Mumbai to Lonavala Trip: Here’s Where To Halt

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Monsoons in general are beautiful. But, the monsoons of Maharashtra are truly a sight to behold. They pave the way for the beautiful blooming of flowers, overwhelmingly green scenery, and majestic views. Moreover, with easing of travel restrictions, everyone is looking to make the most of the monsoons. From Nashik to Mahabaleshwar to Alibaug, Maharashtra boasts several hill stations and towns in the vicinity, perfect for venturing out during the monsoons.

However, Lonavala definitely takes the cake when it comes to an ideal monsoon road trip. Whether you’re driving yourself there or you take a cab from Mumbai to Lonavala, it a beautiful drive. Lonavala is home to sprawling villa rentals, with serene views, winding ghats and tranquil surroundings. Mumbai to Lonavala distance can be covered in the most scenic way possible, especially after you read our list of places where you can halt on your way to Lonavala to truly make it a monsoon getaway to remember!

Peb Fort

Hiking and monsoons go hand in hand. Albeit, when trekking and hiking during the monsoons one has to be cautious, the views from atop are splendid and make it worth it. If you are looking to make a slightly longer halt, squeeze in a relatively small trek while on this road trip. Located slightly off course, the trek to Peb Fort might require a slight detour, but will certainly be worth it. Enveloped in lush greenery, the history of the fort remains vague, however, it overlooks mesmerizing views of the mountains. The uphill slope may be a little slippery during monsoons making it a tad bit tricky to navigate through, hence ensure that you are cautious. An approximate 3 to 3.5-hour uphill climb, this trek will certainly prolong an otherwise short road trip but is an experience worth exploring.

Golden Vada Pav

Vada Pav and monsoons are an evergreen, unbeatable combination, add a piping hot cup of cutting chai and you have got a winner. Located just minutes before entering Lonavala, on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Golden Vada Pav is a signature stop while travelling from Mumbai to Lonavala. Pocket-friendly and extremely delicious, this spot is known for its freshly prepared piping hot vadas along with an array of chutneys varying in spice levels sandwiched between a pav. Among various other accompaniments, Golden Vada Pav also offers freshly made moong dal bhajias, samosas and jalebis for anyone looking for something sweet. Paired with a masaledar chai, this stop just before your final destination is definitely worth it.

Kune Waterfalls

Located at the brink of the main city, Kune Waterfalls is an ideal halt for all nature lovers, especially during the rainy season. The 14th largest waterfall in the country majestically poses amidst lush greenery, however, during monsoon, the beauty of Kune waterfalls is increased manifold, owing to the high water pressure. Known for attracting tourists and locals alike during the rains, this waterfall is divided into two sections. All the adventure seekers can zipline through the waterfalls, while the rest can swim at the bottom of the falls. An absolute delightful sight to savour, these picturesque waterfalls are a must-visit.

Enjoy a swim amidst the picturesque waterfalls

Lion’s Point

One of the most visited spots by tourists and locals, upon reaching Lonavala, Lion’s Point must be visited. A popular destination amongst families and friends, visiting Lion’s Point during the monsoons is almost customary for everyone visiting Lonavala. Offering gorgeous sunset views and overlooking the surrounding mountains engulfed in blooming greenery, this stop is an ideal way to end your Lonavala road trip. Gorge on mirchi-coated bhuttas, soak in the misty breeze, capture the unending scenery, and devour a hot cup of chai, an ideal accompaniment in chilly weather, and take home a bag of memories.

Soak in the beautiful views from atop

Kinara Village Dhaba

Looking for a place to unwind in after a day of driving and sightseeing? Kinara Village Dhaba is just the perfect spot. An entertainment galore serving delectable food, ranging from north Indian to Chinese to Fast Food, this Dhaba offers a unique experience. A popular spot amongst tourists, the live music, vibrant ambience, plethora of other activities and the range of food certainly make this place worth a visit. Enjoy a camel ride, a bullock cart ride, and capture the one of a kind interiors, making for an ideal end to the day. 

Mumbai to Lonavala may be a short drive, but the slight detours, chai stops and scenic views make it all perfect. If you check Mumbai to Della distance, you will see how close you are to Lonavala than you can imagine. So rev up your engine, with your loved ones or on your own, embark on a much-needed getaway, make the most of the journey and at the end of the day relax and retire in cosy and beautiful holiday homes.

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