A New Spirit of Exploration – Vista’s Latest Edition of Travel Trends & Must-Visit Destinations

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It has been a whirlwind of a year, so far. 

Our lives have been on a standstill, but with things opening up again, the travel industry is having an enticing amour with local destinations. Drivable getaways and private experiences have become the new normal when you think of a vacation, and we at Vista absolutely love this new trend!

This edition of Vista’s quarterly magazine takes the lid off your travel goals and helps you explore a range of must-visit destinations across the country. 

As you read this volume – the stories on camping in Murbad, cultures of Gujarat and Maharashtra, adventure in North India, or living by the backwaters in Alleppey – it is our hope that you enjoy it with the same appreciation each writer felt while discovering them. Take a look. 

When Things Go South, Head NORTH!

Explore the best-kept secrets of North India

With spectacular snowy peaks and plunging river valleys beckoning from all directions, the northern half of India has been a year-round magnet for all sorts of thrills and romance. Every road crossing into a new valley brings you into a different world, with its own culture, food and language. Picture yourself waking up to a gorgeous view of snowclad mountain tops, dense pine forests, peaceful lakes, and fruit-laden orchards — Welcome to India’s dreamy and adventure-packed playground. 

In hundreds of mountain villages across the North, life still goes on in a traditional way. If you have the option to experience that pace of life away from the city’s chaos amid a gorgeous landscape, then it is an opportunity that should not be missed!

Marching Through Maharashtra

A glimpse of what weekends look like in the charming nooks of Maharashtra

Growing up in one of the busiest cities of India, Mumbai can often get overwhelming. You want to live through the everyday hustle, but is it easy to admit how you’re constantly on the lookout to catch a break in some place peaceful.  

Within a short, scenic drive from Mumbai, you can reach some quaint destinations such as Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Alibaug, and Nashik for relaxing getaways and luxurious staycations. If you’re an early riser, you can spend your dawn hours doing adventure treks to some of the best hilltops. Take a moment to let loose and find your little slice of heaven.

By The Waters

Feeling blue? Then being by the water is for you!

Truth is, everyone is a ‘water baby’. You may love the mountains more but if I told you that you could be at a beach right now, relaxing under some shade while listening to reggae and sipping on your piña-colada, you’d happily welcome it. It’s simple, just being by the water is soothing and relaxing. In this article, we share with you some popular and not-so-popular (offbeat!) places you can escape to for a quiet time by the waves. 

Farm-tasy Land

Handpicked farmstays that bring you closer to nature, food, and each other.

For those of you who’d like to add a little quirkiness and change of pace to their idea of a holiday, may I suggest a back-to-roots farm stay for your next vacation? Before you completely dis the idea, let’s take a moment to see how exciting and unconventional this experience can be. 

Farm vacations are well known around the world but not so much to many Indian travellers. What should I expect at a farm stay? Will it be boring? Will it be dirty? Will I have to ‘work for my supper’? Will I be out of my comfort zone? NO. Learn more about these unique agritourism experiences that you would typically not encounter on a regular holiday.

The Ultimate Artistic Haven

Lonavala’s peaceful paradise is also every artist’s dream retreat.

Complete your next vacation with sun-soaked days and hilltop adventures at the minimally-accented Bungalow 89 villa in Lonavala. Overlooking green slopes and little streams, this quaint and charming farmhouse is absolutely enchanting with numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration. 

This secluded hilltop villa is located on two acres of unspoiled land with breathtaking views of lush greens. Built to resemble an out-of-ordinary escape away from city life, it brings you right at the doorstep of Lonavala’s countless natural treasures, with a vintage vibe and rustic corners giving you the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Jaipur Rediscovered

Through the lens of Tarang Arora of Amrapali Jewels

The ever so popular, terracotta pink city of Jaipur is so much more than a tourist attraction. Flocked by many almost throughout the year, this travellers’ paradise earns its respect for being the capital of Rajasthan and a true gem in terms of planning, heritage, and colourful culture.

Jaipur is a colourful city filled with chaotic streets, cycle-rickshaws and camels. It is the entry point to Rajasthan’s great desert, as well as the perfect spot to capture stunning views of hills and green slopes. One such rest stop perfect for a family stay is one of our many private villas in the city and savour the many perks of embracing this truly beautiful city with its lovingly restored heritage. 

Gujarat – A Cultural Explosion

Experience the ultimate retreat, just a few hours and freeways away

Gujarat — a jumble of glorious architecture, intriguing history, and dynamic people — will bowl you  over in the most euphoric ways possible. Not only is it an ideal destination for culture-seeking travellers, but you will also find foodies swarming in from all over the country. Gujarat can quickly win you over with its many treasures of archaic palaces full of twinkling troves, colourful bazaars, tribal villages, and bustling street-food corners. 

If you’re looking for a place to lay low in solitude, but quickly get back on your feet, this part of western India is for you. Brimming with cultural exuberance, heavenly food, textile art, and a spectacular heritage, read more about Gujarat and its entrancing lifestyle that hides excitement around every twisting corner.

Pack Your Wags For The Purrfect Staycation

Vista’s pet-friendly villas are sure to make tails wag and smiles abound

Leaving a family member behind while heading out for a getaway can be hard, especially if they have a puppy face with big brown eyes! Most pet parents feel the guilt of leaving their little ones back home or in a kennel while they head out for a fabulous vacation, but we could spare you from this horrible feeling. Vista offers you pet-friendly villas that are open to wags, making sure you have a purrfect staycation.

For more, read the Vista Quarterly magazine here and join us on the road to explore this visual story that we have so fondly put together for you. 

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