Your Guide to Choosing the Ideal Luxury Villa

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Holidays, vacations, getaways, by definition, are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. And I think I speak for everyone when I say, all of us need some of that, now more than ever. You could love your job or look forward to your assignments, but at some point, a break is a necessity. While right now we are trudging through the days, waiting for everything to go back to normal, whatever that means, who said we can’t plan for future holidays? And maybe even get some taste of the holiday spirit!

When on a holiday, all of us look for specific things that we want, that would make your stay even more memorable. With the growing increase in choice and a wide array of services being offered, gradually people are opting for luxurious villa stays. Luxury villas have carved a niche for itself, offering some of the most spacious and stunning properties. Not only that, but also, guests are filtering out the minutest details they wish for.

But what is luxury? By definition, luxury means top of the line. However, when it comes to choosing a private villa, it could mean a range of things and is absolutely subjective. It all boils down to what you are looking for. As Lucifer would say, ‘What do you really desire?’ Maybe, fine aesthetics and impeccable interiors, prime quality services, maybe even a specific view?

Luxury is an amalgamation of all the tiny elements binding and working together to create a perfect stay for you. Your comfort is the prime desire, and justifiably so! When opting for a luxury villa, you are not only renting out a villa, but investing towards a memorable stay. Afterall, a bad stay will leave you with an overall bad experience and that is definitely not the goal of a holiday.

Choosing the right luxury villa, more often than not, involves choosing a stay that specifically caters to your precise needs. It is called luxury for a reason. For your ultimate and a beautiful luxurious stay, here are a few inside tips to keep in mind while renting a villa.

Size and Budget

First, let’s get rid of the mundane stuff. While choosing any kind of homestay, first things first, you have to decide your budget. There are several approaches that you can adopt here. Either, set a target on a per night basis, or decide the amount you want to spend as a whole. Once that is locked, get on to looking at the size of the villa you are looking for. This will highly depend on the amount of people and the number of rooms you wish to have. Some villas can accommodate 8 people, for example, but would only have 3 bedrooms. Hence, this decision is crucial.

Does Jay House, a sprawling property in Alibaug, interest you?


Regardless of who you are, there is always a certain ambience that is sought. Do you want to relax or do you want to dance away till morning? Do you wish for a calm and serene atmosphere, or do you want to know where the party’s at? It can be either or maybe both! Maybe, relaxing and unwinding in the company of your favourite books, disconnected from the world gives you the tingles, or turning it up is your jam. The ambience you want plays a role in getting the exact luxury villa that you desire, i.e. either close to the city or far away amidst the sea, the forest or the woods. You name it, we have it.

Tucked away in the corner, Shvetanjali, makes for an ideal stay for all the nature-lovers!


Now that you have narrowed down the kind of ambience and atmosphere you want, the next step is choosing a location. The abundance of choice is not only limited to villas but also locations. Luxury villas are now available everywhere! Throw away your shoes, and let your bare feet touch the sand in a beach-facing holiday home-like, Ashore by Vista, ideal for unwinding away from the world. Admire the sunset at a hillside villa, in the company of a fresh breeze and disconnect from the chaos at Daafi House. Or choose to stay at a bustling property, mere minutes away from the market, perfect for the adventure seekers. The choices are, literally, endless. You just have to ask!

A beach facing holiday just couldn’t get any better!


Once, you have decided on a location, or two, start looking for properties in that area. I think interiors are one of the most important things to check off this checklist. Afterall, a luxury villa rental is your home away from home, maybe just a smidge fancier. So you can go all out while deciding what you want. It could be modern interiors in the classic hues of blues and whites. Or some others could want rustic interiors in the shades of browns, nudes and other neutrals like at Chalet Windflower. Or it could simply boil to having interiors that are bohemian, eclectic, and eccentric, maybe something like Casa De Xanti. Define exactly what you like, and you are sure to find a stay that caters exactly to you.

Beautiful interiors of Chalet Windflower

Indoors or outdoors?

The kind of luxury stay you choose also highly depends upon if you want to stay inside closed doors and spend time sleeping-in and making the most of the pool and jacuzzi, or do you want to spend time exploring the destination and indulging in all the touristy attractions, making a detailed itinerary, ensuring you visit every nook and corner of the place.

Enjoying the jacuzzi amidst the beautiful vistas or stepping out?

Bring on the special requests

A luxury villa is a luxury, because it can cater to your specific needs. It is made to ensure your utmost comfort, hence, you can list any amount of custom requests and filters. Want a pool or a hill-view like at Debrung or both? Or maybe a huge entertainment room to spend time with your family and friends? Or do you want delicious gourmet meals? Done, done and done. 

The amazing views of the hills from the terrace of Debrung

Your time away has to be memorable, enjoyable and most of all comfortable, hence categorising your specific needs is absolutely necessary! With luxury villas, if you do not absolutely love it, it is not the one. Hence go on, customise your filters, get down to the smallest details, and most of all, enjoy your luxury holiday home!

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