Goa Untapped: A guide to the hidden tourist places in Goa

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Attracting a hoard of tourists every year, Goa is one of the best places to visit; be it during summer, winter, or even during the rainy weather. Distinctively known for its unique blend of Indian and Portuguese traditions, this small state is quite the party central for friends and families alike. Apart from it being a party hotspot, this area’s tourist places have a lot to offer too! These tourist places in Goa have created a closed traditional circuit of various must-see destinations that are on most travelers’ itineraries. As a result, many individuals are now seeking out untapped and eccentric destinations to avoid the throngs of people traveling to these well-known locations.

These hidden gems in Goa are located outside of the commercial tourist circuit, and if you love visiting such off-beat places and bazaars, trying some scrumptious food, or discovering new accommodations, this is one of the best things to do in summer in Goa. We have curated a detailed guide about some untapped tourist places in Goa, local food joints, bazaars, and accommodations you should definitely try while on your vacation here.

Undiscovered Beaches of Goa

1) Kakolem Beach

One of the lesser-known beaches and tourist places in Goa, this beach tucked away from Goa’s list of popular beaches is definitely worth the visit. This offbeat beach in Goa with its sparkling waters is perfectly deserted and quite ideal for those who seek to explore the serene and tranquil terrains. Also known as Tiger Beach, this destination can only be accessed by going through the Cola village. The road leading up to this beach might not be in the best condition but, the unending views of the azure sea and vistas of the setting sun are very alluring and worth the effort.

2) Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Goa

Butterfly Beach is a component of the picturesque Arabian Sea and is positioned towards the north of Palolem Beach. The beach is named from the fact that it sustains the existence of many various varieties of butterflies. Since this beach is encircled by woodland and heavy trees and bushes, travelling there by motorcycle or car is tricky, making it one of Goa’s greatest hidden beaches and nd also one of the lesser-known tourist places in Goa.

3) Ashwem Beach

Located near Arambol beach, this tropical paradise; Ashwem beach is home to the Olive Ridley Turtles. During the breeding season, these turtles can be witnessed on this white sand beach, laying and hatching their eggs. An idyllic stretch of this sandy beach overlooks the appealing Arabian Sea.  The gorgeous stores and marketplaces that provide some of the finest items to shop for are among the biggest attractions of Ashwem which is one of the lesser-known tourist places in Goa. To get to Ashwem Beach, you’ll need to travel a bit, and the easiest way to do it is to rent or own a bike.

4) Cola Beach

Cola beach: Another one of the lesser known tourist places in Goa.

If you would like to see more of Goa’s undiscovered coastlines, you should vacation in the southern part of the state. Cola Beach is yet another small hidden treasure in South Goa, wonderfully nestled near Canacona. Cola Beach is a great spot to explore if you want to unwind in a serene atmosphere, free of tourist traps. The beach is also known as ‘Khola.’ This bay attracts fewer travellers since it is off the usual road, concealed by densely vegetated hills, and requires a substantial tract of mountainous terrain to reach this magnificent gem. Cola Beach is highly recommended for sunbathers because of this.

Popular yet Undiscovered Local Markets of Goa

1) Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market

Originally renowned as a hippie hangout, the Anjuna Flea Market is now one of the tourist places in Goa that are a must-visit.  This flea market, held every Wednesday near Anjuna Beach, is a haven for true bargain hunters and fashionistas. Hundreds of shops offering jewelry, clothing, woodwork crafts, boots, antiques, and other souvenirs may be discovered here. This market attracts a large number of Indians as well as foreign tourists. The market is open from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

2) Calangute Market Square

Summer bathing suits are the highlight of the Calangute market square. The beachside shacks and booths at this market sell funky garments, stylish swimsuits, leather items, seashells, mementos, trinkets, clothing and apparel, artificial jewelry, rugs, metallic handicrafts, and pottery. Shacks with authentic Goan specialties and beer may also be found at this market.

3) Ingo’s Saturday Night Market

This market is one of the must-see tourist places in Goa. Travellers can buy hand-made leather boots, exquisite necklaces, and a multitude of other artifacts at this market, which is held on the premises of Arpora, adjacent to Baga Beach. The Tarot card readers and fortune tellers are really quite famous among the people who offer their services at this market. Travelers who are interested in being inked can do it at one of the tattoo shops. Many booths of merchandise such as tapestries, clothing and accessories, antiques, fabrics, perfumes, and more will be lined up by a swarm of shopkeepers. You’ll be impressed by the magnificent handicrafts of indigenous Goa, which you won’t find anywhere else.

4) CocoRoots

If you adore jewelry, you should really pay this market a visit. This bazaar includes a large range of ethnic jewelry made of coconuts, exotic bones, and horns, making it an ideal location for distinctive jewelry shopping.  You can also find countless mementos to delight your friends and family.

Accommodations in Goa

Bay View, Reis Magos

As you wake up to the sounds of waves crashing and a gentle cool breeze at this home, you will be taken to a realm of soulful bliss. With a plethora of opulent amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a vast patio, and 24-hour staff help, you’ll have the illusion of being in an affluent home away from home while still enjoying the comforts and tranquilly it has to offer.

The outdoor private pool here is a great way for guests to unwind. The terrace with an associated bar area offers a scenic backdrop of the aquamarine seas and pristine beaches at any time of day or night. It also features a wooden swing where guests can enjoy a steaming cup of their preferred drink. 

Occupancy: 8 people 

Location: Reis Magos, Goa

Waterlilly, Goa

In the midst of these old streets of Goa, in the midst of lush green lawns lies Waterlily. This villa reminisces the sun in its pretty painted walls of yellow and blue, while the quaint wooden and cane furniture seem to invite you to unwind to your heart’s content. The villa is full of exciting games and activities such as Jenga, Mahjong, and carrom. Goa is full of people who love the waters, so the private pool ensures that you can enjoy a swim, even on a cool day.

Occupancy: 7 people

Location: Parra, Goa

Aldeamar, Goa

A lively coastal area, known for its striking red cliffs and midnight parties, Vagator attracts hip party crowds who enjoy coastal cuisine, trendy shacks, and a laid-back lifestyle. And in this quaint neighbourhood lies Villa Aldeamar which provides an experience fit for royalty. The comfortable four-poster beds are inviting, to say the least, and you may be tempted to spend your entire vacation time lazing there. The living room is gorgeous and opens right into the swimming pool. The pool, flanked by a lounging sit-out, beckons for some enviable fun. A hot soak in the bathtub is recommended for guests who just can’t get enough of the water.

Occupancy: 9 people

Location: Vagator, Goa

Wings On Water

Wings on Water, it is not an overstatement to say, is the holiday home of your dreams. This beautifully decorated home lies on the banks of a river where Wader birds nest. What adds to the charm of the place is the fact that the outhouse was originally a ferry jetty and used until the adjacent bridge was built. On some of the wooden columns, even today, one can see the dates written way back to 1937! Within the property, guests can enjoy a refreshing splash in the pool. They can also relish a hearty barbecue meal. 

Occupancy: 12 people

Location: Morjim, Goa

For more information on accommodation facilities in Goa, click on this link here!

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