6 Top Attractions & Stays to Explore in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

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Sitting at 1800 meters above sea level, Kasauli is a pleasant little town in Himachal Pradesh. In addition to the good weather, its views of hills and forests make it special. The best part about visiting this hill station is that the drive from Delhi to Kasauli and Shimla to Kasauli is uniquely distinct and almost equidistant. Even as a small, quiet town, there are enough things to do in Kasauli. We’ve listed a handful of the most popular attractions for you:

Monkey Point
This place tops not just every Kasauli list, but also the town itself – the Hanuman Temple there sits right at the top, making Monkey Point Kasauli the highest point of the town. Years ago, Hanuman stepped on this hill, which explains why monkeys keep visiting the place. From here, you can enjoy the views of the plains, the river, the valley and some high peaks too.

Gilbert Trail
The town offers lovely walks in and around itself, and one such trail is Gilbert Trail. It may be a short walk, but it takes you through the best views of the valley. If it’s not enough, you can visit Sunrise Point and Sunset Point in Kasauli too.

Kasauli Brewery
Aged at nearly two centuries, this distillery is the oldest one in Asia, let alone India. The brewery has played an important role in the production of malt whisky, becoming a competitor not only nationally but also globally.

Kasauli Club
Not only is it a classic property to stay at, it is also a must visit. They have a host of facilities available, so you can go there to eat or play some sports too.

The Christ Church is a magnificent structure built in the shape of a cross. Placed amidst chestnut and fir trees, it is a tranquil place. The Kasauli Baptist Church is another heritage church that must be visited.

The Sai Baba Temple may need you to climb a lot of stairs, but it’s worth it, especially for Sai Baba followers. Baba Balak Nath Temple is another popular temple that is also a known pilgrimage site.

If you’re keen on visiting these places, we’re sure that you’re looking for villas in Kasauli already! Below is our list of the best villas for you to return to, after a fun day of exploring.

The Mansion, Kasauli

Surrounded by forests, hills and overlooking breathtaking sunsets, The Mansion’s colonial interiors and exteriors ooze an alluring charm. It is a sprawling property spread across 5 acres, as the name describes, equally magnificent and exuding grandeur no matter where your vantage point.

Misty Mountains Cottage
Located in this quiet town, Misty Mountains Cottage is a fine homestay tucked away in the hills. Its location allows one to have stunning views of the mountains and valleys. The cosy home has a library, pool table, wood-fired oven and board games so you have enough to do indoors in case it’s too cold for you to step out. The fireplace and heaters will make sure you’re nice and warm. The lawn and outdoor sit-out are perfect for a cup of tea or two!

Cecil Cottages
Say hello to the beautiful landscape of this 6BHK Himachali home. Featuring locally-inspired decor and hospitality, you are in for a memorable treat at Cecil Cottages. Located amidst the mighty hills of Barog, one of the best-kept secrets of this region, you will be in the cosy company of the villa’s traditionally prepared signature specialty meals. Gather around the fireplace or bonfire to enjoy a hearty barbecue spread as your windows turn misty and the house becomes a snuggly nook.

Padam Hill
Padam Hill is one of those quaint Victorian buildings that take you back in time to experience the luxurious interiors of the British Raj days. The elegant sloped roofs, beautiful fireplaces and mantelpieces, large airy rooms and high ceilings add to the timeless appeal of this villa, but it has been refurbished to incorporate all modern amenities that make your stay extremely relaxing. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor games to indulge in while you absorb the beauty of the hills, you can choose to dine al-fresco in the cool weather or play around the grounds with our friendly golden retriever! If you want to just find a good getaway from the hectic life of your city, Kasauli provides the ideal environment to soothe your nerves.

Hashtag Kasauli
Escape to the mighty mountains and relax at this secluded holiday villa in Kasauli. During your stay at Hashtag Kasauli, we promise you a comforting experience of all things nice, including a gorgeous view of the hilly landscape, pine trees, and picture-perfect sunsets, together with outdoor bonfire fun and a hearty barbecue spread. Take a moment to soak in this view, after which you can enjoy the enviable Kasauli weather in the company of your furry friends who are more than welcome at this friendly abode.

Shanti Aalayam
Located amidst nature, Shanti Aalayam is a 3BHK villa in Kasauli. Enjoy the scenic views the villa offers, through its French-style windows and balconies. No home in the hills feels like one without being able to rejoice in a bonfire and barbecue. The living room, equipped with a heater, makes for the perfect spot for family time, where you can bond over games like carrom, chess, cards and Ludo. Make sure you enjoy Kasauli while you’re here!

Make sure you check out the room listings for the properties above, in case you’re looking to travel in smaller groups. Kasauli offers something for everyone, which is why it’s great for families, couples, and even solo travellers.

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