Ever experienced living by the waters?

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We are about 60% water. No wonder it is so essential for us, as well as every living being on the planet. Did you know that living near a water body is incredibly good for your health? Scientists have determined that by simply looking at or even listening to moving water, your brain tends to produce dopamine, which is responsible for ‘feeling good’. Which is why many people, that are far from a water body, plug in their earphones to listen to lengthy duration of the sound of the crashing waves, or the flow of streams, or the patter of rain, to help them relax or meditate.

Since it helps calm you down, reducing your stress and anxiety, it helps you sleep better too. Its soothing qualities are undeniable, even if one might not be particularly fond of water. Sure, being surrounded by greenery is beneficial too, but not as much as water. Water itself increases the quality of the air around it, making it fresher, richer, purer.

Truth is, everyone is a ‘water baby’. Life itself began in the ocean, before evolution brought it ashore. As a landbound resident, where do you like living? By the ocean, by the pond? Everyone has preferences. Here’s a bunch of locations that are by the water, with different types of water bodies too. Check them out!

By the Sea

The sea is a harsh mistress, some say, but also the most serene of all. Imagine being kissed by its waves as you walk the sands of Morjim Beach. Ashore by Vista in Goa is as good as it gets.

By the Lake

A body of tranquility that is calmer than the sea, lakes are mystical. Cities like Nainital and Bhimtal are built around lakes themselves. Lake Trails is one such property located by the lake of Bhimtal. If you’re in Nashik, enjoy the lake views offered by Red Tree Vineyard and Casa Lake View as well.

By the Backwaters

Perhaps the most unique water body of them all, Kerala’s backwaters are truly fascinating. The Rain in Alleppey lies on the shores of the emerald green water, with palms trees for company.

By the River

Rivers and their nature of endless flowing have given birth to many poets. The bank, of the Chapora river that flows into the Arabian Sea, is home to Wings on Water near Morjim. Anjee’s Chalet by Vista is another abode from where you can hear the gentle flow of the nearby Karjat river.

By the Lagoon

An embodiment of composure, lagoons are the quietest of all. The Pawna Reservoir, formed by the dam of the same name, is one of the best spots to camp out by. The luxury villas of Pi Infini and Pi Uno overlook the loch and take it to the next level.

Maybe it’s time for you to take a day off or two, or three. You need water and its healing properties. Go with the flow at these places, for staying here is therapeutic, to say the least.

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