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Dotted with scattered pockets of soaring peaks, India hosts a myriad of treks that are spread across the entire country. And the monsoon season only elevates the breathtaking beauty of the hills, making trekking one of the most popular activities to indulge in during the season. In fact, the monsoons are often referred to as the trekking season. With various trekking sites in India, each in different corners of the country, and each offering unforgettable vistas, it is no surprise that trekking continues to remain one of the favourites, especially amongst nature-lovers and adventure enthusiasts. 

Whilst trekking during the monsoon season can have its banes, and several peaks are not accessible, there are many that are best to visit during the rains. The fragrant petrichor, blooming flowers and lush vegetation all make it a bewitching sight. Some of the best monsoon treks in India are listed below. 

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Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 

Situated in the West Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers is one of the most famous Himalayan Treks. Nestled in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, the trek itself is an Indian National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Much like its name, Valley of Flowers is almost a transcendent bed of flowers, sprinkled in pops of pinks, yellows and reds, with dashes of green peeking throughout. And the rains only add to the ethereal beauty, making it a scene straight out of a painting. 

Located at an altitude of 12,400 ft., the route will take you through the verdant forests, scenic bridges, glaciers and the Pushpawati River. Sights of Himalayan flora and fauna are not unusual; you may spot flitting butterflies and chirping birds. One of the most beautiful treks, it spans over 6 days and is majorly suitable for all! 

Time Taken – 6 days 

Difficulty Level – Beginner

Valley of Flowers is an amazing trekking site.
Embrace the breathtaking bed of flowers

Hampta Pass, Kullu

Trekking in the Himalayas is certainly unmatchable, and Hampta Pass earns its place in that list. Located at a staggering altitude of 14,000 sq. ft., Hampta Pass is another trek in the coveted list of Himalayan treks. Suitable for both, experienced trekkers and beginners, it promises to have something in-store for all. One of the best treks during the monsoon season, albeit a tad difficult, the pass boasts a terrain almost unreal. 

The path passes through the serene Chandratal Lake that is bound to leave you in awe. Whilst on one side, it overlooks the breathtaking Kullu, its green verdure, pristine lakes and gurgling waterfalls, on the other, it offers views of the barren land and majestic rock walls. The striking contrast makes this trek worth it all. 

Time Taken – 6 days 

Difficulty Level – Medium

One must partake the Hampta Pass trek at least once!
The snow-capped Hampta Pass is a sight to behold

Sinhagad Fort, Pune

With these steep slopes nestled in the crevices of Sahyadris mountains, Sinhagad Fort echoes a rich history. Literally translates to ‘Lion’s Fort,’ it has been witness to a number of battles. Built approximately 2000 years ago, the trek is 16 km. long. Boasting one of the most scenic picnic spots, perfect for savouring the breathtaking views that lie atop. 

Home to the most spectacular sunrises, and skies splattered in the hues of sunsets, with mountains and hills stretching far and wide, the panorama is simply gorgeous. The pattering of rains certainly acts as the perfect soundscape. On one side, the fort overlooks the Khadakwasla Dam, and on the other, somewhere far away, you could spot the Torna Fort. 

One of the most known tourist activities to indulge in here is the night trek from Katrej Tunnel Top to the Sinhagad Fort – definitely for all adventure seekers. Though the fort closes down at 6 PM, and is open from 5 AM in the morning. With ample of sightseeing spots in and around the fort, Rajaram’s Tomb is certainly worth a visit. 

Time Taken – 2 days 

Difficulty Level – Medium 

Sinhagad Fort promises amazing views.
The views from atop the fort

Chembra Peak, Kerala

The highest point in Wayanad, Chembra Peak, stands at a staggering altitude of approximately 6800 ft. above sea level. The trek is plainly enchanting, nestled amidst the thick foggy clouds, overlooking the lush green tea plantations and tucked in a cosy nook of Northern Kerala. Its beauty is only enhanced during the monsoon season, with the pouring rain adding an alluring charisma. One of the best trekking sites in India, the route to the heart-shaped lake, or the ‘hridayasarassu,’ itself is brimming with never-seen-before verdure and misty landscapes. 

Trekking to the highest point at Chembra Peak is now not permitted, but the route to the heart-shaped lake is well worth it. Special permission is required to trek to the heart-shaped lake, from The Chembra Peak VSS. The office is on the way to the peak. From the starting point of the base camp, the trek to the picturesque lake is about 2 hours, one way. 

Time Taken – 1 day 

Difficulty Level – Medium 

This peak is swathed in green verdancy.
Chembra Peak is engulfed in lush greenery

Harishchandragad Trek

A complete package that offers idyllic mountainscapes and is enveloped in almost hypnotising greenery, Harishchangrad Trek is one of the most famous treks in Maharashtra, and a favourite among thrill-seekers. Ranking high on the difficulty scale, the panorama that awaits atop is nothing short of spectacular. The almost postcard-perfect beauty of the Western Ghats coupled with the rich history that seeps through the pillars and caves makes it worth a visit. 

There are several routes leading to the top, each offering an experience unlike any other. What’s more? You can also explore the Kedareshwar Caves, which are etched with paintings. Given that the trek is already a smidge difficult to crack, during the monsoon season, the Western Ghats it may become even tougher to manoeuvre through the winding terrains of the mountains. However, it continues to remain of the most sought-after treks during the monsoon season. 

Time Taken – 2 days 

Difficulty Level – Tough 

The road to the trek maybe difficult.
One of the toughest treks that promise incredible views

Things to keep in mind before embarking on monsoon treks –

Trekking during the monsoon season can be tricky and navigating through the terrains may be difficult. Here are a few things to keep in mind while traversing through the slippery paths and majestic mountains. 

  • First and foremost is obviously carry raincoats instead of umbrellas
  • Invest in a good pair of trekking shoes, especially during the monsoon season, as the terrains can be very slippery 
  • Avoid wearing cotton clothes, as they absorb moisture quickly
  • If you are carrying any high-end cameras, make sure to protect them properly 
  • Carry sunglasses, water and ample refreshments 

Regions to avoid during the monsoon season –

The Eastern Himalayas, i.e. Darjeeling and Sikkim treks should ideally be avoided, as they receive continual heavy rains, making it difficult and risky to navigate through the terrains. The Eastern Himalayas receives an annual rainfall of 3000 mm. 

When looking to trek in or around, it is recommended to steer clear away from the Kumaon and Garhwal region, especially during the months of July and August. If you are looking to trek in the aforementioned regions, the months of September and October are perfect. 

Maharashtra also hosts a number of treks, however, the accessibility to the peak is dependent on the climatic conditions.

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