Top 5 Corporate Off-site Destinations and Vista Stays in India

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Even though 2021 has begun, the sheer unpredictability of 2020 hasn’t sunk in yet. If anybody had to make a list of 2020 highlights, it would probably only include video calls, video calls and more video calls. While they did keep us in touch with the outside world, be it work or social, if there are any more meetings on video calls, all of us collectively combust into ashes. In-person interaction is just necessary right now. Hence, a lot of companies are opting for a much-needed, in-person reunion in the form of corporate offsites. 

Except for work, employees may or may not be aware of the different members of different teams, especially with the unpredictable last year, with much time spent on abundant video calls instead of in-person interactions. More often than not, members generally limit themselves to their team, seldom stepping out of their comfort zone. Hence, it is now imperative to ensure that there is a certain sense of belonging, along with rewarding your employees with a much needed getaway. 

The importance of an offsite shouldn’t be overlooked or undermined. An offsite can be the motivating, driving force for team members. Afterall, a successful corporate offsite is detrimental to your employees bouncing back. Organize a scavenger hunt, or indulge in karaoke, maybe even divide the employees into teams and have a cook-off. The objective of an offsite is not only to ensure that everyone is having a gala time but also that a certain level of participation is achieved. 

While planning an offsite, there are a few things to keep in mind. Amongst that is deciding the number of people and the location. While there are many beautiful, exotic destinations for a corporate offsite, your destination will largely depend on the number of employees planning to participate. Be it a one day trip, one night or three days, here are a few recommendations of the best corporate offsite destinations to help you narrow down your list.

Neverland Farms, Lonavala

If in search of something near the city, Neverland Farms located in Lonavala is ideal. An all-encompassing property, with a plethora of amenities, makes for an one-day/one-night trip away. A mere 2 hour drive away from the city, this property is amidst lush greenery, spread across 8 acres. Stay wouldn’t be a problem here as it can comfortably accommodate up to 24 people in 6 bedrooms. The rustic interiors and the ample space do help in organizing a successful offsite. 

Things to do here 

The sheer size of this property makes it perfect for a treasure hunt. Divide the employees into random teams, scatter clues throughout the villa, and let their competitive spirit takeover. Ensure that everyone is as away from the familiar faces as possible. The idea is to encourage debates, discussions and conversations. If in case looking for a sports activity, indulge in a friendly game of cricket on the turf, or badminton in the court, organize a swim race, or even the classic running race that can take place in the sprawling lawn.

Gatsby House, Alibaug

A definite gem, ideal for corporate offsites, The Gatsby House in Alibaug is a magnificent property. Exuding a certain over-the-top charm, this beautiful property owes its name to the novel, The Great Gatsby. Mirroring the decadent and indulgent lifestyle described in the book, this sprawling mansion is spread across 11 acres. Ideal for large team sizes, the Gatsby House features 12 spacious bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate 36 people along with ample common areas. 

Things to do here 

Including, but not limited to only offsites, this property also features a huge conference room, ideal for hosting meetings and other important events. Also equipped with an array of indoor games like a billiards table for the team to engage in a friendly match, a swimming pool and a lawn, this property is an ideal balance of work and play. Organize a karaoke night, have a sing-off and let the team sing their hearts out!

Sonho Villa, Goa

Goa, as a destination, is unmatchable. The beachy vibes, the constant humming of the waves and the scenic views make it an ideal getaway destination. For an utterly, completely, relaxing offsite, Goa is perfect. Host a corporate offsite at Sonho Villa that makes for an unforgettable offsite destination. The Victorian-style interiors with remnants of colonial architecture scattered throughout the villa make it one of a kind. Equipped with 7 spacious bedrooms, this stay can not only sleep up to 21 guests but it can also comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests. 

Things to do here 

Ideal for small as well as large offsites, this villa also features a large swimming pool, and is a short drive away from the beach. Let the team indulge in water sports, or organize a friendly volleyball match, and end the day with a simple toast to the team and their hard work. The aim is to encourage and promote their team spirit.

Aanandum, New Delhi 

Owing to the large number of offices in Delhi, the need for a corporate offsite is equally large. Well, here’s a property at a drivable distance from Delhi, Aanandum. Echoing a rich history and an olden-charm, this property is over 3 decades old. Loved, nurtured and built with care, this rustic property exudes serenity. With gorgeous exteriors adorned with rose and lotus gardens, lush lawns and 4 cottage style bedrooms, this property is ideal for a small, close-knit offsite.

Things to do here 

Can comfortably sleep up to 16 people, making it ideal for a night-stay. If in search of a villa with an edge, Aanandum is perfect! Organize an improv session, or even an elaborate drama and make most of the amphitheatre right in the premises of the property.

Cops Canopy, Chandigarh

To absolutely disconnect from work, Chandigarh is the way to go! Scattered pockets of french architecture and the lush greenery make this City Beautiful a definite must-visit. What a better way to explore than we with your colleagues? Make unlikely friendships, new connections and loads of memories while at Cops Canopy Chandigarh. 

Things to do here 

Featuring 5 cottages, this property with a beautifully lush lawn and a huge terrace overlooking some spectacular views can easily sleep 15 people. Help the teams to get to know each other better with a fun office trivia quiz with silly questions, devour the locally sourced and prepared meals and enjoy the ample space here.

Going on corporate offsites frequently is gently tilting towards becoming a norm. Not only is it a break from the monotony necessary, but also offsites are a great way to ensure team bonding outside of the office. Apart from being rejuvenating, corporate offsites aim to promote and instill a sense of team spirit. Offsites are an ideal way to discover and rediscover different team and group dynamics and ensure a more cohesive environment. 

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