How To Travel Safely During A Pandemic

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People have once again been locked down, and needless to say they want to stretch their legs and see something other than their computer screens. However, the recent spike in the number of cases all over the country means that when travelling, extra care needs to be taken. Hence, right now patience is of utmost importance, but who said you cannot plan a holiday or even a quick getaway in the near future? Here are a few things to keep in mind while travelling during the pandemic.

Pick a remote destination and start driving. 

Road trips may be a relatively safe – if not completely safe – way to travel in the current circumstances. This is majorly because you are not sharing your space with strangers as you do on a train journey, bus or flight. You can hit the open road and pick a remote location, as opposed to travelling to the heart of a crowded city. There are several hidden gems around your city that can help you avoid dodging a cohort of people. 

Opt for a location that offers plenty of outdoor space. 

Cooped up at home means outdoors are missed immensely. In the past couple of weeks, we have seen a spike in the number of people searching for holiday destinations that offer outdoor activities, just enough to unwind outdoors, enjoy open space and indulge in leisure activities. While you are trying to stay-in as much as possible even while you are travelling, it would help to opt for homes and spaces with ample outdoor space, that allows you to experience the world outside your room without any hesitations. This would be a good time to pick that lakefront vacation rental, live close to the beach, open your windows to a hillside view or enjoy densely wooded forest trails. 

Vista Rooms offers a myriad of holiday homes that are set across acres of open land with plenty of room to enjoy an outdoorsy vacation. Take your pick and give us a call!

Make note of your local travel regulations. 

In parts of the country, lockdowns have been reimposed, and local regulations have been revised and re-revised. It is best to stay apprised with the safety developments of your city and the neighbourhoods around. Bear in mind that many states/cities require an E-Pass to enter and masks to be worn in public. 

Choose a professionally cleaned and managed holiday home. 

Staycation? Yes, please. We may seem biased, but professionally managed accommodations have become the classic way to travel safely. People are constantly looking for sanitized villas to enjoy a contactless private group stay that gives them access to personalized amenities and the freedom to enjoy as they please. Hygiene and safety has become the utmost priority, which is something one can be assured of at a private accommodation. Take a look at how Vista Rooms is keeping you safe during your stay.

A lot of people have also started choosing Vista villas to host parties, get togethers and celebrate special occasions. It has become the new way organizing intimate gatherings in a safe and secure environment. You can learn more about how Vista Rooms is the best place to plan the perfect occasion, here

When choosing a holiday villa, double check for the following safety precautions.

The idea is to minimize exposure. When you’re searching for a holiday villa for a group stay, look for options that offer access to private amenities. Check the villa policy on disinfection and how they are maintaining hygiene around the villa and among the staff members. Look for essential amenities like a functional kitchen or the availability of home cooked food, so that you can avoid dining out. 

A longer duration of the stay might also be a good option.

While you’re looking for places to go in order to blow off some steam or simply get away from city crowds, it might be a good idea to stay there for a couple of days/weeks. Long Stays are the solution to staying indoors while getting glimpse of the outdoors at the same time. This way, you will be able to stay in a serene, secluded location with all modern amenities and resources, while living luxuriously. It could also be a good way to work-from-home in peace in a perfectly hygienic environment, without compromising your everyday lives.

Check out Vista Rooms Long Stays for some unbelievable deals on weekly and monthly bookings. The villas are at drivable distances with access to luxurious interiors, ample open space, private amenities and your own personal concierge. 

How is Vista going to ensure your safety during your stay?

Vista Rooms conducts regular deep-cleaning & sanitisation drives before and after your stay. All our staff members use the Aarogya Setu app and regular health and temperature check-ups are conducted. All frequent touchpoints are regularly disinfected and upon your arrival, the property is thoroughly sanitised and disinfected to ensure you have a worry-free stay. We’re relentlessly striving to keep our properties safe. Take a look at a detailed update on the steps we’re taking to keep our villas clean, secure and protected.

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