5 Ways to Make your Holiday Home Greener

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Going green has become the newest talk of the town. Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of how they are impacting the environment and what can be done to protect it. At such a stage, showing your guests how environmentally friendly you are can be a great way to amp up your holiday home listing and make it more noticeable. 

You don’t exactly need to move to a treehouse or spend big bucks to make a notable shift in your carbon footprint; all you need is a couple of super easy lifestyle and infrastructural switches to ensure your home is green and ready for eco-travelers. 

But first, why go green?

Besides giving you a solid unique selling point that makes you stand out among the rest, an eco-friendly villa is easier to market and reach a wider audience. Truth is, whether or not the traveler is eco-conscious, people like the idea of living in environment-friendly spaces. It leads them to believe that they are also in a way contributing to a better tomorrow, and that is a great win-win situation. 

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So, here’s an opportunity to become more environmentally aware, at the same time attract more potential bookings – and it is much easier than you think. 

Provide Recycling Bins

A simple and super effective way towards green living is by providing recycling bins to your renters. Simply place cartons for everyday waste and separate bins for dry and wet waste. Not only does it help suggest that your guests must be recycling, it also makes waste disposal so much easier and cost-effective.

Recycle bins outside home

Energy efficient lighting and solar power

About a quarter of your household expenditure amounts to your electricity use. Installing energy efficient bulbs and lighting can help save up a huge account of your power usage. Additionally, based on your location, installing solar panels is a great way to save and create renewable energy. It might pose as a one-time hefty cost upfront, but you will make that money back in no time during summer months.

Solar power panel on home roof for eco-friendly resources

Install energy-saving appliances

When you rent your vacation home to a guest, you also have to provide some essential  home appliances in order to make their stay self-sufficient. Since most appliances come with an energy rating, it is best to switch to energy-efficient appliances that help cut your costs and make your home more energy-friendly.

Energy efficient home and kitchen appliances

Reuse and Conserve

Besides consciously using less water and other resources, you can encourage your guests to reuse and conserve as much as possible. For instance, reusing towels and bottles, fitting aerators in your taps and showers or collection of rainwater are a few ways to reduce resource wastage.

Home decorations out of reusable material for eco-consciousness

Create a Welcome Brochure

Alongside the usual starter information, list down a few specific details of the house that you think can help make your guest’s stay more eco-friendly, such as turning off lights and taps when not in use or recycling information. In this way, not only do you end up promoting your eco-consciousness, but also ask your guests to support the environment friendly nature of your holiday home.

Welcome home sign board for eco friendly welcome

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