Vista Wishlist 2021: 21 Bespoke Villas That Are A Must-Visit This Year

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Another year has blossomed; anticipation awaits. Our hearts are eager to know what the New Year brings. Surprises, experiences, adventures and luxury, paint a perfect escape. At the crux of it all is our new found need to make every moment count. 

At Vista, we want to give you moments to cherish. One’s that will become your favourite stories to tell, under the starry skies or around fireplaces. This Republic Day, our curated list of 21 bespoke properties can serve up the best of Vista just for you. 

Call it a bucket list, a wish list or a checklist – each exquisite villa exudes the signature warmth and charm one associates with your “escape from the everyday”.


1. Paashaan Villa, Lonavala

Perched on a cliff, Paashaan is a villa that spells inimitable luxury. With sprawling spaces that serenely melt into one another, it features four bedrooms with open air ensuite bathrooms. The spectacular vistas fuse seamlessly with its modern décor, giving you a labyrinth of courtyards and open spaces to delight your senses.

Why Should You Go?

Featured on the Netflix series ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, this horizontal architectural feat close to Mumbai’s city limits is worth the visit. 

The WOW Factor

A heated infinity pool overlooking serene landscapes is a perfect way to unwind regardless of the season.

2. Amara Villa, Alibaug

Amara is a charming villa, stealing the hearts of those in need of a tropical and peaceful, lush escape. The villa features six spacious bedrooms, all with forest views casting a calming charm. The gazebo, spacious balconies, indoor games and a barbeque under the sky set the perfect vibe for you to unwind. 

Why Should You Go?

To reclaim and re-energize, this villa is an abode of serenity for large families or a group of friends while still having bountiful space for solitude.

The WOW Factor

A contrast of hues, the verdant vistas serve as a backdrop to  the 1500 sq.ft.pool at the heart of the villa.

3. Neverland Farms, Karjat

A time to bond and a time to celebrate, Neverland rings true to its name and serves those special moments up with whimsical delight. The villa features six bedrooms spread across two floors, with one of the top floor bedrooms opening up to the pool. The rustic decor of the villa  adds a hint of nostalgia, while the 10.000 sq.ft lawn moves you closer to nature. 

Why Should You Go?

Boasting a turf, a tennis court, a gym area, cycling tracks and a mini theatre, this villa spoils you for choice to break from the mundane. 

The WOW Factor

A gentle river flowing in close proximity to the property offers an unmissable opportunity to stroll or simply pause and reflect. 

4. Casa Bella, Alibaug

Casa Bella is a marvellous hill-top villa where vast vistas of the ocean stir your heart. The twin villas feature one bedroom on the lower floor and three bedrooms on the upper floors, designed in an earthy palette to exude warmth. An infinity pool overlooks Kashid beach and sunsets are observed from here or a gazebo. Fill your nights with poker, air hockey, electronic dart boards and roulette.  

Why Should You Go?

For the travellers reminiscing about a beach holiday without having to travel afar, this villa is a convergence of sun, sand and style – all within the boundaries of the city. 

The WOW Factor

An open air jacuzzi perfectly invigorates your senses as the oceanic waves gently lap the shore. 

5. Casa Blanca, Karjat

Casa Blanca transports you to a medieval era with its white washed walls, artistic decor and vintage memorabilia. This villa offers four bedrooms, balconies, a sprawling lawn and also a cricket pitch. The pool is flanked by a vintage bar and deluxe reclining chairs to get your sunbathing game right.

Why Should You Go?

Filled with hints of fun, luxury and art, this villa lets you relax in a thematic way. Hop from moment to moment, living through transcendent eras. 

The WOW Factor

Rekindle inspiration; every corner here has a story to tell. 

6. The Jungalow, Udaipur

Nestled in the opulent city of Udaipur, Jungalow unfurls grandeur with unrivalled views of the Aravallis. From the moment you step in, you will be welcomed by Persian-style interiors, lavish furnishings and heritage decor. All five rooms have ensuite bathrooms, an abundance of space and a view that is mesmerizing.

Why Should You Go?

A cultural gem, this villa is your chance to live like a modern day royal. 

The WOW Factor

The open air spaces, the view of the mighty Aravallis, gleaming sunsets- need we say more? 

7. Red Tree Vineyard, Nashik

Overlooking bountiful vineyards set against a lake, this villa tests your senses and offers a gourmand’s ideal getaway. Featuring three bedrooms, all on the ground floor, the villa is ideal for both, elderly and little guests alike. Each room is unique highlighted with vibrant interiors and modern comforts- a family retreat.

Why Should You Go?

For those wanting to add an experience to your getaway, a stay here will get it right. Enjoy the opportunity to pick grapes, discover wine processing and savour the wine tasting. 

The WOW Factor

Lunch with fine wine, while gazing at the lake watching the sun rays over the vineyards. 

8. Pranaam, Alibaug

One glance at this villa and it reminds you of a glass house – refined and marvellous. A ten minute drive from Mandwa jetty takes you to this spectacular property where the interiors and architecture will enthrall you. This villa features a swimming pool with a seating area, an open air shamiana and hammocks to recline on a bright sunny day. 

Why Should You Go?

Close to the city but away from the crowds, there is something for everyone here. A perfect recluse for nature lovers, ocean seekers, enthusiastic families and long lost friends. 

The WOW Factor

Want to completely rejuvenate without having to worry about your kids? This villa has a gorgeous lawn offering several slides, swings and a trampoline to keep your little ones occupied. 

9. Cowboy Castle, Panchgani

The mountains are calling and at Cowboy Castle, you can experience them in style. Featuring seven exquisite bedrooms and a terrace, they are all accompanied with valley views. True to its name, the villa is gracious in space with a soft breeze greeting you every now and then, and wooden interiors that let you step into a country style of living. 

Why Should You Go?

A stay at this villa gives you an opportunity to disconnect completely from the chaos and appreciate nature in its most pure form. Sprawling spaces, embraced by scenic views make it an insta worthy destination. 

The WOW Factor

Enjoy the trajectory of the sun, from dusk to dawn while you enjoy your fresh cuppa at the gazebo attached to a 5000 sq. ft lawn. 

10. Ashore by Vista, Goa

An amalgamation of quaint village life and the serenity of Goa, Ashore, located in Morjim Village of Goa provides a magnificent holiday destination. With a picture-perfect, lazy holiday in mind, this property offers you 8 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and access to the beach. With its present-day interiors and beachy vibe, this property is the perfect laid-back escape.  

Why Should You Go?

Those seeking to be indulgent, treat yourself to a spa treatment within the premises of the property itself. With an indoor theatre, game room and steam room, this property is a must-visit!

The WOW Factor

Overlooking the sea at sunset, relaxing in an infinity pool and light conversations, could you ask for anything else?

11. The Brook, Goa

The Brook is a tropical paradise influenced by Portuguese architecture, with wooden tiled roofs and balcaos. It houses four gorgeous bedrooms, each inspired by the classic poem ‘The Brook’ by Lord Tennyson. For fitness enthusiasts who wish to work out, even on a holiday, the villa has a recreational gym with an attached shower and a view of the lush surroundings. 

Why Should You Go?

If you are seeking an experience beyond the guidebook, to dive into cultural facets of Goa, The Brook is where cultural escapism meets your getaway. 

The WOW Factor

Nestled in peaceful surroundings where every corner has a green tinge- the infinity pool with view of the paddy fields assures you a stress free holiday. 

12. Villa Kinara, Goa

At Villa Kinara, your stay will be as astounding as the majestic view of the river in the backdrop. Mirroring Goan culture with a modern twist, this villa features four bedrooms with attached balconies, shack-like exteriors and contemporary interiors. The infinity pool may become your favorite spot to spend your relaxing time from dusk to dawn. 

Why Should You Go?

For a well-deserved break without thinking about work, you can simply sit back and reclaim your peace in this quaint village of Reis Magos. With all lavish amenities under one roof, you are bound to have a splendid stay. 

The WOW Factor

A Cabana looking over the river is the perfect place for conversations, chilled aperitifs and a cozy reading time.  

13. Breeze In The Hills, Lonavala

Horizontally designed in nature’s cocoon, this gorgeous three bedroom villa has a grand entrance opening to a long cobbled pathway, lined with greens. A pop of colour adds vibrance to your stay, whether it’s from the blooming flowers or the comforting furnishings. A swimming pool with the hills to gaze upon coupled with a private seat out area, adds the extra topping of delight.

Why Should You Go?

Just like it’s name, your time spent here with your family and friends will be a breeze in the hills. With all luxurious and modern day conveniences offered at the villa, you can use it as an idyllic workation base too. 

The WOW Factor

A laid back bohemian vibe is accentuated as you hang out in the shamiana set up in the garden. 


14. Chalet Windflower, Manali

Hidden between the snow-clad mountains, Chalet Windflower embraces a bond with nature. This property exudes rustic charm, with wooden finishes and an earthy colour palette. All 4 bedrooms feature ensuite bathrooms, electric blankets and heaters. Each room offers a picturesque view of the mountains while the patio invites you for some chai and conversation. 

Why Should You Go?

This property gives you the chance to experience the true Manali- experience, with scenic dining views and luxuriant vistas.

The WOW Factor

Watch snowflakes fall like glitter as you soak in a sauna or cuddle up by the fireplace. 

15. Cops Canopy, Chandigarh

For a European-style staycation, Cops Canopy is a unique property located in the mountainous regions of Chandigarh. The french-style architecture clads 5-cottages, with an outdoor canopy and sprawling green spaces, a garden and hilltop views. 

Why Should You Go?

The ultimate gourmet experience is offered at this property, with each meal prepared outdoors for you and your loved ones. Your much needed escape will be filled with games, quiet spaces and outdoor activities. 

The WOW Factor

Need to practice your golf game or relax by a Victorian fireplace – this property offers a chance at both.

16. Khohar Haveli, Gurgaon

Mughal Do-Baagh, 18th-century ambience, nestled at the base of the Aravalli Hills, Khohar Haveli is the fusion of old-world charm and modern necessities. This treasured gem, located in Gurgaon is a massive property with 6 bedrooms including ensuite bathrooms. 2 lawns and 2 terraces let you enjoy a 360-degree view of the hills, with options for an exquisite barbeque feast. 

Why Should You Go?

For beautiful artefacts, fresco paintings, interactions with nature (including camel and horse rides), this property takes you back in time and offers you a chance to experience a lavish lifestyle. 

The WOW Factor

Marvel at a large piece-de-resistance frieze, made by a Padma Shree recipient from Moela in Rajasthan, with 80 tiles. With an octagonal water fountain and a fire lit at your request, this property is truly magical! 

17. Dudley Manor, Dehradun

Holistic and sustainable, Dudley Manor, situated in the lesser known Suswa Valley at the foothills of the Himalayas is truly a gem. This serene property offers an old-world experience, combined with all the modern amenities. This 2 bedroom villa, with 2 cottages and ensuite bathrooms, has a private pool and a lawn. Its wooden highlights and brick-laden walls, make it a pristine mountain hideaway! 

Why Should You Go?

If a simple, yet forgotten way of life, with a picturesque view of the Himalayas is what you seek, this property offers it all! 

The WOW Factor

Organic and sustainable, this property offers you farm to table produce. One can learn traditional cuisine by attending a cooking class, or for those who are more adventurous, experience milking of cows and churning butter! 

18. Baag e Fursat, Chandigarh

Lush greenery amidst the city’s chaos, Baag e Fursat is a lavish property, situated in the heart of Chandigarh for those seeking a weekend getaway. With a convenient location close to Delhi, this holiday villa has 10 bedrooms present with ensuite bathrooms and 2 acres of attached lawns.

Why Should You Go? 

Disconnect from your hectic lifestyle, without leaving the city at this property. It provides security and tranquillity in equal measure. Indulge in yoga and other activities.

The WOW Factor

Lay in an infinity pool with a sunken bar, looking at a windmill- are you in Europe or close to home?


19. Toya Toya, Kozhikode

Painting a picture perfect canvas, the gently flowing river and leaping palm trees weave Toya Toya’s periphery. Tying traditions to modernity, this villa boasts vibrant colours, thatched roofs, wooden furniture and luxuriant décor. All three bedrooms ooze inviting charm with tasteful interiors, for a cozy home away from home experience. 

Why Should You Go? 

Experience a holiday  that feels straight out of a cinematic still- swaying trees, river passing by, hearty delicacies, rejuvenating massages and freshly brewed coffee .

The WOW Factor

A jacuzzi awaits you right in the centre of the house with glass facades that let you reflect with nature.

20. The Lilly, Ooty

A surreal experience to gaze through French windows and into the hypnotizing views of the Nilgiris. This villa with four bedrooms that are minimalist, pristine and white have brightly upholstered furniture and clean aesthetics. A well-manicured garden and a sit out area gives an opportunity to enjoy life’s little pleasures. 

Why Should You Go? 

To fuel the passion of nature enthusiasts, you can indulge in a host of activities during your stay here, such as trekking, boat rides and toy train journeys.

The WOW Factor

Want to practise yoga in silence? Want to let your kids play carefree? Wish to have intimate conversations with your loved ones? There is a designated space for it all. 

21. The Rain, Alleppey

The Rain, a villa beaming with serenity where the Arabian sea is your playground for the next couple of days. Echoing an essence of Kerala, the villa boasts four bedrooms, all on the ground floor with a sit-out space and lake view. Swim in the infinity pool overlooking the Arabian sea or recline on the lawns with the never ending gleam of the ocean – this villa lets you Bask in true backwaters charm. 

Why Should You Go? 

Reward yourself with a luxurious escape. A picture perfect cove like The Rain in ‘God’s own country’ amplifies the entire crusade and leaves you gratified, energized and refreshed. 

The WOW Factor

Pamper yourself with traditional spa and massages within the comfort of your sanctuary. Indeed a holiday where all luxuries converge under one roof. 

As for safety provisions during your stay, rest assured that Vista is doing its best to keep you secure and protected. All our properties undergo deep-cleaning & sanitisation drives before and after your stay. All frequent touchpoints are regularly disinfected and upon your arrival, the property is thoroughly sanitised to ensure you have a worry-free stay. We’re relentlessly striving to keep our properties safe. Take a look at a detailed update on the steps we’re taking to keep our villas clean, secure and protected.

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