Here’s Where You Can Celebrate Once The Lockdown Ends

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The world has been stuck in an unending loop since last year. Many would agree when I say that 2020 could be renamed as the year of utmost unpredictability. While staying at home wasn’t ideal, it was the need of the hour for the safety and security of your loved ones. And just when things were going back to normal, or the new normal that involved an abundance of sanitising, distance and masks, the second wave effortlessly swooped in, yet again bringing back everyone to right where it started. Needless to say, the 2020s so far have been… not-so-great. 

These unprecedented times have been difficult for everyone. They have been both mentally exhausting and physically draining at the same time. Though no one can venture out as yet – with each state having different restrictions and some even in complete lockdown – nobody can stop you from planning your perfect holiday! While the logistics remain unclear and with several unanswered questions looming in the air, the future of travel will definitely witness a huge shift. Suffice to say, travelling post-pandemic will not be the same. But right now everyone is indoors, hence it would only make sense to probably make use of this time to decide where you would head off to once this is over. 

Planning a holiday is almost cathartic, and serves as a perfect distraction from the constant bombarding of news. Browsing through ethereal locations, gorgeous stays, and the most happening hot spots, it is undeniably a virtual tour. And let’s be honest, merely surviving the 2020s is a triumphant event that calls for a celebration. Hence, when you can’t physically go out just as yet, here are few beautiful locations and even more stunning villas on rent that would serve as a perfect backdrop for planning your future getaway.

Khohar Haveli – An 18th Century Home

A home straight out of a dream, while here, you will be transported back to the yesteryears, with each room emanating an alluring royal aura. A literal haveli, the structure of this hidden gem in Gurgaon is unique. Gone through a thorough process of restoration, this 18th-century haveli is adorned with beautiful artefacts, fresco paintings and a unique piece de resistance of a large frieze of 80 tiles that is made by a Padma Shree Recipient from Molela, Rajasthan. The Mughal garden is complemented by an octagonal water fountain, adding a charming aura to the home. Relish delectable and organic farm-to-fork meals while soaking in the sultry mountain views. If you are looking for a charming home with modern comforts, this stunning villa is absolutely perfect.

Palm Trove – An Escapist’s Dream

The days spent at home have made everyone long for the little things – a jump back in the pool, sipping cocktails with your loved ones or simply enjoying some indoor games. Well, here’s a villa that is equipped with all those amenities and more! Nestled amidst towering palm trees in Alibaug, this home has it all. Merely 25 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, this serene villa is all things relaxing. From the L-shaped massive swimming pool to the sunken bar to the alfresco dining, and a plethora of indoor games, while here you will be entertained at all times! What’s more? It is a short walk away from the beach, providing a perfect way to end the day.

Nihira Farms – A Nestled Sanctuary

If a short drive away from the city is what you are looking for, then Kamshet, a few hours away from Mumbai, is ideal. Home to some of the most sprawling villas, Kamshet is merely a few hours away from the city. And amidst organic farms, tucked away from the everyday cacophony is Nihira Farms. Surrounded by refreshing greenery and blissful views, this home is a stone’s throw away from the lake. Step away from the cityscapes, and enter a peaceful sanctuary brimming with modern amenities. While the two terrace gardens serve as the ideal vantage point to take in the view, the outdoors with its pools, bar and al fresco dining are equally appealing.

Toya Toya – A Traditional Villa with Modern Comforts

If you are on the lookout for something a little further in the south, Kozhikode, or Calicut as it was formerly known, is ideal. An effortless amalgamation of aesthetic cafes and centuries-old streets, Kozhikode is a romantic location ideal for bringing in some celebrations. Nestled in the streets of this city is a gorgeous, vibrant villa on rent, Toya Toya. A blend of traditional Keralan architecture and modern amenities, this home features signature thatched roofs and wooden furnishings. Overlooking the mesmerising hills and river, while here, pamper yourself with Kerala’s popular Ayurvedic massages, enjoy a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi and lounge in the sprawling lawn. With the luxe ambience paired with idyllic views, this home makes for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

The Mansion – A Paradise in the Hills

For all mountain-lovers longing to breathe the misty mountain air, Kasauli most probably should be your stop when everything opens up. A small town surrounded by majestic mountains, delectable food and breathtaking views, Kasauli is definitely worth a visit. And The Mansion, in Kasauli, would be an ideal choice for stay. Exuding grandeur and elegance, this sprawling villa will instantly take you back. The hints of colonial architecture effortlessly complement the luxe interiors with each room having its own colour scheme. The exemplary interiors feature balconies that offer breathtaking views of the hills and a library with a curated selection of books, while the outdoors feature a beautiful lawn. This 5-acre property is nothing short of exceptional, making it a paradise indeed! 

We know you can’t wait to explore, relax and sip a glass of wine somewhere away from home, and we can’t wait to host you. As eager as you are to get back out there as soon as possible, it is important to stay indoors as much as possible right now and follow COVID protocols. Please stay safe so your future holidays can be fantastic and memorable!

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