At Vista, we believe there is a better way to travel. A more free-spirited, luxurious and unique way of spending time together with loved ones. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our aim is to help people embrace it too. We focus on providing privacy and comfort that comes hand in hand with unique experiences and top-of-the-line amenities.

Every stay starts like a party, morphs into a laid back vacation, and ends in a box full of memories – capped with a great view, of course. With a sole aim of introducing people to a new way of traveling together, Vista Rooms brought second homeowners and global travellers under one roof.

Let’s backtrack a little…

In 2015, we started our journey as one of the very few holiday home experts in India’s travel industry. Slowly but surely, Vista Rooms has become the most chosen platform to provide comprehensive holiday experiences at unbeatable prices. The constant love and support over the years has made us a proud community of 400+ second home owners and 250,000 travelers.

What to expect?

The overlap of travel and hospitality is where you will find our gorgeous vacation villas. The Vista Rooms weekly blog posts are dedicated to that overlap. Sometimes it’s a must-visit list we make. Sometimes it’s travel inspiration we find. Occasionally, it is a guide to the best holiday stays around the country. Join our tribe today!