7 Spots for a One Day Picnic or Trip near Mumbai

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A picnic or getaway with family compliments every season – summer, winter, or rain. A basic benchtop spread at the local park, a culinary hamper in a field or meadow, or a blanket by the lake at sunset is what is needed for a simple sumptuous picnic near Mumbai. Nestled amid Maharashtra’s spectacular scenery, places near Mumbai offer countless opportunities for tourists and workers to relax and unwind. Near Mumbai, there are hill stations, nocturnal picnic sites, and places that could be used for day or weekend picnic excursions. What could be better than enjoying delectable meals with your loved ones while appreciating two of the finest aspects of a picnic: food and nature?


The frantic pace of Mumbai may have you craving for a peaceful weekend away from the urban. So, whether you’re looking for a little adventure or some tranquility in the thick of nature, Vista has put together a list of 7 must-visit picnic spots at a short distance from Mumbai. P.S If you feel the need to extend your one-day picnic excursions into a weekend-long getaway, we’ve provided accommodation options as well.

1. Karjat

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Karjat, one of the most easily accessible picnic destinations around Mumbai, offers an excellent opportunity to recover and unwind in nature’s embrace. This picnic spot, which is positioned along the Ulhas River, is renowned for its majestic mountains and panoramas, forts, caverns, and temples. The breathtaking views of the lush mountains will surely take your breath away.

Picnic in Karjat

On a weekend, the farms and homestays available at this locale provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the grandeur of this place with friends and family.


  • Visit the iconic Kondana Caves
  • Savour delicious meals at Visawa Hotel
  • Try your hand at some local treks
  • Visit the Peth Fort

2. Igatpuri

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Igatpuri, a gorgeous hilltop hamlet is positioned high on the Western Ghats.  It is one of the finest picnic areas around Mumbai all year round for travellers looking for serenity and quiet while on their holiday. The setting of this town is ideal for hiking, relaxation, meditation, and other activities.

Igatpuri trekking

Many stunning waterfalls can be found in the mountains around the region. Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried about your lodging options, since there are a number of homestays accessible in this area.


  • Hike up the Tringalwadi Fort
  • Visit the Vihigaon Waterfalls
  • Enjoy the famous Kalsubai Trek

3. Lonavala

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Just a hop and skip away from Mumbai, lies the scenic town of Lonavala. Without including this town, our list would’ve been incomplete. This hill station is renowned for its chikki as well as its breathtaking vistas. In the summertime, Lonavala and Khandala are two of the most popular one-day picnic locations near Mumbai. Enjoy lush foliage, breathtaking waterfalls, a chilly environment, and have a gala time with your loved ones. 

Many tourists appreciate Rajmachi Point since it provides a magnificent sight of Rajmachi, Shivaji’s renowned fort. Tiger’s Point, also known as Tiger’s Leap, is another popular tourist destination. It’s a must-see for nature aficionados, with a steep drop of almost 650 metres and a little waterfall that only flows when it rains.


  • Visit Adlabs Imagica on the way
  • Trek up the Rajmachi Point
  • Have local street food and savour the delicious “corn ka bhutta”

4. Alibaug

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Picnic on Alibaug beach

This charming town of Alibaug is a wonderful picnic place just a ferry ride away from Mumbai, known for its tropical beaches, scrumptious gastronomy, and water sports. Alibaug boasts gorgeous beaches, delectable seafood delights, and historical landmarks that may be enjoyed as part of a modest getaway. This terrific one-day trip from Mumbai is ideal for a short vacation and recuperation. Did you know that Alibaug often attracts a huge number of beachgoers? It is located on the banks of the Konkan River, with some unknown shorelines nearby.


  • Visit the numerous beaches in Alibaug
  • Try your hand at some water sports
  • Visit the famous Kolaba Fort

5. Pawna

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The gorgeous views of the dam and the lake, nestled in the tranquil boundaries of the Sahyadri range, are a visual delight for visitors and much more so for environment lovers and aficionados. It’s a great camping area, and it’s progressively becoming a significant tourist attraction and a popular one-day picnic destination near Mumbai. The lush greenery of the terrain is ideal for a family vacation. There are also three distant old forts that may be seen. Enjoy a game of football or cricket, or go canoeing. Spend the night outdoors, with a campfire and some munchies, underneath the stars.

Picnic in Pawna


  • Enjoy stargazing by the Pawna Lake
  • Try your hand at some morning treks around its vicinity

6. Matheran

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Another well-known picnic spot near Mumbai; Matheran

Another popular picnic location near Mumbai is this one. Relish a hike through nature’s lap while admiring the beautiful streams and surroundings. Matheran is a terrific place to unwind and get away from the metropolis. This place is embellished with scenic attractions including Charlotte Lake, Louisa Point, and the thrilling Valley Crossing from Honeymoon Point to Louisa Point.


  • Experience travelling via the Toy Train
  • Visit the famous Louisa Point
  • Capture breathtaking views at Charolette Lake

7. Lavasa

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Lavasa near Pune and Mumbai

Lavasa, India’s first designed hill station, is a wonderful place to escape the bustling chaos of Mumbai for a quick picnic. With an ideal weather and breathtaking viewpoints, this destination has been luring a large number of visitors almost every weekend. It is a commercially developed hill town outside Pune that delivers a wonderful experience for all travelers. Aside from its well-developed amenities, Lavasa is known for its lush greenery, canoeing on a magnificent lake, stunning views of the mountains, and its modernity.


  • Lakeside camping
  • Visit Bamboosa
  • Try your hand at outdoor activities at Della Adventures

So, Mumbaikars, the next time you feel like grabbing a picnic basket and heading out to a fascinating area for a day trip or perhaps the weekend, check out our list and get ready for the weekend.

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