Solo Backpacking to Himachal Pradesh

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Traveling solo is no longer an alien concept for most travellers around the country. Truth is, there is nothing better than backpacking solo, especially if the destinations you choose to travel to are extraordinarily captivating and exciting. Lucky for you, a solo trip to Himachal Pradesh is the perfect way to explore the gorgeous mountain peaks, capture timeless photographs, relish the authentic local flavors, and enjoy the most thrilling experiences of your life. 

If you’ve decided to ride solo on a backpacking trip to Himachal Pradesh, make a note of these five places that are an absolute must-visit on your first Himachal solo journey –


On your way from Chandigarh to Shimla, stop at this beautiful cantonment hill town for extraordinary weather, hiking trails, and inexplicable panoramic views. 

view of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Serene hill views from Soham Villa

Where to stay – You can book a spacious suite at Padam Hill villa, a family stay at Soham Villa or a beautiful cottage in Kasauli at Meadow on the Ridge.



Home of the residence of his holiness, the Dalai Lama, this scenic trek town is great for local sightseeing, Tibetan culture, museums, and art galleries. 

Secluded family cottage amidst Dharamshala's lush greenery

Secluded family cottage at The Mirage amidst Dharamshala’s lush greenery

Where to stay – To book a cottage in Dharamshala, you can enjoy big space at Meraki, or book at cottage in The Mirage.



One of the most popular choices among backpackers, Manali is every bit worthy of all the hype around it. This heavenly abode is perfect for those seeking both adventure and peace. 

Manali stay

Enjoy the picturesque views of Manali’s landscape

Where to stay – You can book a room at the Orchard House villa, Thea Homes, Duffdun House, or Jodhpur House. It will be as good as a mini, private cottage in Manali, great for backpackers.



This is the part of your trip when you simply lay low, relax and admire the majesty of snow peaks, mesmerizing landscapes, colonial architecture and extraordinary weather. 

Ston-built villa in Shimla for your Himachal Pradesh trip

Make the most of Shimla’s rustic living and panoramic views

Where to stay – Book a spacious suite at Glen View Heritage, Northwood Cottage or simply get yourself a spacious cottage in Shimla at Deori Cottage.



Merely a 2-hour road trip from Shimla, make sure you visit Chail for its mind-numbing beauty and virgin forests, perfect for anyone looking to cool off and simply relax. 

View of Chail, Himachal Pradesh from Ekam Villa

Experience the unrestricted views of Chail’s scenic beauty from Ekam Villa

Where to stay – Find yourself a charming nook at Ekam Villa. Simply book a room at this beautiful cottage in Chail and enjoy a uniquely sustainable experience. 


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