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Situated on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a mesmerizing coastal town in India. The town is not only known for its pristine beaches but also for its historical significance as Vasco Da Gama first reached here in India. The city not only offers beaches and forts but also has the alluring backwaters. Every year, many tourists flock here as there are many tourist places in Kozhikode that offer a break from the busy lifestyle. 

While exploring Kozhikode, one will come across many waterfalls. The waterfalls in Kozhikode are some of the undiscovered gems that are breathtaking to look at. Waterfalls such as Thusharagiri and Aripara waterfalls are the best one day trip places in Kozhikode. Kozhikode is a treasure trove for history lovers as it features places like Tali Temple, which is an ancient and sacred Shiva temple. To immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of Kozhikode, we recommend StayVista’s homestays in Kozhikode. 

A visit to Kozhikode is incomplete without visiting the backwaters in Kozhikode. The alluring waters surrounded by lush greenery, the backwaters waters are known for their houseboats. There are many houseboats in Kozhikode that are dotted across the backwaters. One of the best things to do in Kozhikode is to enjoy the tranquility offered by its beaches. The gentle breeze and the azuring waters are something that every tourist looks forward to. To enjoy the magic of beaches in Kozhikode, a stay in Kozhikode beach is a must. 

During a fun-filled adventure, one must try out new dishes and cuisines. The Malabar cuisine is world renowned for its coconut based gravies, biryani and halwas. Visiting Kozhikode during Onam, one will get to experience many delicacies like the payasam that is made during festivities. 

For an authentic experience, guests can opt to stay in a villa in Kozhikode. These villas and homestays in Kozhikode come with a more personalised and luxurious experience than traditional houseboats in Kozhikode. Decked by beaches and greenery, they offer a secluded yet easy proximity to many famous attractions. They also have a wide range of amenities that make your stay in Kozhikode immersive and unforgettable. 

With its immersive history, delectable cuisine and picturesque landscapes, a holiday in Kozhikode is simply mesmerizing. So, if you're planning your next holiday, make sure to add Kozhikode in your list and especially StayVista’s villas in Kozhikode for a better experience.

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