Tips To Make Your Villa More Festive This Holiday Season

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Festivals are auspicious occasions when families and friends bond together in joy and merriment. With year-end festivities around the corner, people are eagerly awaiting some relaxation and private celebration. A grand festive season is just around the corner as we begin to make preparations for one of the most awaited celebrations throughout the year. This is the best chance for hosts to illuminate their holiday homes, not just with lights, but also with guests that turn their Diwali into an unforgettable experience.

Below are tips that can help villa owners make this season of new beginnings special for their guests. Making your guests feel comfortable and homely is one of the most crucial aspects to be kept in mind and we are here to help you with it.

Accessorize your home

Our holiday homes, just like us, need a makeover during the Diwali season. A well-decorated setting creates an ambience that makes the guests feel welcomed. Replacing ordinary utensils with royal cutlery and intricate designs adds a vintage edge to the modern architecture of your home. Flowers are one of the most versatile accessories that can be used in decorating your holiday homes. From lavish rangoli designs to door garlands, flower decorations radiate freshness and make the aura a vibrant one.

Decorate your home with vibrant rangolis this Diwali season.
Adorn the home with vibrant rangolis

Play with Lights

Lighting is the most important element that you must consider while revamping your home. Good lighting can absolutely transform the vibe from cold, depressing and melancholic to warm, inviting and exciting. If used well, it induces a sense of pleasant space. While mornings are usually bright and natural lighting takes care of the ambience, nights can get a little tricky. Using lanterns, Diwali decorations and diyas are unspoken yet traditional rules. To go above and beyond, you can also incorporate LED lighting diyas, water lamps, chandeliers, etc. You can play with different patterns to place these lightings, like attaching them with wall hangings or floral arrangements. Also, remember to not clutter the space with excessive lighting as it might overshadow the beauty of an evening setup.

Adorn your home with hand-painted diyas and lanterns.
Light up the house with diyas and lanterns

Sweets and Traditional Delicacies

From the aroma of fresh ghee ladoos, to scrumptious sugar dripping jalebis, good food is the secret key to a good mood. These delicacies are an integral part of the celebrations and they accentuate the overall enthusiasm of the festival. To enhance the vibe further, you can also set up a barbeque for your guests along with beverages to ensure that they have a ball of a time at your holiday home.

Plan a day at your villa where the cuisine can be themed around festive foods. Diwali festivities mean loads of sweet foods and an elaborate spread of lavish meals.

Traditional sweets and other delicacies are always a win amongst the guests!
Authentic and traditional delicacies are always loved

Bonfire and Game Night

Renting out a holiday home is not just about the physical property; homeowners must also bond with their guests. There is no better way to make them comfortable than spending quality time with them. Plan activities like making rangoli, exchanging Diwali gifts, bonfires, etc. It is these moments that add to a valuable experience to the stay at your holiday home.

Light up a bonfire, play indoor games and indulge in other activities this season!
Offer a bonfire session

Festivals call for celebrations, doing up the house, decluttering decorations and hanging them up and more. Make sure you amp up your home for this Diwali season!

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