Five Lessons to Learn from COVID-19

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The world has witnessed a drastic shift in life over the past couple of weeks, given the outbreak of this global pandemic. While it’s taken the world by gloom with saddening deaths, illnesses, isolation and more, there’s something that we’ve been missing out on. And, that is a few really paramount life lessons to learn from COVID19. 

Realisation of Co-existence

We humans have almost forgotten that we’re not the only ones on this planet and we must not try to run it as if we’re the creators. Denial of truth for temporary happiness does not go a long way. This pandemic, if we see, is a wake up call for us, to stop trying to control everything. We share this planet with other living beings who have equal rights to exist as us.  

Taking care of nature

Importance of Freedom

As we’re trading our freedom for the betterment of our nation, simultaneously, we’ve been going through a sense of isolation and monotony. Now, imagine the animals who spend their entire lifetime caged in four walls and chains around their necks. This is just the right time to empathize with those less fortunate beings who have equal rights to freedom as humans.

freedom is important

We only have NOW

No matter how much we disregard the importance of little things and little moments around us, they count big time! Where there are so many people living away from their spouses, their parents, their children, we must be grateful for the moments we’re getting to cherish with our loved ones. 

enjoy family time

Humanity is the only Religion

Nature doesn’t discriminate. It stands equal for everyone, regardless of your religion, caste, or creed. This is the time when we can learn the great example of humanity. If this one time we all unite as mankind, we can and we will be able to overcome this deadly virus that has been costing us numerous lives. 

Humanity is the only Religion

Nature is the sole Superpower 

Nature is the only reason we’re still surviving. While we’ve only been destroying our Mother Nature for our gains, it’s high time we realise the repercussions of our ignorance and selfish attitude towards the same. We have never had the right to destroy something we didn’t create. Gratefulness is the only thing that matters. We don’t control nature, but get controlled by it.

nature is superpower

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