9 Splendid Stays with Stunning Sunsets

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Is it just me or have the sunsets become magnificent of late? Looking at everyone’s Insta posts and stories, seems like it isn’t just me. Sunsets have always been pleasant to look at, but there certainly has been a magical element to them since the past few months. Is it the lockdown that has taught us to notice and appreciate the simple and little things more? It is true that the lockdown has allowed the environment and atmosphere to heal, which means our skies have been breathing easier, thanks to lesser pollution. This means that the sun has always set in a stunning manner, we can just see it more clearly now.

Either way, dusk is a surreal time, when the sky speaks in a thousand colours – and we listen. We witness everything from a wide spectrum of red to blue, and everyday’s sunset feels like a unique one. As the sun kisses the day goodbye, we feel a certain sense of letting go too. As we enter the twilight zone, we tend to leave our problems behind. It may have been a hectic day, but it sure feels like it was a good day, as the sun sinks behind the horizon. Sunsets are for everyone, and it’s something we must stop and stare at every now and then. If you enjoy the sunsets from your home, we are certain you will enjoy it from these villas too!

Sanctum Retreat, Coorg
Call it a sanctum, call it a retreat, it is a stunning sunset spot! Sanctum Retreat is an eco-conscious luxury villa ideal for wildlife lovers since it lies just a few minutes away from the renowned Nagarahole Tiger Reserve and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Brahmagiri ranges and Irpu falls, so it offers more than just sunset views. Even the drive to this villa is lovely – via coffee plantations and the sanctuary.

Sundew & Lake, Nainital
An evening bonfire and barbecue session right after sunset make Sundew & Lake the perfect getaway! Dive right into this tastefully designed holiday villa featuring breathtaking mountain views, a beautiful lakefront location and complete access to leisure amenities for everyone to enjoy, including your furry friends. Enjoy this luxurious space possessing an old-world rustic charm that will instantly make you feel at home.

Jodhpur House, Manali
Picturesquely nestled 1000 meters above the colourful streets of Manali, could you ask for a better sunset spot? Jodhpur House boasts of a vantage point overlooking snow-capped mountains as well as an apple orchard lawn. This luxurious cottage features signature large windows, functional fireplaces and a cozy living room, which is strikingly the best spot of the house!

Bella Aries, Goa
Enjoy the sunset while surrounded by paddy fields at Bella Aries. This villa is a part of a complex of 10 villas, each with its own private pool and a lawn, ideal for a large group. The pool and loungers make a great spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the views. And, when you wish to retire to your rooms, a four-poster bed awaits. Enjoy relaxed comforts and a stress-free time here!

Grande Belleza, Mahabaleshwar
Set amidst the mountains of Panchgani is the beautifully constructed Grande Belleza. Promising mesmerizing sunset views, comfortable furnishing and a spacious setup, this place is an ideal home away from home, fully equipped with a private pool and a private lawn.

Lake Mansion, Lonavala
Lake Mansion looks like it’s right out of an architectural magazine, awaiting your presence to enjoy its spectacular lake views, especially during sunset. Tall windows, modern interiors and plenty of open space are just a few aspects that bring warmth and character to this charming house. Make the most of the outdoor lawn area, gazebo and the massive swimming pool, all of which are facing a picture-perfect view of the hills and lake.

Morning Bliss, Ranikhet
It may be called Morning Bliss, but it’s all about dusk here. Make sure you catch the sun in its inexpressible setting, it is a vision worth capturing! This beautiful home with Himalayan valley views is perfect for your next hill station visit. Located amidst nature’s best kept secrets, an abundance of nature walks and perfect postcard shots are right at your fingertips. The outdoor lawn area is perfect to relax, meditate and do some yoga.

Orchard House, Naggar
Nestled among orchards with a direct view of the gorgeous mountains, you will find yourself juggling time between the snugly living spaces and the beautiful outdoor sit-out at Orchard House. Once here, take some time out to gather around the fireplace or the mountain-facing balcony to catch a whiff of Manali’s dreamy weather, and of course, the sunsets!

Villa Sagat Raaso, Udaipur
Sunset views? Check. Classic Udaipur interiors? Check. Rooftop pool? Check. The open air rooftop overlooks a mesmerizing hill view while the rooms are clean, bright and quiet. Right from the traditional window design to the beautiful Rajasthani decor, everything at Villa Sagat Raaso quintessentially reminds you of heritage-inspired architecture.

Savour in the sunset views from any of these houses – there’s no such thing as a bad sunset.

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