5 Tips on How to Decide The Design & Decor of Your Holiday Home

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As vacation homes rentals become ever-popular, with an increasing number of holidaymakers looking for luxurious, private accommodations, many homeowners have started looking for refreshing interior design ideas and are heading towards home improvement to upgrade their secondary homes into the perfect holiday home for tasteful guests. 

Hosting guests can be one of the most rewarding pursuits as a homeowner, however, there is much to consider. Right from the ceiling design and wallpaper, to kitchenware and bedroom interior design, there is a lot to choose from.

Read on to know more about how to choose the theme of your holiday home interior decorating ideas and have your guests return year after year. 

Purpose in Space

Think of your home as a canvas, capable of hosting a myriad of memories. What does your house reflect? Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. A larger home is suitable for families or a bigger gathering. On the other hand, a smaller home would be ideal for individuals or couples. In either case, think of the sort of facilities and luxuries that they would require. Finding home decoration ideas around the type of guests you’d like to attract can go a long way in ensuring a seamless experience for both you as well as your guests. 

Subtle Style

Colour is crucial. It can instantly set a tone, and if applied incorrectly, can have a negative effect. While you may like bright yellow and polka dots, it is not necessary that your guest will share the same tastes. While your home should most definitely reflect your personality, it’s best to play it safe so as to appeal to a wider variety of palates. Warm and calm, choose soothing familiar colours like creams, beiges and stone. Use furniture and accessories like curtains to add splashes of colour throughout the interior. Once you’ve chosen a theme for your house design idea, stick with it so as to have uniformity throughout your holiday home.

Opt for interiors in soothing tones

Keep it Clean

A simple effort, but oh so important. There’s perhaps nothing worse than checking into a home after a long trip only to find the property in disarray, forced to clean someone else’s mess. First impressions are important. Keep your property spick and span every time. A little investment of your energy and money to ensure your home always feels brand new and sparkling will ensure you see it’s return in happy smiles and returning guests.

Live like a Local

Whenever you visit a new home for the first time, there is always a sort of nervous anxiety of expectations. As a host, you can consistently quickly turn this into nervous excitement. Familiarity ensures easy relaxation. When purchasing appliances for your holiday rental, ensure that they are easy to use. Be it coffee makers, a jacuzzi, or a lighting system, no one wants to spend half an hour trying to figure out how to get it to work. Thoughtful notes, such as a list of nearby restaurants, first aid and emergency, grocery stores, and nearby attractions placed on a coffee table will go a long way in making your guest feel well taken care of.

Little Comforts

Your house can be equipped with all the luxuries imaginable, stocked with the most sought after products. However at the end of the day, what matters most is the memories made while at your holiday home. Play the cupid, and leave thoughtful touches to help your guests make those memories. If you have great scenery and space to entertain outside, leave a basket of blankets near the entrance, to subtly encourage them to spend time outside even when the weather is cooler, or have a picnic. If your holiday home features an open fire, whether indoors or outdoors, leave it well stocked and ready to go. It is a temptation few can resist. These small moments create the best memories, ones that last a lifetime. 

Leave behind a basket of blankets for your guests

With these small, easy to implement tips, you are sure to transform your second property into a dream holiday rental, one that will have guests returning year after year.

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