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Fast-paced, too many people and constant honking are just some words that are synonymous with Mumbai. However, Mumbai is still loved by all or, well, almost all. Mumbai has been called the city of dreams, the city of lights and so much more, and justifiably so, it really does provide so much to the people of Mumbai and outside as well. Sure, it has its flaws, but which city doesn’t? Or you may be you can just call me biased, being a Mumbaikar myself. But, I can vouch that even the biggest fan of this mayanagri can get a little overwhelmed by the sheer pace of this city. The tolling hours spent in unmoving traffic, to the dhakas in the locals, Mumbai can get too much sometimes. I mean, all of us need a break from something that we love, just to get back to it even stronger, right? 

Mumbaikars would agree with me when I say, squeezing out time for short getaway is almost next to impossible. And that is not only limited to Mumbai, but everywhere. More so, if you are planning to gather more than 5 people to match that one single date. The amount of back and forth can be taxing and exhausting. Hence, when planning a trip with family or friends, it is necessary to ensure that you choose a place that is far enough from the city, but quick enough to reach so as to ensure restricted travelling time. Fortunately, there are more than a dozen places, in the vicinity of Mumbai, that make for great getaway one-night, two-day destinations. Regardless of if you are from Mumbai or not, I can assure you, these places will be a sheer treat for everyone.


Lonavala is literally the most popular and most visited destination in Maharashtra. It is a mere hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A quaint hill station, it takes about 2 hours to reach, ideal for when there are time constraints. More often than not, people opt to leave for Lonavala early in the morning and return by late evening. An ideal one day trip if you ask me! Featuring beautiful forts, the famous Tiger’s Leap and home to some of the best fudges, this little town has a lot to offer. Hints of city life are being seen, however, it still hasn’t lost its hill-station charm, so visit it soon if you haven’t already!

Places to stay

The perfect way to spend time here would be booking a private property, so as to enjoy the peace and calm of this destination, without outside interruptions. Villas in Lonavala are relatively inexpensive and there are several options that you will be spoilt for choice. Here are two suggestions, across price points, for when you go next time. 

Cascades Villa

Views, views and more views is the apt way to describe this enchanting villa. With 3 bedrooms, all with attached balconies, and french glass windows, the mornings are a sunshine galore. If you aren’t a morning person, trust me, you don’t want to miss this view. A perfect spot for breakfast in bed, this villa is just an amazing stay. What’s more? There is also a private pool for when you are tired of admiring the scenery.

Aurus Grande

A sprawling property with a private lawn and a pool, this is ideal for larger groups. Stay in and set up a picnic, make the most of the huge lawn. Step out and visit the aforementioned destinations and come home to unwind. Get a massage done or simply relax in the pool, the choices are limitless!


If you are an adventure sports junkie and your definition of unwinding is winding up your body even more, Karjat is just the place for you. A one-stop shop for all things trekking and waterfall climbing, Karjat is one the most visited places by Mumbaikars when it comes to adventure sports. You can either drive down to Karjat, which is approximately 1.5 hours away, or if you are an all-out adventure junkie, hop onto the Karjat local for an experience like no other, but at your own risk! Trust me, I am not exaggerating, Karjat locals are only for the strong-hearted. You have been warned. Jokes apart, Karjat is beautiful and the best time to visit would be in monsoons or winter. Indulge in some river rafting in Ulhas River and explore the Kondona caves.

Places to stay 

After a day of trekking, hiking, rock-climbing, having a delicious classic vada-pav and everything else in between, you can come back to these amazing villas in Karjat for a night filled with laughter, memories and sleep. Here are two suggestions for your next visit to Karjat. 

Vista Sadh Villa

If you are an extrovert and have too many friends, then this villa is just for your large group. A sprawling property with 7 bedrooms, it is perfect for coming back and relaxing. With a private pool, a terrace and a luscious lawn, you can soak in the amazing view of the hills and mountains while here and indulge in all your extravagant fantasies when you head to this castle-like villa.

Anjee’s Chalet

For a smaller group but with equally amazing amenities, this 3 bedroom property is just what you need to stay in and relax or for when you are back from a long day of activities. Perfect for meditation amidst the mountains!


Beaches are the epitome of a vacation, even if it’s a day. Sure, Mumbai has beaches, but if you have the time, why not actually visit the city of beaches? Alibaug, the coastal town of Maharashtra, is home to some of the beautiful beaches of Maharashtra. 4 hours away by road, but just 1.5 hours by a jetty, there are several ways to commute to Alibaug. I would recommend the latter. While at Alibaug, explore the various forts near Alibaug if you wish to, like the Kolaba fort and the Khanderi fort. Or Just sit back, relax, put your sunglasses on and soak in the sun and the waves. 

Places to stay

You could be a beach person or a mountain person, regardless, you would still want a place to stay if you are here. Villas in Alibaug are available in abundance, each catering to different needs. Here are two suggestions for you for when you are planning your next trip to Alibaug.

Gypsies Hideout

An eccentric but beautiful 3 bedroom villa, this property has a private terrace that overlooks the breath-taking sunset, a balcony with a swing, a swimming pool that will help you relax and a beach mere minutes away? What more could anyone want! This is the definition of a relaxing, one-day getaway. 

Jay House

Ideal for large groups, this huge, contemporary 4 bedroom property is just what you need to de-stress from the citylife. Keep your phone away, jump in the pool, enjoy the mornings amidst trees and greenery and end your perfect day with some indoor games and cards.

These are only some of the many places you can head to for a one-day away from the city. So, are you planning your next trip yet?

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