Soak in the beautiful views and enjoy the terrace for as long as you want, because while at Shambal, there’s no sharing!

So, are you booking your next trip yet or do I need to go on?

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