Relaxing Getaway Places to Explore Around Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru

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It is another day, the pandemic continues to rage, work from home is slowly inching towards becoming work from bed, and virtual calls still remain a norm. Essentially, nothing has changed. And a change of scenery is desperately needed. While that may not be possible as of this particular instant, one can only be hopeful about the future. With the vaccination drive being carried out throughout the country, the travel scenario seems to be gravitating towards the more optimistic side. However, it is still important to adhere to the guidelines. With restrictions and lockdowns still in place, it is of utmost importance to keep up with the rules and regulations when planning to go out.

Once things open, it wouldn’t be advisable to take a huge plunge, but rather a small dive and visit places in and around your city – get a whiff of something other than the usual. When things gradually open up, needless to say, travel would also have to be equally cautious and planned. Trips may be limited to a few hill-stations, the outskirts and small tucked-away towns in and around the city. 

Road trips are fun, limitless and enchanting. So turn on your engine, make as many stops as you want and blast your favourite tunes. Have a look at these places you can visit that are a short drive away from home, but are far enough to give you the break you need from the unending loop of everyday life.


“Beach or Mountains?’ is the most common conversation starter, but what if we said you could choose both? The bustling city of Mumbai is in a constant race against time, but it also offers some of the most tranquil destinations to unwind in that are only a short drive away. Offering the best of both worlds, regardless of if you are a beach person or a mountain person, Mumbai’s vicinity effortlessly caters to both categories. 

If you are looking for fresh breeze, beautiful views amidst the hills and ample greenery, it’s a no-brainer that your next visit should be in Lonavala or Pune. Just a few hours’ drive from the city itself, these hill stations offer you all the 3 aforementioned features. Featuring sprawling properties like Villa 107 or Open House, they guarantee utmost privacy and with amenities that wouldn’t want you to leave the house. In the case of all wine lovers, Nashik would be the ideal option, given it being a host to several vineyards. 

Relish a breakfast with a view

If you are looking to bask in the sun and saunter on the beach, then the coastal of Maharashtra, Alibaug is perfect! A 4-hour drive by road, or a 1-hour trip by the ferry, Alibaug hosts some of the cleanest beaches while being a few hours away from Mumbai. Moreover, villas with top-of-the-line amenities, private pools and lawns are a norm here. And of course, drive for a little longer, say 10 hours, and you will land in Goa, the city of beaches. The coastal state of India, as its name suggests, evidently hosts some of the most incredible beaches in India. Goa and beach-lover is a love story as old as time.

Soak in the beautiful views by the sea


Landscaped gardens, parks with stoned walkways, skies splashed with beautiful colours are synonymous with Bengaluru. But if you are looking to step away from your busy schedule, constant honking and the unending traffic, Bangalore’s proximity has several road-trip worthy destinations. 

For all the history buffs, Mysore is an ideal spot. Known for its rich history, iconic heritage structures and tourist attractions, Mysore is an entertainment galore. Relish authentic food, soak in the grand and enchanting Mysore Palace, offering a peek into the yesteryears, and visit the Mysore Zoo and enjoy a royal stay at beautiful villas.

Revel at the majestic Mysore Palace

If on the lookout for a cosy getaway amidst stunning views and snuggly weather, Coorg is just a 5-hour drive away from the city. Disconnect from chaotic city life and embrace the splendid mountainscapes while in Coorg.  A coffee lover’s paradise, this gorgeous hill station is also home to even more incredible stays offering modern amenities.

Be one with nature while at Coorg

New Delhi

The land of golgappas, delectable chole-kulches and the iconic Taj Mahal is hardly a secret. The capital of India houses several iconic historic buildings and monuments that hold immense importance. What’s more? It also offers picturesque and serene getaway spots not that far away from the city. 

The technological and social hub, Manesar and Gurgaon, lie just an hour away from the city. This booming town offers all three – ample entertainment spaces, an array of cuisines and new-age infrastructure. While here, stay will not be an issue as it hosts beautiful properties, some even echoing a rich history.

Enjoy a peaceful stay at Khohar Haveli, Gurgaon

Head further up North, and you will land in Chandigarh, or often referred to as the city beautiful. One of the most well-planned cities, Chandigarh serves as an ideal escape from the city life woes. Home to sprawling bungalows and villas on rent, it makes for an amazing getaway destination for a few days. 

Embrace the beauty of Chandigarh

So, plan your perfect short getaway around your city and enjoy a stay in our villas. We ensure the safety of our guests by assuring them a completely sanitized villa upon check-in. During long-term stays, the house is thoroughly disinfected, including all frequent touchpoints, linens are changed and glassware and crockery are minutely cleaned. The swimming pool is regularly filtered with chlorine treatment as well. If you have any questions with respect to our safety practices at Vista villas, you can reach out to our team directly and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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