A step-by-step Guide to Booking a Villa for your Next Trip 

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So you’ve decided you want to go on a holiday? Is it going to be Goa again? Looking forward to that upcoming long weekend? Finally booking a villa to take that long break you deserve? Too many questions to answer? Let’s simplify it. 

Planning a holiday can be overwhelming, time-consuming and daunting too, at times. These days, more than finding your ideal holiday destination, looking for a comfortable accommodation has become the tricky part. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you deserve to go away and enjoy a comfortable stay without the stress of planning the nitty-gritties.

If your idea of a memorable holiday involves homely comforts with a generous touch of charm, a holiday villa is sure to meet your needs. Whether you opt for a lounging luxury pad with a private pool, a quaint countryside farmstay or a hot tub with oceanfront views – holiday homes and villas can provide you with a priceless experience. 

The main advantages of opting for holiday villas is the privacy, as well as the myriad experiences it can offer. Follow this easy guide to book a holiday home for your next trip – 

Who are you traveling with? 

First things first, figure out who you’re traveling with. Is this a couple’s trip, family vacation or a holiday with your friends? Are you traveling with kids or senior citizens? Knowing your company helps narrow down villa options for their comfort and convenience. 

Gauge the mood

What are you in the mood for? Relaxing indoors, exploring, digital detox or partying – figure out how you plan to spend this holiday. Based on how you wish to spend your time, filtering villa options and destinations becomes easier. 

Location and surroundings

An exciting destination, hidden gems to explore, scope for adventure and a gorgeous view are just as important to a perfect holiday as anything else. Your surroundings can make or break your travel mood, so be sure to choose a spot that offers exactly what you’re looking for. 

Amenities and Facilities 

Do you have specific requests? A private pool, hammock, lawn, indoor games, fireplace and/or equipped kitchen – narrow down your preferences and what you choose to do on your holiday, it will be easier to find your ideal holiday home. 


Do you have a stipulated amount you wish to spend on this holiday? Knowing your budget in advance makes it simpler for looking for homestays in that range. Remember, sometimes you might just be pleasantly surprised with the amenities you find within your budget. So, keep your options open.

An ideal holiday is a combination of a great location, comfortably luxurious stay, exciting things to explore around and most importantly, ample scope to destress and relax. If you’re planning a getaway anytime soon, find your perfect holiday home on StayVista, an exciting and comfortable way to make the most of your vacation.

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