Weddings in Delhi, Goa and Rajasthan – Where to Extend Your Stays

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The year-end, the last month of the year, the last hurrah, December is literally synonymous with celebrations. Not only does it call for year-end bonuses, Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations, but also loads of weddings! And by that we mean, loads. The winters serve as the perfect backdrop for a lavish Jaipur destination wedding, an enthusiastic Delhi wedding or even a soothing oceanfront wedding in Goa. 

And weddings are seldom a one-day event. No, they involve a host of ceremonies and cocktail evenings! With weddings becoming a weekend to a five-day affair, it is not surprising that the majority of wedding-goers extend this elaborate soiree to a 2-week long vacation, complete with an extensive itinerary, ideal for an indulgent touristy holiday. 

Well, if you are attending a destination wedding anytime soon, which we are sure you are, we would suggest certainly extending your stay and savour a getaway unlike any other! Whilst our luxury villas make for lavish stays, our following, albeit crisp, guides will keep you occupied during your vacation. 

Take a look for yourself.


Goa’s swoon-worthy landscapes coupled with the serene blue waters and pristine beaches paint quite a dreamy wedding picture. But holidays here prove to be unforgettable!

Places to visit in Goa

Harvelem Waterfalls

Towering at a height of 70 metres, Harvelem Waterfall deafeningly gushes down, leaving behind an admirable landscape. The fall generally dries up during the summers, and is best experienced during the monsoons, however, you shouldn’t underestimate the raw beauty! 

Its vicinity boasts other attractions as well. The Rudreshwar Temple and Harvelem Caves are a must-visit here as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about the accessibility of the falls as it is easily reachable by road. 

Calangute Beach

Undoubtedly one of the most touristy experiences to indulge in, it is most definitely worth the hype. One of the longest beaches in Goa, which stretches all the way from Candolim to Baga. One of the hotspots of Goa, the typical beach shacks and the range of watersports are absolutely unmissable.

Chapora Fort

Please make way for the Dil Chahta Hai fort! A photo-op is a must here. Overlooking the surrounding serene sea and Chapora River. You can visit this fort from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The sunsets are absolutely stunning, making it definitely worth a visit.


The Latin Quarters of Panjim feature vibrant bylanes, cosy cafes serving delectable meals and colourful walls. The architecture will leave you absolutely in awe. The history seeps through the walls of these lanes, whilst the air is engulfed in the fresh mist of freshly baked goods. If that doesn’t make you instantly want to add it to your itinerary, I don’t what will!

Luxury villas in Goa 

Kokum Tree Villa 

Key features of this villa in Goa – 

  • Kokum tree as the focal point
  • Outdoor bar counter 
  • Private swimming pool 
  • Comfortable, mediterranean interiors 
  • Overlooks the surrounding waters 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/kokum-tree-villa 

Riverside Oasis 

Key features of this villa in Goa – 

  • Modern, soothing interiors 
  • Comfortable furnishings 
  • Private swimming pool 
  • Offering beautiful views of the bay 
  • Free clubhouse access 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/riverside-oasis 

Bay View 

Key features of this villa in Goa – 

  • Spa and massage services 
  • Terrace with a bar counter 
  • Panoramic views of the sea 
  • Private swimming pool 
  • Wooden swing on the terrace 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/bay-view 

Browse through all our villas in Goa here. 


Delhi’s lively atmosphere makes it perfect for weddings. Furthermore, the capital city also houses beautiful monuments and forts, all awaiting your arrival!

Places to visit near Delhi

Kingdom of Dreams

Spread across 6 acres, Kingdom of Dreams attempts to give a sneak-peek into India’s culture through a series of interactive activities. India’s first live entertainment and theatre destination certainly lives up to its name, with advanced technology, imposing structures and grand theatres.

Garden of 5 Senses

With an aim to stimulate all your 5 senses, i.e. touch, smell, sight, sound and taste, Garden of Five Senses promises a unique experience. Spread across a whopping 20 acres, this garden is guaranteed to be an instant hit among all nature enthusiasts. Housing a variety of themed parks, Mughal Baugs, an amphitheatre and waterlilies, its name surely does it justice!

 Red Fort

Lying on the banks of River Yamuna, Laal Quila or the Red Fort was built in 1629 by Shah Jahan. The red stonewalls pave the way for its name. Earlier used to house the emperors, now this towering fort is home to several museums and artefacts. One of the major tourist attractions in Delhi, it became a world heritage site in 2007.

Luxury Villas in and around Delhi 

Anandum, Delhi 

Key features of this villa in Delhi – 

  • Private open amphitheatre
  • Lotus and rose gardens 
  • Serene surroundings 
  • Verdant, manicured lawns 
  • Unique machan 
  • Artificial well 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/aanandum 

Khohar Haveli, Gurgaon 

Key features of this villa in Delhi – 

  • Melange of olden charm and modern conveniences 
  • 18th-century old heritage architecture
  • Octagonal water fountain 
  • Distinct artefacts, furniture and fresco paintings 
  • 360-degree views of the Aravallis 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/khohar-haveli 

Browse through our Delhi villas here.


The unmatchable vibe of Rajasthan make it a perfect place for elaborate and over-the-top destination weddings, as well as vacations! 

Places to visit in Rajasthan

City Palace, Udaipur

Quite the architectural marvel of Rajasthan, City Palace is certainly a sight to behold. A visual delight that transports you back in time, it is built on the banks of Lake Pichola. A mixed influence of Chinese and European is echoed throughout the palace. The intricate and delicate architecture along with the number of domes and towers make it a rather must-visit. 

Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Named after the Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur, this artificial lake is certainly easy on the eyes. Set against the majestic Aravallis, the enchanting boat rides in the second largest lake of Udaipur city are a must. What’s more? The enchanting sunsets serve as the perfect backdrop for a quiet evening. 

Hawa Mahal

The famous Pink City houses the famed Hawa Mahal that should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Its distinct architecture, postcard-perfect sight and towering pink facade make this absolutely worth the hype. Literally translating to Palace of Breeze, the colourful and delicate glasswork on the windows and doorways is unmissable.

Amber Fort

Your trip to Jaipur is incomplete without a visit to one of the many forts that the city houses, Amber Fort being one of them. Echoing the Rajasthani architecture, it was built in 1592. The trek up the fort is predictably worth the climb. 

Villas in Jaipur and Udaipur

The Eyrie, Udaipur 

Key features of this villa in Udaipur – 

  • Boutique holiday home 
  • Private swimming pool
  • Echoes a rich history 
  • Landscaped lawn with seating 
  • Gorgeous mountainscapes 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/the-eyrie

Jag Aravali, Udaipur 

Key features of this villa in Udaipur – 

  • Contemporary interiors and heritage architecture 
  • Proximity to Rayta Hills 
  • Beautiful views of the mountains and gardens 
  • Sprawling outdoor areas 
  • Private pool with outdoor deck 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/5-rooms-at-jag-aravali 

Tranquil Villa, Jaipur 

Key features of this villa in Jaipur –

  • Private terrace
  • Modern interiors with all comforts 
  • Beautiful lawn with swings 
  • Vibrant bedrooms 

Book here – https://www.vistarooms.com/villa/tranquil-villa 

Browse through all our villas in Jaipur here

We believe that now that you are all ready for your next wedding and your subsequent vacation. It is time to make way for the year-end shenanigans! 

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