5 Cozy Holiday Homes if you wish to stay Indoors

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So you wish to spend your holiday indoors this time? Just the thought of staying in bed all day, catching up on Netflix or that book you started months ago, binging on local junk food, playing games all day or simply lounging in your private pool – We can’t think of a better way to relax. 

With most of you on a constant lookout for cozy spaces, we’ve got just the 5 perfect vacation villas you need to check out for your next getaway –

Aaryan Manor – Holiday Home in Dehradun

Surround yourself with the cultural diversity and authenticity of Dehradun as you enjoy your laid-back stay at Aaryan Manor, a 5 BHK gorgeous villa set amidst nature trails. From laying in the pool to chattering around the bonfire, you will be thoroughly entertained throughout the course of your stay, we promise!

furnished bedroom with TV and AC

Comfortably furnished bedroom

Furnished gazebo at cozy villa

Charming and functional gazebo

La Ipsing Farm – Holiday Home in Sikkim 

Find yourself in the midst of a lush green forest, overlooking glaciers and mystical meadows as you spend your vacation at the La Ipsing Farm in Sikkim. Wake up to the melody of chirping birds and the aromatic aura of thousands of orange orchids, while you enjoy a picture perfect sunrise from your porch.

Furnished living room with library in cozy villa

Furnished living room with library

Outdoor sit-out with a view

Outdoor sit-out overlooking a beautiful view

Ekam Villa – Holiday Home in Chail

Say hello to the perfect retreat when you’re just looking to cool off and relax, Ekam Villa is the true definition of a luxurious laid-back vacation with nature’s best kept secrets right in your lap. Here in Chail, enjoy freshly sourced and prepared gourmet meals as you savour the most picturesque views from your cave-style home windows, and wish you never have to go back!

Stylishly furnished living room in villa

Stylishly furnished living room

Cozy bedroom with wooden accents and white brick walls

Cozy bedroom

Magnolia Villa – Holiday Home in Alibaug

Sip your hot cocoas and laze by the patio swing, or would you rather be lounging in a picturesque swimming pool? All of this and more is now possible only a couple of hours away from city life at the Magnolia Villa in Alibaug, where the combination of classy home interiors and an uninhibited holiday vibe won’t let you step out of your vacation paradise.

Swimming pool opening into living area

Swimming pool opening into living area

Uniquely furnished bedroom in cozy villa

Uniquely furnished, spacious bedroom

Garbyang Homestay – Holiday Home Nainital

Make the most of your gung-ho mood as you welcome the winter breezes at Garbyang Homestay in Nainital. Before you get lost in the enchanting beauty of the neighborhood, take a moment to hail the liberating spaciousness and roomy interiors of your holiday home. With local flavours, a great view and absolute coziness to keep you occupied, you’re surely not stepping out of the house!

Cozy spacious bedroom in villa

Spacious, furnished bedroom

Outdoor sit-out facing a beautiful view

Outdoor sit-out facing a gorgeous view


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