Why Should You Choose Villas Over Hotels

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Remember that beautiful countryside condo you spotted on Instagram the other day? Wouldn’t that be an amazing place to spend your holiday? But here you are, sitting at your office desk scrolling through the same old hotel-type listings, wondering what you could do differently this time.  

What you need is a more personalized type of accommodation to spend your holiday. Your stay makes for a major part of the holiday experience, and it is worth every thought and penny. How about a holiday home instead of a hotel, this time?

Holiday homes offer a more authentic and locally-rooted stay experience as opposed to luxury hotels. Come to think of it, all hotels pretty much look the same – same interiors, same amenities, and the same buffet spread. On the other hand, homestays guarantee a different living experience every single time, among a myriad of strikingly distinct choices to choose from. Truth is, luxury villas bring a whole new dimension to your holiday, and here’s how:

Value for money

Let’s face it, holiday homes offer great value for money, especially if you are traveling with a big group. The per-person share adds up to be far cheaper than a hotel stay, as you have the whole place to yourself. Over and above that, with a functional kitchen most times, you can also choose to cook up meals as you please!

Living room in Dubai home with beautiful sofas, TV and view

Tailor-made comfort to suit your mood 

What are you in the mood for?  A super chic cabin in the woods or a mansion in a heritage city? The beauty of choosing a villa to rent over a hotel is that you have the freedom to find an independent house that complements your mood.

Wooden interiors of holiday villa bedroom

Don’t forget the extra amenities 

A luxury hotel is a great place for when you wish to stay in, order room service and watch television all day. Don’t be mistaken, a holiday home can provide all that, plus some very unique amenities that can make your holiday even more memorable. Think private pool, gazebo, jacuzzi, outdoor play area and lawn, functional kitchen, barbecue and bonfire. Need we say more?

Indoor jacuzzi in holiday home

Beat the crowd and enjoy your personal space

Even if you’re lucky to find a hotel with a swimming pool or gym, chances are you’re going to be sharing it with the other guests. And the same goes for any of the other amenities – spa, sauna, games room, library. Why fight for any of that when you can have your own?

Despite the many amenities and facilities that hotels offer, they somehow lack the authenticity that most people are looking for these days. Holiday homes give you the opportunity to experience a destination as you imagined it, along with personal space and excellent amenities.

The good news is that StayVista brings you hundreds of holiday home options across the country – options that suit your specific preferences, budgets and location choices.

A vacation can be comfortable and scenic, but what else is it adding to your overall experience? If you know you’re looking for an all-encompassing holiday experience, then a villa stay is a much better choice for you.

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