7 Best Luxury Villas near Mandwa Jetty

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Only a few places in Maharashtra satisfy beachy wanderlust the way Alibaug does. The string of palm trees, the balmy temperatures and the seemingly endless coastline — is enough to make you want to start packing and move. And while permanently relocating to this beach haven may not be an ideal venture for everyone, you can indulge your holiday cravings for a few days by staying in some of the most incredible Alibaug bungalows and villa rentals.

What also makes Alibaug one of the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra, is that you can take your vacation to the water with M2M’s Ro-Ro ferry service from Mumbai to Mandwa in less than 60 minutes, with your vehicle and pets! 

The best part? Located only 15-20 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, Vista Rooms offers a handpicked selection of luxury villa rentals perfect for group getaways, day trips and celebrations. For your next vacation to Alibaug, here are 7 villas and bungalows near Mandwa Jetty to seek out.

Palm Trove

5 BHK holiday home ideal for 12 guests
Be on the lookout for: L-shaped pool with attached gazebo and sunken bar stools
Duration from Mandwa Jetty – 20 minutes approximately

Jay House

4 BHK holiday home ideal for 12 guests
Be on the lookout for: Pool deck, games room and organic garden area

Hamptons Charm

5 BHK holiday home ideal for 12 guests
Be on the lookout for: Pet-friendly living spaces and beautiful outdoor sit outs
Duration from Mandwa Jetty – 10 minutes approximately

Gatsby House 

12 BHK holiday home ideal for 36 guests
Be on the lookout for: Lavish living spaces, numerous games and a gorgeous private pool


6 BHK holiday home ideal for 15 guests
Be on the lookout for: Extraordinary architecture, outdoor sit outs and a kids play area
Distance from Mandwa Jetty – 6 kms, 10 minutes approximately

Moksh Villa

4 BHK holiday home ideal for 12 guests
Be on the lookout for: Blooming orchards, lush greenery and a picture-perfect view

Breeze on the Beach

4 BHK holiday home ideal for 12 guests
Be on the lookout for: Gorgeous beach view, quirky curious and open shamianas

If you’re one for views, most of our villas in Alibaug are a must-visit. It is among those deeply relaxing places that allow one to unwind with loved ones, not too far away from home. So, if you’ve been longing to catch a break and skip town for a few days, here’s where you need to be!

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