10 Villa Getaways Everyone Must Experience in 2020

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We’re almost in the final quarter of 2020. For a year that wasn’t too much fun for most people, it sure has flown by so far! We have been privileged to be able to make the most of it. But what the majority of people had to sacrifice were the travel plans we had lined up this year. Well, the year isn’t finished yet. We still have some time to take some trips before the year’s end, to make up for lost time.

First things first, please make sure you take all necessary precautions from your side. Make sure you’re well equipped wherever you go, and plan in advance. Once that’s taken care of, you needn’t worry on your trip. A long-awaited trip too, now even a short trip will do the trick. So if you’re looking for the perfect weekend villa or ideal getaway villa, we got you covered. We have some places shortlisted for you, places depending on which region you reside in, for better proximity. Make sure you don’t miss out on these, here are 10 villa getaways everyone must experience in 2020!


Paashan Villa
Let’s begin with a villa everyone must experience once in their lifetime, let alone 2020. Perched on a cliff, Paashaan Villa is an unparalleled architectural marvel. Featured on the Netflix series ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, this horizontally designed cliff abode in Khopoli overlooks serene landscapes and verdant hills that are exceptionally spectacular in the monsoons. Some of the best features of this home include an open to sky courtyard, heated infinity pool, luxurious modern interiors and spa-like washrooms, making it a dream holiday home to visit.

If Paashan seems too sci-fi for you, how about this one from a fairytale? Situated in the hills, NayoNash is a stunning retreat that was inspired by artist Thomas Kinkade’s painting of a cottage near a pond. Here, the serene outdoor swimming pool imitates the pond. The property consists of 3 units, one for guests to stay in, one near the pool and another that offers a fitness centre and games room. With spa services and all the comfort in the world, this is an ideal sanctuary. Discover nature’s paradise at NayoNash!

This is where celebs head to celebrate their birthdays. Replete with the beauty of orchards and greenery, enjoy the spectacular interiors and surroundings of this beautiful villa in Alibaug. Don’t get too comfortable with your solitude, as you can expect some company in the form of chirping birds and blooming bougainvilleas while the waterfalls form a soothing background score. This backdrop is perfect to take a dip in the swimming pool, relax in the steam room or Jacuzzi, or even hit the outdoor showers. Choose wisely, because you’ll be too relaxed to leave Moksh!

The Gatsby House
Another stunner in Alibaug, The Gatsby House is named so owing to its decadent, larger-than-life feel that was written about in the novel, The Great Gatsby. This is one holiday home that you’d certainly want to stay at if yours is a big group looking to get away for a great time together. Spread over 11 acres, this property has a swimming pool, three jacuzzis, a billiards table, a 20-seater dining table, and a huge living room where everyone can hang out together. The huge artificial pond adds a luxurious touch, while the cricket pitch is ideal for enthusiasts who’d like some outdoor play. This grand villa is the perfect spot for a big group to have the time of their lives this year!

Kokum House
We can’t exclude Goa, can we? Kokum House is a peaceful retreat amidst nature, set in the village of Aldona. Designed by the award-winning architect, Pradeep Kodikara, it offers an exclusive spot in Goa, away from the throngs of tourists. You’ll notice how unique it is, making it a must-visit in 2020. The rustling of leaves and the occasional hoot of an owl may be the only sounds you hear through the night, as the moonlight shines down upon you. It’s the perfect setting for some music, drinks and conversations. Kokum House comes highly recommended for its comfort, and serene vibe.


La Riva
The backwaters are a must-do by themselves, but imagine staying at a villa by the backwaters. This villa is more than 100 years old, and yet it’s as popular as ever in 2020! Time turns back as you step into this charming heritage villa, but you’re allowed to take all the modern comforts you’re used to along. If that sounds like a win-win, La Riva Heritage Villa is sure to impress you. Its spot by the river makes it perfect for a relaxing getaway. Enjoy cycling around the village, or make the most of the river by going fishing or kayaking, and end the day here with a sumptuous barbecue and some music.

Why not try Wayanad’s finest – Novera? Offering some great views of the mountains and lake, here’s a fine villa of Sri Lankan architecture. You can enjoy those views from your balcony or step outdoors in the sprawling lawn which has a gazebo as well. Unwind in the living room while listening to some music on the system and playing some cards. Are you in the mood to go to the bar or the library?


Lake Trails
Have you been to the mountains this year? Set in the quiet hills and around the calm lake of Bhimtal, Vista Lake Trails is located in a beautiful spot. Offering a great view of the lake from the balconies, this property also has a garden for all the nature lovers to relax in. The structure is a perfect blend of antique and modern features, including a fireplace for you to huddle around with your loved ones. Additionally, barbecues and bonfires are also offered to make sure you are cosy and well-fed at all times!

Chalet Windflower
There really is nothing like this property in the hills. Make a stop at the Chalet Windflower in Manali to watch the snowflakes drift to the ground. And, while you’re at it, take a quick soak in a hot bath as you adore the incredible panoramic views of snowy peaks through the glass facades. Jacuzzi, steam, sauna, heater, electric blanket, gym, games room – name a luxury and it’s yours. This is one of the most luxurious homes in all of Himachal. The combination of tasteful interiors and a gorgeous view makes this stay absolutely bucket list-worthy for 2020!


The Orchid Glade
If we were to recommend just one property in the east, this would be it. The busier you are, the more deeply you need an opportunity to be free, and The Orchid Glade offers its guests just that. This mountain cabin is a comfortable retreat for those weary of city life. The only decisions to make here involve which window to savour the view from, or which variety of tea to sip while you do so. If an escape to the hills is on your mind, head to The Orchid Glade.

Please make sure that wherever you visit, you have figured out the logistics beforehand instead of leaving it for the last minute. The spontaneous explorer in you might need to be prepared for 2020. Until then, stay smart, stay safe!

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