10 Holiday Homes Perfect For Your Next Family Reunion

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Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed the country lift its covid constraints and open up. Considering how man is a gregarious animal, he was alienated from his loved ones for nearly a year as a consequence of Covid-19. However, as the restrictions have begun to lift, we’re witnessing a slew of long-awaited family reunions take place in droves! Families are now choosing a safe environment to spend quality time with their loved ones, obviously adopting Covid-19 safeguards. What could be better than booking a property where you can enjoy the conveniences of a home away from home with a dash of opulence in terms of amenities and services?

We at Vista have compiled a customized list of 10 such gorgeous villas that you can visit with your entire big fat Indian family. With world-class amenities, handpicked experiences, and top-notch hospitality, we’re optimistic that your family reunion will be quite memorable!

Top 10 villa recommendations by Vista Rooms for a family reunion

We have handpicked the very best breathtaking luxury villas for families that are looking to spend some quality time together.  Our vacation homes list includes properties for families with children, seniors, and even your four-legged pals. These family reunion villas offer breathtaking backdrops, a taste of serene environs, and some of the finest in-house amenities, spanning from sea-front destinations to drivable lavish villas. Here are our top ten recommendations for the ideal family reunion.

1. Emerald Acres, Lonavala

Emerald Acres

This stunning holiday house, set on 4 acres of lush green land, with pristine interiors, expansive outdoor areas, and a stress-free atmosphere encircled by misty winds. Indeed a hop-skip and jump away from big hubs like Pune and Mumbai, this villa in Lonavala, ticks all the checkpoints for a perfect family reunion home.

Activities to indulge in:

– Unwind by the pool or the loungers.

– Take a peaceful walk on the lush green lawn or play some fun outdoor games to your heart’s content.

– Enjoy a game of lawn tennis on the lawn tennis court. 

– The amphitheater can also be your relaxing haven or a perfect spot for some family photographs.

– Fitness enthusiasts can use the well-equipped gym to their advantage. 

– Binge-watch your favourite TV series or movies with your whole fam!

– Enjoy a de-stressing soak in the jacuzzi and steam room. 

– Whip up your cameras for pictures of a breathtaking backdrop of the valley to put on the gram.
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2. Neverland Farms, Karjat

Neverland Farms

Neverland Farms will transport you to a paradise unparalleled, with its lush foliage, riverfront location, and modern amenities. The verdant surroundings, eerily tranquil ambiance, and accessibility to the riverside combine to provide the ideal family reunion home!

Activities to indulge in:

– Enjoy a swim or make the most of the gym.

– Sit back and enjoy your favourite TV shows and rom-coms in the home theatre.

– Embrace the grandeur of the river by taking a leisurely walk alongside it.

– Make use of the lawn and turf by partaking in outdoor pursuits.

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3. Gatsby House, Alibaug

Great Gatsby

The Gatsby House takes its title from the novel Great Gatsby, which highlights a similar extravagant aura.  Perfect for a family reunion and to have a fine experience, this villa in Alibaug is the holiday home to stay at. 

Activities to indulge in:

– Unwind by the pool.

– Play competitive games in the game room which has games like table tennis, foosball, carrom, etc.

– If you fancy the outdoors, indulge in a family premier league of football or badminton.

– Adorned with charm and opulence, every corner here is quite picture-perfect for the gram.

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4. Sommelier’s Villa, Nashik

Sommelier's Villa

Sommelier’s Villa, located on the tranquil outskirts of Nashik and overlooking a gorgeous valley and a water reservoir, is the ideal family reunion villa. The opportunities for enjoyment are boundless with a pool, gym, steam room, massage room, jacuzzi, basement bar, and wine cellar.

Activities to indulge in:

– Play games like chess, housie, or cards indoors.

– Watch films in the home theatre from a wide selection.

– Lounge by the pool, gazebo, or the bar.

– You may also soothe yourself in the jacuzzi or steam room.

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5. Jal By The Bay, Kamshet

Jal By The Bay

A family reunion here would be a remarkable adventure, with vistas of the spectacular surroundings and a backdrop amidst lush greenery. This villa in Kamshet is encircled by dense vegetation and boasts a continual breeze, stunning sunrises, and incredible views of the hills.

Activities to indulge in:

– Play indoor games such as ludo and cards.

– Enjoy a  relaxing stroll around the grounds.

– Sit back and enjoy the amazing scenery from the patio and balconies.

– Unwind in front of the bonfire and have a sumptuous barbeque supper.

– Paragliding on the Shinde Wadi Hills is a must-try.

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6. Ashore By Vista, Goa

Ashore By Vista

After months of being apart in the post-COVID world, make the most of the family reunion by transforming it into a destination scenario. Goa is unquestionably one of the greatest destinations in India to visit for a memorable family reunion. Ashore By Vista is a magnificent beachfront property that is tucked in the lovely town of Morjim. 

Activities to indulge in:

– There is a library with a multitude of genres of books for different age groups, as well as a mini-theatre.

– Unwind by the infinity pool, which overlooks the sea and the beach.

– You can enjoy a soothing spa and steam experience.

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7. Dharohar Retreat, Mukteshwar

Dharohar Retreat

Dharohar Retreat, an escapist’s paradise, and a nature lover’s utopia is tucked among lush greenery, spectacular valley vistas, and the snow-capped Himalayas at an altitude of 6000 feet.  If you’re planning a vacation to the northern region, there’s no better place to go than Mukteshwar to have a beautiful family reunion.

Activities to indulge in:

– Enjoy a  fun session of playing indoor games such as cards and ludo.

– Make use of the lawn by partaking in outdoor activities or simply by admiring its beauty.

– Hikes and outdoor treks are offered to adventure seekers.

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8. Ballyhack Cottage, Shimla

Ballyhack Cottage

This cosy property has been passed from generation to generation through centuries as one of the initial houses constructed in Shimla and home to the then Governor-General of India. Its magnificent colonial furnishings harken back to a bygone era, and the four planted terrace gardens provide a fantastic viewpoint for admiring the Himalayas. At this time-honored cottage in Shimla, take a trip back in time as you prepare your multi-generational family reunion.

Activities to indulge in:

– Have fun with indoor games such as cards and ludo.

– Take a relaxing stroll across the terrace gardens and marvel at the breathtaking views.

– Find a couple of binoculars and recognize the various species of birds that may be found in the area.

– Relax and unwind in the Sun Room, where you may sunbathe on a deck chair.

– Enjoy a delectable BBQ supper around the bonfire.

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9. Captain’s Villa, Bangalore

Captain's Bungalow

This tranquil destination tucked away in the ever-famous metropolis of Bangalore, has indeed the ideal setting for a family reunion. The villa in Bangalore has a few nods to the past, but it’s still very contemporary.

Activities to indulge in:

– Go for a swim or play a game of cards or ludo indoors.

– Take a relaxing stroll across the lawn and soak in its splendor.

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10. Dvara, Kodaikanal


Dvara in Kodaikanal is a charming colonial holiday home with scattering patches of trendy décor that offers a tranquil hill station retreat as well as the ideal location for a family reunion.

Activities to indulge in:

– Relax by taking a casual stroll on the grass.

– Choose a book to read from the well-stocked shelves, which showcase a handpicked selection of books.

– Compete in indoor games such as snooker, cards, and ludo.

– Indulge in a scrumptious BBQ feast and request that a bonfire is lit.

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