5 Ways How to Design your Holiday Home

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With rising demand for holiday rentals and fierce competition among travel and hospitality tycoons, making your property stand out has become a key concern for every homeowner. What is it that distinguishes one property from the others? Many vacation homeowners are looking for ways to make their stay seem more like home. But at the same time also provide grandeur, extravagance, and a wide range of amenities and activities for its guests. As a result, an increasing number of homeowners are electing to transform their current house, or their holiday home, into a fantastic getaway for vacationers.

Hosting guests might include crossing off several points on the checklist to make sure they have a memorable stay. So naturally, there is much to consider, right from the tone of the house, the décor, the artwork, and even the kitchen facilities. In this blog, you’ll learn about five unique techniques to make the most of your home. At the same time, help ensure you have a constant influx of bookings throughout the year.

1. Identify your Market

The first stage in determining the style of your holiday home is to identify the trends of prior guests who have been at your property. It provides you with a general concept of the demographics of those who will choose to stay at your property in the future. You will obtain a better knowledge of what your potential consumers are searching for in a holiday home by classifying and analyzing your guests. In order to decide on the décor of your holiday home, you must consider some crucial factors for each demographic. Several amenities, such as a safety fence surrounding the garden, a dog-friendly informational pack, hardwood floors, and offering dog treats and toys, must be considered for pet owners. Similarly for younger families with babies, the points to consider include stairgates, bedding rails, children’s books, toys, high chairs, etc.

2. Keeping your Holiday home up to date

Painting your holiday home

With each passing moment, tastes and trends are prone to alter. It’s critical to discover and invest in aspects that are high on a guest’s wish list for the property’s décor. It may be as basic as installing WiFi or a dishwasher, both of which are usually welcomed, or adding facilities that guests routinely want. Although it is not necessary to alter the interior of your holiday home to match each season, it is a good idea to keep it seemingly clean and current. Even minor details, such as flaking paint or monsoon-proofing leaks, may make a significant difference. Even changes like the soft furnishings having worn out after a lot of usages, might need a fresh set. More extravagant facilities, such as swimming pools, fireplaces, gazebos, and jacuzzis, will undoubtedly give your holiday home an advantage over the competitors. Although maintaining such extra features is costly, the greater booking value that results compensate for it. In most cases, you will profit in the long term.

3. Personal Touch

Gift hamper for your holiday home

Making your guests feel at ease when they come to your holiday home is a critical step in ensuring that they have a pleasant stay. Personal touches across the property ensure that the experience they are going to have is enhanced. A traditional example would be a welcoming docket or pack that explains the property’s history, lineage, regulations, and facts. These personal touches, whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or a cookie basket with a handwritten note, may go a long way toward making your holiday house stand out. Play cupid and provide meaningful hints to assist your guests to create lasting memories. Arrange a basket of quilts outside the door if you have a wonderful landscape and room to entertain outside, to quietly encourage them to spend some time outside even when the climate is colder.

4. Proper Lighting

It’s a well-known truth that lighting is essential for any area to appear regal and spotless. It has the capacity to change the atmosphere of a room. As a result, making the most of natural lighting is an important aspect of your holiday home’s décor. To make the space look larger and brighter, replace heavier drapes with lighter shades or shutters. Add floor-length glass windows or doors if your property is surrounded by beautiful surroundings; ultimately, views appeal and sell.

5. Opting for a Subtle Palette for your Holiday home

The overall tone and colour palette of the holiday home contribute to determining the property’s vibe. You may favor eclectic colours that provide a spark to the room, but this colour scheme may not appeal to every one of your guests. While your house should undoubtedly reflect your individuality, it’s ideal to keep things simple to appeal to a wider range of tastes. Choosing a more neutral colour palette, such as coffee, cream, or beige, frequently highlights the other characteristics. Choose a theme and adhere to it; this way, you’ll have a consistent paint scheme and aesthetic throughout your home. Remember that it’s not only about what you like; it’s also about what your guests will like.

Remodeling your house into a vacation destination is, in some ways, a delightful and gratifying activity. It not only increases your monthly income but also ensures that your guests return year after year. So take advantage of the opportunity, have fun, and put yourself in your potential client’s shoes to figure out exactly what they want. These steps will definitely help in designing a holiday home to attract more guests. For more information on transforming your second holiday home, refer to our previous blog.

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