10 Best Rental Villas in Karjat – Family, Pet-friendly Villas Near Mumbai

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A perfect blend of scenic beauty, and adventure activities and known for the pristine rivers and waterfalls in Maharashtra, Karjat is an ideal holiday spot just 2-hours from Mumbai. One of the best ways to enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the city stress is to indulge in a short getaway from Mumbai. When going as a family or any kind of larger group, booking one of our villas in Karjat is the ideal and easiest way to enjoy an exclusive and fun-filled weekend.

When choosing a rental villa in Karjat, it is essential to consider the size of your group. If you are travelling with a large group, you may want to choose a villa that has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone comfortably. On the other hand, if you are travelling as a couple, you may prefer a smaller villa that offers more privacy and intimacy.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a rental villa in Karjat is the amenities offered. From villas with swimming pools and jacuzzis, and other luxurious features, while others that are more basic. It’s important to choose a villa that has the amenities you desire to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Get ready to explore our stunning villas near Mumbai and make your weekend getaway memorable. Here are some villa options in Karjat according to your group.

Villas in Karjat For Family

1. The Den

Escape to The Den, a luxurious villa 2-hours from Mumbai, with breathtaking views of the mountains and lush greenery. Our sprawling holiday home boasts a private L-shaped pool, verdant gardens, and a serene private turf perfect for families. Inside, enjoy high ceilings, plush furnishings, and free-flowing indoor spaces.

But the true gem is our sun-drenched terrace, ideal for a high tea. The Den is the ultimate destination for families seeking a peaceful getaway from Mumbai.

This is a pool villa in Karjat.
Also available as a 3-bedroom unit, click here to check it out!
The Den is one of the only villas with a tennis court in Karjat.
This is a perfect villa for huge gatherings and events near Mumbai.
This villa is equipped with private turf and a spacious lawn.

Book your stay now at one of the best pool villas in Karjat, just a short drive from Mumbai.

2. Euphoria

Escape to Euphoria, a luxurious and secluded getaway in Karjat, Maharashtra. Experience the ultimate countryside retreat with stunning views of green mountains and a roaring river. This stunning property is ideal for a family vacation or a romantic getaway and offers contemporary comforts and opulent decor. Enjoy the infinity pool and expansive balcony, or explore the river trails and 360-degree backdrop on the terrace area.

This is a villa with an infinity pool, near Mumbai.
Euphoria offers direct river access.
This is a perfect villa for huge gatherings and events near Mumbai.

Book your stay at Euphoria, one of the best villas in Karjat with great views!

3. Corfu and Crete

Offering an unconventional natural hideaway in the quaint town of Karjat, Corfu and Crete are twin villas where you can have a quick staycation near Mumbai.

This pet-friendly home offers beautiful sights of the lush green Sahyadris and is a classic respite amidst the meandering forests. Relax and unwind in the pool, or play to your heart’s delight on the expansive lawn; this home with its regal wooden décor offers multiple opportunities to fill your treasure trove with some beautiful memories.

It offers a serene location, a villa surrounded by greenery.
With a private swimming pool in Karjat.
This is a perfect villa for huge gatherings and events near Mumbai, thanks to the 3.75 acres of sprawling lawn.

Book this pet-friendly villa near Mumbai, with plush amenities to relax and rejuvenate.

4. Blissful Bounds

Spread across a 7-acre evergreen patch of mango plantations lies this charming villa nestled in the lesser-known town of Murbad. Adorned with luxuriously simple décor, this home away from home has a myriad of experiences for the guests to enjoy and fill their treasure trove with infinite memories. Whether it’s waking up to dewy mornings, wandering among the lush foliage, relaxing by the pool, or simply partaking in some fun games to keep oneself engaged, there’s something for everyone. This delightful house has everything!

This is a villa with a pool, near Mumbai.
This is a perfect villa for huge gatherings and events near Mumbai.
Offers delectable meals and amazing views from the machan.

Book this villa with WiFi, near Mumbai for your next family trip to Karjat. Check it out here!

Villas in Karjat For Friends

1. Casa Blanca

A great villa to book with friends near Mumbai, Casa Blanca is cool, eclectic and filled with elements that will keep you entertained. The unique interiors feature a blend of traditional and contemporary decor and beautifully painted walls, adding a vibrant pop of colours. While the sprawling exteriors include lush green lawns, a swing and several scenic sit-outs.

Guests can unwind by the spacious balcony, vintage bar, and dance floor and they can enjoy barbecue and bonfire sessions. This home is truly entertainment galore!

This is a 4-bedroom pool villa in Karjat.
Equipped with barbecue or bonfire services.


2. Ferias Vita

Positioned amidst glorious mountainscapes and enveloped in a gentle breeze, Ferias Vita is an exemplary holiday home in Karjat. It is spread across an extensive 1.5 acres that feature contemporary interiors and ample entertainment spaces. Enjoy the private swimming pool and rain shower area that makes for the perfect spot to unwind in.

Grab your favourite cocktails by the bar, soak in the morning sun while on the pool deck, dance away in the rain shower area and enjoy a refreshing holiday!

This is a 5-bedroom villa in Karjat.
A villa with a big pool near Mumbai.
Equipped with barbecue or bonfire services.
Rain dance area in the villa.

Book this Ferias Vita – the perfect getaway villa for a group of friends. Check it out here!

3. Vine & Splash

Ornamented with verdant vines, the stylish and sleek interiors also add a splash of vibrant emanation throughout the expanse of this charming abode. A 9 BHK villa near Mumbai for 25 people, Vine & Splash is all things perfect for those seeking an escape from the city.

This is a 9-bedroom pet-friendly villa in Karjat.
Also available as a 5-bedroom unit, click here to check it out!
A villa with an infinity pool near Mumbai.
Equipped with barbecue or bonfire services.

Pet-friendly villas in Karjat

1. Two Villa

Nestled amidst the calm and verdant greens of Karjat, Two Villa is the ultimate destination just a hop & skip away from Mumbai for spending some quality time with your family and loved ones. Adorned with modern décor, this villa with its sleek aesthetic offers an opulent stay experience. Boasting views of sweeping green landscapes, a home theatre system where you can catch up with your favourite action thrillers and cinematic masterpieces, and a private infinity pool for a quick de-stressing dip, this home is nothing short of a perfect staycation woven with precious memories.

This is a 3-bedroom pet-friendly villa in Karjat.
A villa with a small infinity pool near Mumbai.
Close proximity to rivers and treks.

2. Nivaant Farms

Embark on a rejuvenating journey with your family and friends, away from the city into awe-inspiring naturescapes. Upon arriving at this villa, you will be swept away by the little bridge that traverses over a gentle stream, on a three-acre lush lawn. Spacious and welcoming with aesthetically pleasing interiors, all five bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and are located on the ground level – a thoughtful plan to welcome our youngest and elderly guests.

The private pool encircled by trees will add an extra dose of calmness to your stay’s cheer and chime.

This is a 5-bedroom pet-friendly villa in Karjat.
A villa with a pool near Mumbai.
Close proximity to rivers and treks.

3. Sunset Boulevard

There is a range of boxes to be ticked when looking for an ideal stay, and this stunning home successfully fulfils all. Offering a sprawling terrace overlooking the lake, a variety of indoor games to keep you entertained and a plunge pool to unwind in, Sunset Boulevard has it all. The tasteful interiors feature expansive common indoor spaces, perfect for spending time away with your loved ones.

Complete with an outdoor deck and a bar counter, this beautiful holiday home awaits your arrival!

This is a 6-bedroom pet-friendly villa in Karjat.
A villa with a plunge pool near Mumbai.
An al-fresco bar counter with a beautiful view.

We hope this blog has provided tips and insights on choosing the best rental villas in Karjat based on your group’s needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a luxurious pool villa on the outskirts of Mumbai or a budget-friendly option, we have got you covered.

Click here and check out the StayVista website and go through our list of villas in Karjat!

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