8 Vintage yet Luxurious Villas with Old-world Charm

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No school like old school. Whether it’s the things that are vintage or the times, both come with a certain level of charm. What is it about the golden age or the quaint epoch that makes people yearn for it even more today? Golden age thinkers are people who think that a different time period, one of the past, is better than the one they’re living in right now. While it is often considered an erroneous notion, is it really?

Is it wrong to want to live in the past? Is it wrong to be nostalgic? Nostalgia is denial of the present, but how bad is this denial? Sure, its main flaw is not being able to cope with the current times, but isn’t it understandable for one to connect more with the bygone era than this one? I’m not here to answer any of these questions. All I can do is help those who enjoy the class of vintage, by making them experience it. If you are someone who is in love with the old-world charm, here are some vintage yet luxury villas, where you can experience the same. Just try not to get stuck in the past!

Vintage Hideaway, Goa

Have you stayed at a 100 year-old property yet? With the Vintage Hideaway in Goa, here is your chance! The poster beds, wooden cupboards, tiles and rugs all add to the Portuguese Renaissance interiors and architecture. With all the vintage vibes it offers, it also offers modern amenities. There’s a pool, lawn, bar, library, etc. so you have enough things to keep you entertained. You can also enjoy a bonfire while soaking in the forest views.

Glen View Heritage Homestay, Shimla

All heritage is vintage and here is a fine example of the same. Set in the quaint hill station of Shimla, Glen View houses 6 comfortable, spacious rooms with wooden old-charm interiors, yet all modern luxuries. There are plenty of indoor activities like table tennis, carrom, darts and board games, while you can also enjoy the outdoors with badminton, roller-skating and cycling. The villa’s location also allows you to enjoy tourist attractions like Jakhoo Temple, Christ Church, The Ridge and of course, Mall Road, where you could enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Mewar Heritage Homestay, Jaipur

Rajasthan is synonymous with heritage, and so is this 4BHK villa in Jaipur, tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood of the city. Old-world charm and authentic Rajasthani flavours certainly top the list of Mewar’s many perks. Overlooking a gorgeous unrestricted view, the Maharaja-style furnishings and roomy interiors surely make this beautiful home a family-friendly paradise.

Mewar Mansion, Udaipur

Another option like the one above, Mewar Mansion is in Udaipur, the city of lakes. Watch the sun go down from this mansion, situated on a gorgeous hilltop and surrounded by fruit orchards. Brimming with the elegance of a bygone era, this stately home offers an unobstructed view of the sky blending with the wild forest cover. Take a moment to appreciate the royal architecture and decor of the house which is perfectly in line with the rich heritage and culture of Udaipur.

Columbus Heritage, Kochi

Let’s go down South, shall we? This region has properties which are nothing short of vintage – like Columbus Heritage in Kochi. This villa wears a distinct character that is a blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary, giving rise to an aura of timelessness. The charms of this heritage villa built in the 1980s are endless. The vintage furniture, antique décor and quaint fireplace are topped with stunning views of the famous, rippling backwaters, which the garden opens out to. Feel the echoes of the past come alive here!

La Riva Heritage Villa, Alleppey

Time turns back as you step into this charming, 100+ year old villa, but you’re allowed to take all the modern comforts you’re used to along. If that sounds like a win-win, La Riva is sure to impress you. Enjoy cycling around the village, or make the most of the river by going fishing or kayaking, and end the day here with a sumptuous barbecue and some music. Its spot by the river makes it perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Hermas Villa, Wayanad

This charming retreat paints a pretty picture and is situated right opposite a hilltop. The villa was designed by a Scottish designer and offers serene light-toned interiors, with spacious rooms and modern furnishings. Enjoy beautiful views of the mountains as you bask in your own private pool or head to the deck to see the stream that runs through the property. Make the forest your constant companion at Hermas Villa.

Garbyang Homestay, Nainital

A quaint yet modern home tucked away in the city with an eye-shaped lake, Garbyang Homestay is amongst the finest in Nainital. From a spacious balcony where you can enjoy the pleasant weather, to a glasshouse to enjoy the views all around, and even a gazebo to unwind at, this villa has everything you need for a cosy stay.

So, what do you think of these homes? Head here and have a blast from the past!

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