5 Best Rental Villas To Experience The Best Of Monsoon Season

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The blossoming of flowers, lush greenery, gentle humming of raindrops, the squelching of mud, the fresh petrichor is synonymous with Monsoons. June ushering in indicates a gradual shift in seasons. From hot and humid, to more pleasant and cool times; from cold lemonade to piping hot cups of chai, from the scorching sun to misty breeze passing by. Monsoons are idyllic but dirty, soothing but slippery, beautiful but also sometimes uncomfortable, but above all, the rains are unmatchable. 

Monsoons mean everyone emerges out of their cocoons, ready and geared up to explore and experience this season at its best. While some venture out and embark on treks, dance in the showers, others stay indoors, soaking in the splendid rainbows, relishing lip-smacking pakodes with a side of chai. Whether you decide to stay in or out, here are a few quaint holiday homes that overlook gorgeous landscapes and offer ample outdoor space for you to make the most of these months!

Mantra, Lonavala

Exquisite beauty, beautiful horizons and sunsets are just a few words to describe Monsoons in Maharashtra, and Lonavala is no exception. If you are a Mumbaikar, and you don’t visit Lonavala during the rainy season, are you really a Mumbaikar? It is almost customary! Visiting the scenic hill station a few hours away from the city, amidst the twisted ghats, and beautiful mountainscapes, Lonavala is a perfect escape. 

Hosting sprawling homes and villas on rent, Lonavala is home to some of the best that Vista has. But a must-visit during the monsoons would be Mantra. Layered lawns, picturesque views, a massive swimming pool and an outdoor jacuzzi are only a few of the many features of this sprawling villa. Echoing a vintage allure, the home’s Siberian wooden facade adds a rustic charm that serves as a perfect backdrop for the monsoon!

Villa Cobblestone, Nashik

Another stunning location, at a drivable distance from Mumbai, lies Nashik. Nestled amidst mountains and engulfed by ghats, this scenic hill station is no short of a delight. Brimming with distinct experiences, and home to stretches of undisturbed stretches of nature and land, monsoons in Nashik are blissful. 

Home to even more remarkable homes, Villa Cobblestone with its outstanding amenities faultlessly fits the bill. The sprawling exteriors and vibrant outdoor spaces embellished with eclectic and vintage furnishings make it comfortable and cosy. A balance of antique and modern, luxe but minimal, this holiday home is perfect! Make the most of the sprawling exteriors ideal for a picnic, embrace the misty breeze and enjoy a getaway with your loved ones!

Volendam Acres, Igatpuri

Just before Nashik, Igatpuri is another destination that proves as an ideal monsoon getaway. Emanating a small-town vibe in its purest form, Igatpuri is approximately a 3-hour drive from Mumbai. Overlooking plunging valleys, gurgling waterfalls and housing the highest peak in the state of Maharashtra, evidently, Igatpuri has a lot to offer, including Volendam Acres. 

Volendam Acres is a sprawling farm stay offering an authentic farm stay experience. With spacious, rustically furnished interiors, and exteriors including an amphitheatre, a swimming pool, turf and box cricket and a terrace offering panoramic views of the mountains, this home is entertainment galore with ample common areas to spend time away with your loved ones.

Villa Amarillo, Alibaug

Contrary to popular belief, the coastal town of Maharashtra makes for a beautiful destination during monsoons. A 4-hour drive from Mumbai, or an hour away by the ferry, Alibaug is on its way to becoming one of the visited destinations around Maharashtra. Housing pristine beaches, serene views and luxe villas on rent, Alibaug is a treat to the eyes. 

Nestled in nooks and tucked away in corners, Alibaug hosts some of the most beautiful holiday homes, and Villa Amarillo makes for an ideal monsoon vacation stay. Spread across a sprawling 2.25 acres, and surrounded by over 300 trees that bloom every monsoon, this home is an escapist’s paradise. A tribute to the Japanese practice, Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing, it is ideal for being one with nature. With offerings like an 8-shaped walking path, a bridge passing along a tiny stream, antique mirrors and thoughtfully curated and selected furnishings, this home is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Aldeamar, North Goa

Monsoons in Goa are as beautiful as ever! While many believe visiting Goa in the rainy season is a rather risky bet, I say that risk is worth taking! Scantily crowded beaches, skies splashed with beautiful hues and springing nightlife, Goa is just as worthy during monsoons. And if you are looking for beach shacks, delectable local food, then North Goa is where the party’s at! 

Hosting a selection of holiday homes, Aldeamar is one of the many that North Goa has to offer. Featuring high ceilings, sprawling spaces adorned with rustic paintings, furnishings in the hues of whites, and browns, this home echoes an ideal Goan charm. With a private swimming pool and a plethora of amenities, you are sure to have a gala time while here!

Villa Istoria, South Goa

South Goa hosts relaxed getaways that involve staying in, visiting beaches and just unwinding around nature. No bustling nightclubs, and away from the cacophony of North Goa, South Goa is a whole another experience altogether. And if you are looking to soak in the drumming of waves, sipping on your sangria, and listening to your favourite tunes in the rain, South Goa is absolutely perfect for you. 

Villa Istoria lies in Verem, in South Goa. Featuring an effortless blend of modern comforts and vintage decor, this holiday home is ideal for a laid-back getaway. Almost two centuries old, the antique furnishings echo a rich history. While here, soak in the amazing views, relax by the pool and all in all take home a memorable experience!

Monsoons are beautiful, with blossoming trees, vibrant flowers accompanied with an aromatic earthy fragrance. And you deserve a getaway in such a picturesque season! So, book your holiday and get away this monsoon.

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