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And here we go again. The second wave of the omnipresent virus has created unending havoc, and our lives have come to a standstill yet again. To be honest, at this point, a virus-free day seems to be a pretty distant possibility, I mean to think that we used to hang around without masks all the time? Phew, bizarre! Jokes apart, as frustrating as it is, to deal with the second consecutive year in the presence of the much-talked-about virus, it is much more important, especially right now, to stay safe and be constantly up to date with the ever-changing guidelines. 

Due to the massively increasing spurt in the number of cases every day, it is advised that everyone stays in as much as possible. Though if you don’t want to be cooped yet again in a forlorn corner of your house, might I suggest staying in and staying safe in our villas? With remotely working on its way to becoming a norm again, along with a change of scenery, you can also effortlessly shift your base to one of our holiday homes, and make it your home. Be it for the weekend, or a week or even more than that, our homes are open to you at all times! 

Our homes are regularly sanitized and disinfected according to the WHO Safety Guidelines. We aim to keep our homes safe for our guests as well as staff members. Sanitisers are present throughout the properties, and gloves and masks are a must. Every home is deep-cleaned before and after check-in and a check-out, along with ensuring all frequented touchpoints are regularly sanitized at the property. 

Safety is our primary concern, and we are constantly working towards ensuring a hygienic and safe stay for you. So, while you work by the pool, relax under the sun or lounge in the room, we will make sure your home is thoroughly sanitized. No more waiting and absolutely secure stay awaits you! 

Ayurkutir Villa, Lonavala

Ayurkutir Villa is ideal for staying-in, because of the sheer amount of amenities it is equipped with that you wouldn’t have the need to step out at all! Located only a few hours away from Mumbai, in Lonavala, this is massive and features 9 luxe bedrooms. Conduct all your important meetings in the multi-activity room that is equipped with a projector and speakers, and unwind during the evenings in the spa rooms or jacuzzi. If you exercise regularly, the gym in the property is ideal for you. Lounge by the pool and relish traditional meals, this home will truly spoil you for choice!

Open House, Pune

Pune is a city that is always buzzing while comparatively quieter to get away for a little bit. Hence, heading to Pune for just a little while may not be a bad idea at all. It is close to Mumbai for you to commute easily and far away for you to maybe sneak a swim in between work. Getaway, set up your workstation at this modern, contemporary home, Open House. Featuring 3 bedrooms, each with adequate amenities, this home is equipped with a balcony and a lawn. Start your mornings amidst the bright, uninterrupted rays of the sun, and take a stroll by the river after a tiring day of work. With the perfect balance of work and play, this sprawling property is absolutely stunning.

Hampton’s Charm, Alibaug

Located in the coastal town of Maharashtra, Alibaug, Hampton’s Charm is a luxe home only a few hours away. Featuring 4 spacious bedrooms, the white-washed facade effortlessly complements the subdued, cosy interiors. The scattered cosy books throughout the home are ideal for while staying in with your loved ones at this villa. The 2 expansive living rooms are ideal for a night of catching up, while the pool deck and bar area perfect for simply lazing around. A gorgeous property indeed, this home is everything eclectic and comfortable.

Solace By The Sea, Goa

Goa seems to be everyone’s one-stop destination right now. Well, here’s a villa suggestion for you; step into the world of peace and solitude while at Solace by the Sea. A beautiful property located in Anjuna, in the buzzing North Goa, it definitely has a lot to offer. Featuring classic, vibrant Goan interiors, this home has 3 bedrooms ideal for a small group of people. Equipped with a pool, al fresco dining and more, while here, soak in Goa in all its glory.

Paris Villa, Kasauli

If you wish to head somewhere further up north, Kasauli is the ideal destination and a halt at Paris villa is ideal! A beautiful, sprawling property surrounded by Cedar and Deodar trees, this home features 3 spacious bedrooms. The unique facade and the rustic, french interiors certainly set this home apart. Disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature, admire the mountain peaks from the decks, lounge in the lawn amidst the gentle breeze and end your day with a simple, authentic meal made by the in-house chef. An experience like no other, staying in at Paris Villa would be an experience like no other!

While these unprecedented times bring uncertainty and zero clarity in abundance, Vista is right by your side. Live, work and play in our safe, hygienic and sanitized villas while the battle with the virus continues.

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