9 Must-Visit Attractions in Ranikhet

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Ranikhet, which literally translates to queen’s fields, is located at 1830 meters above sea level, in the Almora district of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. Some may call it a hidden gem, since it is often overlooked by Uttarakhand’s more popular destinations like Nainital and Mussoorie. The town is blessed with beautiful hills and spectacular panoramic views of the snowy Himalayas. Its winters see snowfall itself, while the summers are pleasant too. This all-season tourist spot is tucked carefully in the mountains.

Lush green meadows, beautiful fruit orchards and soaring forests, together make Ranikhet truly a hilly paradise. A walk around Ranikhet is enough to spot quaint and charming British estates amidst colorful gardens. Abound by greenery, one can take breathtaking walks in the vast forests embracing Ranikhet’s temperature – it comprises dense pine, oak, rhododendron and deodar forests. Allow us to list a handful of the best things to do while you’re in Ranikhet, check them out:

Chaubatia Gardens
Enjoy views of Himalayan peaks like the Nanda Devi, Neelkanth and Trishul, after you walk through blooming gardens of rhododendrons and lilies, as well as fruit orchards of peaches, plums, apples, apricots, and 150 more such varieties of fruits. The garden blooms best during summer months, and offers great sunsets too.

Bhalu Dam
Close to the gardens above, this artificial reservoir also offers great views of the Himalayan peaks and makes for an ideal place for a picnic or camping with family and friends.

Rani Jheel
Literally translating to queen’s lake, Rani Jheel is a vast artificial lake that is located amidst natural ridges and woods, making it a prime tourist attraction for boating and simply the tranquil setting.

Upat Golf Course
Amongst the highest golf courses in Asia, the sprawling course with perfectly manicured lawns is maintained by the Indian Army. Fancy a game? Open throughout the year, you can pay a nominal fee and enjoy it even if you don’t know how to play golf – the serene setting is such.

Ashiyana Park
The jungle themed park is not just for kids to enjoy, anybody can enjoy the sights of the herbal gardens, colourful fountains and stunning views of the Himalayan peaks.

Kumaon Regimental Center Museum
Established by the army in the 70s, the museum houses war artifacts of historical importance, especially belonging to the Garhwal and Kumaon regiments.for an ideal place for a picnic or camping with family and friends.

Jhula Devi Temple
Visit this temple to be awestruck by the sights and sounds of thousands of bells tied by the devotees for fulfilment of their wishes. It was constructed more than 7 centuries ago!

The village of Dwarahat near Ranikhet is home to 55 ancient temples built by Katyuri kings – with majestic shrines of all important Hindu deities.

If you’re keen on visiting these places, we’re sure that you’re looking for Ranikhet villas already! We have a couple of amazing options for you, so check them out!

Chinar Villa
Tucked away in the valleys of Ranikhet, here’s a truly special villa for you. With large windows all around the villa, you can enjoy serene views wherever you are. Views of the mighty Nanda Devi, amongst other peaks, aren’t views one can ignore. Head out for a peaceful stroll, come back to warm up by the fireplace, enjoy a game of table tennis, chill out at the balcony, terrace, lawn or gazebo – the choice is yours. A complimentary breakfast is also offered at Chinar Villa! Within the property, guests can play indoor games like cards, TT and ludo or step out for a game of basketball. Guests can take a peaceful walk in nature and embrace its beauty or go for treks nearby. They can also request for a bonfire to be lit up.

Morning Bliss
This beautiful modern home with Himalayan valley views is perfect for your next Ranikhet visit. Located amidst nature’s best kept secrets, an abundance of nature walks and perfect postcard shots are right at your fingertips. Within the property, guests can play indoor games like Ludo, chess, carrom, cards and more. If at all you manage to step out from the games section of the house, the outdoor lawn area is perfect to relax, meditate, do some yoga or even play outdoor games like cricket and badminton. Make sure you catch the morning sun in its inexpressible setting, it is a vision worth capturing! You’ll see why it’s called Morning Bliss. You can enjoy your complimentary breakfast while taking in views of Nanda Devi and the Trishul Range or go for nearby treks for more such views. The fireplace will keep you warm indoors while the bonfire can keep you warm outdoors.

Make sure you check out the room listings for the properties above, in case you’re looking to travel in smaller groups. Ranikhet offers the best villas in Uttarakhand and has something for everyone.

And for those looking for places to visit near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand must definitely check out:

  • Ranikhet to Nainital – 2 hours, 58 kms
  • Ranikhet to Mukteshwar – 3 hours, 81 kms
  • Ranikhet to Almora – 1.5 hours, 45 kms
  • Ranikhet to Ramgarh – 2 hours, 56 kms
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