5 Ways To Elevate Guest Experience For a Better Turnover

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Serenity, thrill, pampering, or just togetherness – the reasons for a getaway can vary but what doesn’t change are the high expectations of each person who chooses to stay with Vista Rooms. Travel is no longer about impersonal and bustling hotels whose only purpose is to serve as a bed-and-breakfast. Travel is experiential, intimate, and sumptuous with a “little something extra” as a guest experience to add to the stay. There are numerous ways to add a touch of the surreal and delight for ‘staycationers’ and encourage them to opt for your property over others. 

Of course for a better guest experience, foremost is to ensure that the interiors are noteworthy, the cleanliness and hygiene are exemplary, the amenities are attractive, and the service is as hospitable as it gets with friendly and efficient staff who have the guest’s best interests at heart. Beyond that, however, come the experiences that help make the stay memorable and therefore most endorsed.

Let’s have a look a the 5 Cs to bear in mind to elevate the guest experience for a better turnover:

1. Culinary

Culinary tips for a better guest experience

It’s an age-old adage that the way to a man’s – or woman’s – heart is through their stomach. While on holiday, food takes on a greater significance. People break away from their diets, choose to indulge in various cuisines, and yet don’t want to feel heavy and bloated at the end of the day. A refreshing culinary experience with a blend of local, freshly prepared foods or farm-to-table sourced meals, or even a five-course meal can truly tickle those tastebuds. Add an experiential element like ‘cook with the chef’, provide a masterclass or arrange a vegetable picking trail to meaningfully include the guest in the making of their manna.

2. Creativity

Creating a setup to elevate guest experience

With sumptuously done-up spaces, lush lawns, sprawling vistas, tantalizing views, and all the perfect settings, it’s easier to maximise the guest experience in a simple yet tasteful way. Arrange a bonfire night on the lawn or an open-air mini theatre with cosy blankets to snuggle up with. Try a barbeque brunch by the poolside or a stargazing experience on the rooftop. Set up that gazebo with a multitude of twinkly fairy lights and a romantic champagne-laden dinner for two. Or use the lawns to plan a play date for the little guests so that the parents can take a breather. Basically, get creative with your area.

3. Calm

Soothing experiences like meditation and yoga while on a staycation

For serenity seekers, one can arrange experiences that are meditative, soothing, and calming. Whether it’s an in-house ayurvedic spa or a local called in for a foot massage, there is nothing more relaxing than kneading those muscles that are stiff from the anxieties of daily life. Yoga on the deck with resplendent mountain views or singing bowl sessions on the verandah could be great for tuning into that much-needed ‘sat-chitta-ananda’. Repetitive calming excursions like tealeaf picking or feeling the rhythmic swaying of a boat ride can soothe those frazzled nerves after a frenetic work week. 

4. Culture

Leaving behind that bustling city life makes guests want to connect with the simpler truths and quixotic local living. Whether there is a village tour on offer, a camel or elephant ride, a plantation or field to walk through, or a folk dance to amuse oneself with – guests will be amenable to them all. There are of course those nearby temples or local attractions that appeal to culture lovers as well. Scout around your property for such quaint experiences and offer them up with genuine recommendations.

5. Cool

Adventures termed to be the new cool to elevate guest experience

Adventure and fitness are considered the new “in thing” today. So, tie up with enthralling guest experience activities around your villa like animal safaris, hiking, camping trails, rafting expeditions, paragliding, parasailing, and the likes of it. If there is nothing of great interest around your estate then add little touches within to bring out their adventurous side by installing an archery setup, some gym equipment, a trampoline, or even a simple dartboard.

With a statuesque property that is alluring on its own, these little touches of warmth and fun spell out “welcome” in hard-to-miss neon letters. So, make a mark and be the first choice for guests with genuinely appealing and well-executed experiences.

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