Tips to Make the Best of this Quarantine 

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By the title, you must have gotten a fair idea what this brief read is going to be about. Yes, it’s about the global pandemic we’re in right now – COVID-19. While we’re literally witnessing the content of future history textbooks, let’s try and make the best of the present.

Although there are thousands of things that aren’t going well and everything is shaken, what Coronavirus has done for us is helping us realising that despite all our differences, we as an entire world are connected and dependent on each other, and the only way to overcome this is to do so together.

Being responsible humans, let alone citizens, self-isolation is what we all have been practicing for a few weeks now. It may have gotten to you, but remember, you’re not alone. While you must have been reading quite a bit now about the same, give this one a try, because what else are you up to anyway, huh?

Here are a few things that can help you make the best of this quarantine:

Declutter your Space & Mind

We know it’s something everyone talks about, but trust us, it helps a ton! For those of you who’ve already tried this, you know what we mean. For those who haven’t, try it out for yourself. Clean your wardrobe, your shoe rack, your storage, your kitchen, etc. and see the difference it makes for you. Dejunk your mind, reflect on your own thoughts. While you have time for yourself, why not optimise it to the best?

Take necessary breaks

Bond with your Family

Yes, literally bond with your family. If it wouldn’t have been for the quarantine, we would probably have never gotten to do it well. While you’re locked up inside the four walls of your house, use it to make up for all those times you couldn’t spend with them. We bet you’ll have more stories to tell your grandchildren! 

spend more family time

Read & Watch

How about finishing the book you have always wanted to but never got the time to? Or a movie or series you wanted to catch up on? Now that you have all the time in the world, why not Netflix n Chill!

Read more books

Cook, Sing, Dance, Sleep

Since the only thing you have in abundance right now is time, go back to your hobbies! Cook your favourite dishes, sing songs with your loved ones, shake a leg and sleep it off! You finally have the time to do something you’ve often complained about – sound sleep. Of all the joys in the world, nothing compares to that of good sleep!

learn new domestic skills

And if there’s still something else that you’re looking for, a perfect and relaxed getaway is what we can offer. However, we encourage you to opt for the same only if you’ll be travelling in your private vehicles with all precautions in place. Once you make it to the property, you can be assured of the sanitation, hygiene and preventive measures being followed at all our villas.

Maintain social distance at its best, eat healthy, spend your time working or laze if off with all the amenities for a smooth and memorable experience. To know more about this, head here for more details. Also, expect great discount deals on longer stays!

Remember, what we give is what we get. All this while what we’ve been giving our Mother Nature is what we’re getting, if we introspect. Let’s take this as an opportunity to take a step towards a better and greener environment. This world needs it the most right now!

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