2022 Travel Trends: What’s New for 2022 Travel in India

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The Covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated a dramatic shift in travel patterns throughout the world. Just when the hotel and travel businesses in India were attempting to return to routine after dodging the fatal Covid-19 epidemic for the last two years, the recent rise in Omicron infections in the nation has thrown them back off track, with only grim future possibilities. So, in a world where people are still reeling from the pandemic’s consequences, some new travel trends for 2022 are bound to emerge.

Some new and upcoming travel trends for 2022

These travel trends for 2022, are where tourists can partake in all touristy pastimes while adhering to all covid norms. Let’s have a look at some of the new and emerging travel trends for 2022.

1) Mixing Business with Leisure Travelling

Business with Leisure Travelling

Even if you haven’t heard of bleisure travel, chances are you have unwittingly experienced it. One of the emerging travel trends for 2022 is this; bleisure travelling is essentially a combination of business and leisure travel, as the name indicates. Corporate business travel that is prolonged on the front or towards the end of a visit, and business events with friends and relatives that tag along for the journey are the two main branches of bleisure travel. This concept has gone mainstream over time, especially among young adults. Allowing bleisure travel benefits a company by enhancing the proportion of workers who are more likely to go on business trips, and the subsequent lift in morale can lead to increased productivity. Finally, the development of bleisure tourism implies that travelers are ready to stay longer and spend more money along the way, which benefits the travel business.

2) Opting for Staycaytions or Homestays

Some of the stronger emerging travel trends for 2022 will include people opting for staycations or weekend getaways in villas or holiday resorts, preferring mini-holidays over one big annual trip, and an added demand for travel packages, offers, and value-adds. With the frequency of domestic trips on the rise, it’s no surprise that staycations are one of the most popular travel trends right now. Open places like villas and homestays are an excellent choice for folks searching for a quick weekend escape with the whole concept of social distancing. The tourist sector, which has taken a severe hit, is banking on this spike in staycations to help it recover. To keep up with this growing travel trend, more luxury hotels, resorts, homestays, and other players are creating staycation packages. This trend offers privacy, safety and the in-built carefully designed amenities and experiences let the guests have a memorable time too! 

3) Embracing Technology for travelling

One of the travel trends for 2022

The third emerging travel trend for 2022 includes an increase in technology being an essential part of making travel plans. Mobile bookings via travelling which is now a common occurrence for most travel and hospitality businesses. Mobile devices account for two out of every five internet bookings, according to operators. These smartphone customers are also more beneficial to your company. This is a relatively new tourism trend that is swiftly gaining traction. Over the last year and a half, we’ve relied on tech in a number of ways to stay connected and engaged, and our favourite applications will continue to aid us in navigating the uncharted areas on our travels, with 76 percent of Indian travellers believing that technology helps ease traveling concerns. With growing refinement and assertiveness, technology is expected to ease out the unexpected potholes on the path.

4) Discovering New places and Hidden gems

Discovering new places while travelling

Another significant change in travel behaviour over this time period has been an increase in interest in discovering and exploring some of the country’s hidden jewels and undiscovered locations. We should anticipate many individuals, particularly young adventure tourists, scheduling several trips to some of the country’s lesser-known leisure destinations in 2022. Coming face-to-face with the unseen and getting immersed in the splendor of a location on the verge of revelation is the genuine wonder of travel. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than being among the first to arrive and discover a location that the others have yet to see. From secluded islands to rainforests brimming with wildlife, there are a wealth of new unexplored sites that make even the most fearless adventurer quiver in amazement and ecstasy.

5) Supporting Local Businesses

Even though travel was slowed in many parts of the world due to constraints, the pandemic compelled us to start making the most of what was right beside us. Our bond with the society around us has been revived, from supporting locally owned companies to spending a lot of time than ever at the local playground. This desire to engage meaningfully with the surrounding community will extend to getaways in 2022, as we strive to be more conscious of each trip we take and ensure a good influence on the locations we visit and the people who live there. Approximately 75% of Indian travellers would enjoy an online platform that offers suggestions for areas where more tourism will benefit the local population.

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