Villas for Seniors: How to Make Your Villa Elderly-Friendly

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Planning a vacation is hard, planning one with elderly guests is even harder. Most people face the common challenge of not being able to find a holiday home that addresses the needs of the elder members of the family. And let’s face it, a vacation without them can really dull the overall excitement of a trip. As a result, we end up cancelling trips or leaving them behind because there aren’t too many rentals that are senior-citizen friendly.

Until there is! 

Only a few minor changes can make a world of a difference to guests when they are booking to travel with their families. Read on for 5 easy ways to upgrade your holiday home with elderly-friendly offerings that welcome our evergreen guests!

And then there was light

Lighting is everything. They can help create ambiences, when done right, good lighting can make even the ordinary seem ethereal. Magnificent plays of contrast, soft glows and dancing shadows all too often become the focus of lighting solutions in vacation decors. While they top marks in terms of aesthetics, they fall short in function. 

With old age comes weakened eyesight, and in order to accommodate them it is best to keep this in mind. Simple solutions such as adequate ambient light in frequently used rooms like the living area and entrance, and direct lighting in bathrooms and bedrooms go a long way in ensuring they have a pleasurable stay.

Allow-in ample light

To sit or not to sit

Bar stools, bean bags and futons may be aesthetically cool but are perhaps not the most ideal for those with stiffer backs. Including a variety of furniture in and around the house is an easy remedy to the issue. Older guests and their families will surely welcome sets of furniture that addresses their individual needs. Chairs with cushioned seats, sofas with good back and thigh support, recliners as well as armrests are some features that will make your choice of furniture much more well rounded. An even height, not too low nor too high will also go a long way in ensuring ease of use.

Off the floor

Falls are always scary, all the more so when the hair is graying and the bones are weak. Fortunately, they are easily avoidable. First and foremost, if you must have rugs or carpets, ensure they are non-slip. This prevents them from moving around or bunching up together, reducing chances of any untimely reunions with the floor. It is better to not have them at all for guests in wheelchairs or walkers. Textured flooring in bathrooms goes a long way as well, lowering the chances of an accident even in the case of wet floors.

One for all

Accessibility is key. Starting at the entrance, having functions such as ramps, handrails as well as covered entrances makes it significantly easier to enter a property. Hand rails or stair lifts make traversal between floors much easier, offering a sense of independence to the elderly guests. Motion lights in bathrooms as well as hallways will also aid the elderly make those midnight nature trips with ease. Seats or shower benches in the bathroom too will go over very well with your elderly guests.

Inner Beauty

Perhaps more than any other guest, your evergreen visitors will be spending the most amount of time within your property. Ensuring their comfort will go a long way in making the entire stay a pleasurable one for your guests. Simple inclusions such as a ground floor bedroom, easy to use utilities and plenty of rest areas with good views will help promote their maximum enjoyment. 

Ensure comfort for the guests

With these easy to implement tips, make your Vista holiday welcoming to senior guests and holiday lovers!

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