Holiday Reunion: 7 Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Trip

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Reunions are gaining massive popularity, now more than ever. Everyone is looking to reconnect, socialise, and meet their loved ones. Given that the holiday season is here, the last months of 2021 are witnessing everyone, from friends to families to even colleagues reuniting and celebrating. And the revelry is certainly justified. However, instead of opting for traditional, generic dinner/lunch get-togethers, there is a new preference in the market – holiday reunions, i.e. visiting and reuniting at a particular. A vacation, along with a reunion. 

Whilst the concept, in theory, is terrific, planning reunions can be tiring and cumbersome, and planning a holiday reunion is another game altogether. Be it a friends’ reunion or a family reunion, gathering everyone together at a single destination is a mammoth task, not for the weak-hearted. As always, we got you. Here are a few inside tips and tricks to help you plan your holiday reunion seamlessly.

1. Start the Conversation

Meeting the extended family for a short evening? Or have a group chat with all of your friends in it? The first checkbox you need to tick off is of starting the conversation. Planting the seed of a reunion, and getting the conversation going. Holiday reunions in general rank up high on the difficulty level. Gathering a multigenerational group on a holiday can be difficult in itself.

Once everyone is aware of the possibility of a holiday reunion, send the invites to check if everyone is actually on board with the idea or not. This will help filter out who wants to come and who doesn’t.

2. Save The Dates

No, we aren’t talking about wedding invitations, but narrowing down and blocking the dates when everyone is available. The earlier you start planning, the better. Be it your friends, parents, grandparents or extended family, everyone would need to make adjustments in their schedule, shift appointments or plan commitments accordingly. Getting all the parties involved in agreeing is rather a cumbersome task. With schools, offices and other travel plans in the picture, the process of deciding dates will involve to and fro. When at least 6-9 month notice is given, all stakeholders involved can make their desirable adjustments and ensure their presence at the reunion.

3. Deciding a Budget and Sticking to It 

Once the dates are locked and loaded, the next thing to jump on is the budget. Hosting a holiday reunion means taking into account travel logistics, destination preferences and more. Hence, this is the time when you decide on the budget, as the budget would vary depending on the chosen dates. 

Regardless of planning with the extended clan, a few friends you haven’t seen for years or even just a few members of the family, budgetary debates are almost always guaranteed. While a few members would prefer a more minimalist budget, others would enjoy splurging, however, finding a middle ground and ensuring balance is the key. Moreover, the sooner you start planning the better, as the accommodation and transportation costs would most probably be on the lower level, promising great deals! 

4. The Location

Once a rough idea of the budget is known, you can now officially move on to the most anticipated part of a holiday reunion, finalizing the location. While this might seem fun, we must warn you, it can just be equally stressful. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth, and every one part of the reunion would have a preferred destination. 

Since you aren’t a genie, and our technology hasn’t quite yet advanced to the teleportation stage, the best solution would be to first eliminate all the places that are definitely not liked or just seem inconvenient. This will help narrow down the list considerably. Subsequently, the places that you are left with can help you decide the final destination. Maybe take a vote, and the one with the majority wins! 

The location you opt for is of prime importance!
Choose a scenic location for a memorable getaway

5. Stay and Accommodation

Now that you have locked in the destination, you move on to the accommodation. There are a variety of factors to consider. Do you want to opt for a resort with different rooms? Or spend the time together, and book a gorgeous holiday home, that ensures privacy yet togetherness. Bookings should be made soon depending on your preferences, to avoid last-minute price surges and transportation woes.

Holiday homes for reunions are often recommended.
Opt for a beautiful holiday home to spend time together

6. Planning an Itinerary

As the dates approach nearer, a rough itinerary can be put in place, albeit, the chances of everyone sticking to it are slim. To ensure that all the members are involved, and that there is a balance between spending time together and time apart, an itinerary in place is definitely recommended. 

Avoid places that involve sightseeing, simply because of the travelling woes, it may involve and instead, invest in activities that would involve all age groups and generations! Play card games, board games, indulge in outdoor activities and relish meals together! 

7. Thematic Evenings

Revel and celebrate your time away with friends, family and loved ones. Plan a themed dinner, and if possible even print out matching t-shirts, hats and more! After all, it is your time away! Make the most of it. And even if any drama ensues, embrace it, forgive and forget. Let the ambience be lively! 

Add a dash of fun with themed dinners and evenings.
Planned themed dinners

Holiday reunions are meant to be fun, fab and everything in between. Now that you are well prepared for your holiday reunion, all that is left to do is gather your loved ones and take off to your next destination!

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