Spend Your Holiday With Your Furry-Friends in These Pet-friendly Villas!

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If you are a pet-owner and are planning a getaway, the location, the stay and other quintessential things in between are secondary. You know that the first thing you need to do is make appropriate arrangements for your furry friend. Afterall, they cannot stay alone while you are gone for a trip. Hence, in most cases a dog-sitter is appointed or you drop off your pet at home for a few days. And as difficult as it must be to leave your little friend behind, most often, there are no other options, because of the negligible amount of stays being pet-friendly.

Vacations with pets are not uncommon, though definitely rare. Primarily, that is because of the sheer lack of options. Every destination chosen would definitely have a plethora of stays to offer, however, these said stays would seldom be pet-friendly. Well, to your luck, we just have the solution for you. We, at Vista, are more than happy to host your pets, along with you. Afterall, they are your family! Just as much as you, your pets deserve a break and a change of scenery too. Moreover, you would not have to go through the hassle of finding someone reliable to look after your pet while you are away. Bring them along, spend some time away with them, arrange for specific activities with them.

However, before embarking on a holiday with your companion, it is imperative that the pets are well-trained. Very often, a new environment can be very agitating for them. Make sure you carry small reminders that could comfort them. Their toys, their blankets if they have any, or anything else that might help them in case of any distress.

That being said, here are a few things you can do while you are away with your friend at our pet-friendly villas!

Classic game of fetch

Mumbai is the city of dreams, but it definitely isn’t a city with a lot of space. Congested roads, ample traffic, and not many green spaces are synonymous to this city. While Mumbai is adored by many, its lack of space means there isn’t much room for your pets to run and loiter freely. But they will, at these beautiful villas, just at drivable distances from Mumbai. Set them free, let them run around, soak in nature at its best while away.

  1. Anjee’s Chalet, Karjat – A short drive from the city, Anjee’s Chalet is a quaint, cosy holiday home with ample amenities. This wooden house features 3 airy bedrooms, al fresco dining, beautiful views of the mountains and of course, a sprawling lawn ideal for your pets to run about in. Carry a frisbee or a ball and engage them in a game of catch, while you soak in the beautiful views! 
The lush lawn of Anjee’s Chalet
  1. Lake Mansion, Lonavala – A stunning, scenic villa, Lake Mansion, offers gorgeous, uninterrupted views of the lake. Tucked away amidst lush greenery, this holiday home features a plethora of amenities to not only keep you occupied, but also keep your furry friend entertained! Featuring a massive swimming pool, 5 spacious bedrooms, ample common areas and a garden, this home is ideal for all!
The sprawling exteriors of Lake Mansion

Enjoy a beach day out

More often than not, pets love the beach! The picturesque sun, the golden sand, the constant humming of the waves just have an inexplicable charm on everyone, it seems. Beaches are the definition of a relaxed holiday. Hence, what a better way to spend your getaway, than on a beach? Pack your bags, and head over to the coastal city of India, Goa along with your furry friend. Let them sprawl at the beach, soak in the sun and play in water! Though, always ensure they have life jackets on, cause not everyone can swim. Have a look at these villas, not very far from the beach, ideal for you to go out and relax.

  1. Backwater Villa, Britona – Backwater Villa is a cosy home located in Britona, North Goa. A beautiful villa with 3 bedrooms, comfortable modern interiors and a terrace pool, this home is ideal for unwinding. It’s proximity to various beaches makes it perfect for a vacation with your pet! During the day, spend your day at the famous scenic Goan beaches and spend the evenings by the pool while your pet takes a nap. 
The pool overlooking the surrounding scenery
  1. Vista Willow, Bardez – A sprawling villa located in the heart of Goa, Vista Willow has a lot to offer. Ideal for a large group, this villa features 7 spacious bedrooms, a beautiful blend of Goan-portugese decor and a private swimming pool. What’s more? It is located just minutes away from the beach! Let your furry friend play by the water, while you soak in the picture-perfect sunset.
The facade of Vista Willow

Soak in nature, explore various hikes and trails 

On your next vacation, let your pet accompany you while exploring the neighbourhood. Take them along on hikes, trails and more and let them be one with nature. Afterall, it is always good to have a companion along with you when exploring new places. Make sure you opt for early morning hikes or late evening walks, so nobody gets too hot. Here are a few villas up north, to spend your time away with your pets.

  1. The Winter Line, Kasauli – A picturesque property, located amidst beautiful views and overlooking the sunset, it features 3 cosy bedrooms. The blend of modern and vintage interiors, this holiday home is located at a close proximity of nature treks and trails. Start your mornings with a short hike up the mountain and spend the rest of the day exploring the stunning Kasauli. 
The Winter Line is a quaint cottage
  1. Wood House Retreat, Shimla – The rustic interiors, ample common areas, and the scenic location of this cosy holiday home make it a must-visit! Start your day with a piping hot cup of hot cocoa, with your pet right by your side, while you soak in the gorgeous views. Explore the narrow bylanes of this quaint city with your companion by your side, an ideal holiday in my opinion! 
Scenic location of the Wood House Retreat

Your pets deserve a break just as much as you. So what are you waiting for? I think you have things to pack and a trip to plan!

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