Guide To Hosting A Memorable Get-Together This Holiday Season

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It is November 2021, and our calendars have already braced themselves to welcome yet another holiday season.  ‘Winter is coming’ and so is your chance to host the exquisite jamboree your friends and family will rave about; for celebrations to come. While playing guest at a friend’s party can be amusing, hosting a get-together at your private villa is truly an unparalleled experience. Contrary to popular misbelief, planning a party is not as overwhelming as it seems. With systematic organisation and our ultimate guide to holiday hosting, we can assure you that it is nothing more than a piece of cake you shall serve at your get-together.

1. List your heart out:

Rudimentary as it seems, this is one of the most fundamental steps many successful event managers swear by, for hassle-free execution. From basic essentials like cutlery to luxury accessories like scented candles, listicles are magic tools that aid last-minute preparations. It also helps you in categorizing different avenues to be supervised and facilitates easy delegation of tasks.

Get-together lists

2. Plan a theme:

From your family’s smallest achievement to the greatest milestones, we can never fall short of excuses to throw an elaborate get-together. Associating your party with a theme, taking the guests into consideration can hike up the overall enthusiasm. It instills a sense of excitement as they look forward to keeping up with the trend of the party. 

3. Ambience:

A good ambience is not just equivalent to keeping your house organised and clean. It takes a lot more detailing to actually set up a well-decorated holiday home.  You can browse through Pinterest for aesthetic design ideas that are easy to incorporate in your private villa. One hosting tip that you must remember is to choose accessories that are in harmony with the design and colour of your holiday home. It radiates a sense of continuity and comfort. Good lighting can make the guests feel warm and welcomed. A combination of fresh flowers and scented candles are always a great choice to elevate the aura of your party.

Great ambience at Corfu and Crete

4. Good Food, Good Mood:

Celebrations, especially in the Indian culture allot a great value to the aspect of food. The best way to ensure that your guests stay satisfied is by arranging a buffet meal. It provides them with the freedom to socialise and interact with everyone around them. Always keep your refrigerators stocked up with fruit juices and convenience food as you never know when it might come in handy.

Get-together food

5. Secret Santa:

With Christmas just a month away, gift exchange is a great practice to keep everyone happy and rejoiced. Secret Santa or a White Elephant adds an element of surprise to the conventional tradition of simply exchanging presents.

While we are on the subject of giving presents, don’t forget to gift yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate amidst the chaos of planning the perfect party. If you find yourself struggling with the preparations, you have our ultimate holiday hosting guide to your rescue!

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