4 Easy Ways To Make Your Property More Workation Friendly

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The pandemic led to many new normals, including the rise in setting up a workstation anywhere, leading to an increase in workations. Workation essentially means a vacation, while you work. Essentially, a hybrid of two, offering the best of both worlds, workation allows people and travellers to not only work from anywhere but also gives leeway to work amidst refreshing and rejuvenating environments, out of the home. Remote working has grown incredibly popular, and while offices have re-opened and started in-person meetings, a significant amount of companies have chosen to opt for a mix of both. This in turn has led to increased motivation, productivity and out-of-the-box thinking. Working from anywhere has paved the way for employees to experience the joys of travelling and exploring, without ditching their commitments. Travellers are opting for scenic mountain cottages, waterfront luxury villas and homes that offer some peace and quiet, away from the city. Video meetings’ backgrounds are no longer photoshopped, cameras are on and productivity has proven to be at an all-time high. 

As enticing as remote working is, there are certain pre-requisites that guests look for when deciding on the accommodation for a workation. A laptop-friendly work set-up and good connectivity are certainly high up on that list. Out of the many new normals that the pandemic birthed, remote working is the one that is certainly here to stay. The privacy of a luxury villa rental, along with the personalized service and safety make a private holiday home an obvious choice for workations. And the many pros of remote working mean that your holiday home could be the next potential office!

Here are a few practical ways that ensure your holiday home is ready for the next workation!

1. Designated Workstation or Conference Room

Travellers and holiday goers are on the lookout for homes and luxury villas that offer designated workspaces. When work from home suddenly became a norm, all of us invested in ergonomic chairs and comfortable desks. The same is also sought while working remotely. Working from beds, or uncomfortably is a strict no-no and certainly not recommended. 

Having designated workstations in every room is highly suggested. When booking a holiday home, it is rather obvious that there is going to be more than one working professional in the group. Hence, you don’t want to compromise on comfort. A few rooms with workspaces and others without, might not set the right expectations. Each room can have writing desks and a chair, which would also allow a smooth transition between work and play. Set the tables within reach of power sockets, as that is an absolute necessity. After all, our electronically induced lifestyle requires recharging at regular intervals. 

If lack of space is an issue, a compact desk should suffice. Having a dedicated workroom, conference room or meeting room is even better! It may not be possible to have a work set-up in every room and in such cases, a dedicated room can be set up without much fuss. A large table, ample chairs and power sockets within reach should be enough.

Remote working has led to an increase in workations.
Set up a dedicated workstation for the guests

2. Good Connectivity and Power Backup

Whilst most of the times travellers head up to the secluded mountains, sandy beaches or serene forests to disconnect, a workation is exactly the opposite of that. During a workation, travellers and guests need to be connected with the outside world at all times. They may have sought recluse in your home, but during working hours, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must. Attending video meetings, endless calls and replying to emails requires a reliable connection. Ensure that the whole property premises offer Wi-Fi, this way, the work remains undisturbed, even if the guests choose to work in the outdoor spaces. Internet is the only way they may be connected to their coworkers, and for a smooth workation, Wi-Fi routers can be placed throughout the home. After all, the vacation part of it cannot be ignored, meetings by the pool or on the lawn might not be as rare as you think. 

Another thing to note, especially if your home faces regular power outages, is to be equipped with adequate power backup. Lack of power, especially during working hours, may put the guests in a pickle, in turn hampering their workation. Hence, ensure that your property is backed with generators or inverters, to make sure that power outages do not interrupt working hours. 

3. Aesthetic Amenities

While desks and chairs are the only essentials and ideally are enough, it is always recommended to go a step further and add a little character to the work spot. Private luxury villas and holiday homes pride themselves on the personalised service and focusing on the minute details make the guests feel well taken care of. It is always about the little things. Decorate the desk with cosy, little planters, inspiring frames and motivational quotes or even add a personalised note! You can also invest in office stationery, and keep the drawers stocked at all times. Stock up on blank note pads, notebooks and pens. This will make the guest feel right at home. 

Add little pieces to spruce up the room.
Add inspiring quotes and assorted knick-knacks to spruce up the room

4. Ample of Natural Light

Natural light almost always positively affects productivity. Hence. placement of actual work desks is important as well. Setting up the workation spot right opposite natural light can help a lot! Furthermore, make the most of the outdoor spaces and set up cosy nooks for the guests to work from. An outdoor coffee table along with a rattan sofa outside, right under the sun make for an ideal workation spot! 

A balance of work and play is sought during a workation. The mornings are reserved to check items off the to-do list, whilst the evenings are spent relaxing. And to ensure that your holiday home is the ideal workation spot for travellers, all you need to do is make it more workation-friendly! 

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