Top 5 Unexplored Places in Himachal

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Endearingly referred to as ‘Dev Bhoomi,’ the land of gods and goddesses is a heavenly sight indeed. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Dotted with cosy hill stations, quaint villages and breathtaking landscapes, the state is loved and visited by all. Himachal tourism not only promises gorgeous weather and picture-perfect landscapes but also a range of adventure sports, luring in thrill-seekers and nature-lovers. 

Whilst the state is widely known for its famed tourist attractions like Shimla, Manali and Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh is so much more than that. Boasting tiny villages, each echoing a distinct character, and each promising an experience unlike any other, this sprawling state is home to beautiful towns and villages. And it’s time to explore the untouched and unexplored gems of Himachal.

Take a look at the lesser-known attractions of Himachal Pradesh. 

Bir Billing

Luring in adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts, Bir Billing is a rather untouched gem nestled near the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Earning the title of the Paragliding capital of India, Bir Billing also proudly adorns the hat of the being second-best Paragliding setting in the world. Bir is the take-off spot whilst Billing is the landing. The smooth breeze, coupled with the breathtaking landscapes are bound to leave you spellbound. 

Although you must note, that paragliding requires certain training and expertise, hence there are a variety of courses hosted, varying duration and cost, ranging from 10 days to 30, and costing up to Rs. 50,000 or more. Needless to say, it is certainly worth it. 

Whilst its primary attraction is obviously its ideal conditions for paragliding, the quaint hill station also attracts tourists curious to know more about ecotourism and meditation. 

Bir Billing is a beautiful hill station
Savour the breathtaking sights of the Bir Billing

Things to do in Bir Billing

  • The first and foremost is paragliding
  • Visit the Sherbaling Monastery 
  • Embrace the nature and meditate 
  • 360-degree Raj Gundha Trek 
Paragliding is a famed tourist attraction of Bir Billing.
Enjoy an evening of paragliding

Best time to visit Bir Billing 

May through June promise a pleasant climate in Bir Billing. Owing to the landslides during the monsoon season, the months of June through October witness a lull and it is certainly not recommended to visit Bir Billing then.


A backpacker’s haven and a wanderer’s paradise, Kasol’s reputation precedes itself. The valleys of Kasol promise to paint you a picture almost unreal, whilst the gentle gurgling of the Parvati River serves as the perfect melody. Hill stations are the ideal escape and Kasol is no exception. An enigmatic village in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, it offers a myriad of experiences and is approximately 42 km. away from Bhuntar Airport. 

Dotted with treks, trails and hikes, with varying difficulty levels, Kasol guarantees something for every traveller. Whilst this blissful town has certainly made an impression and has veered its way to everyone’s bucket list, it still is worth the visit. Scattered pockets of buzzing eateries, vibrant cafes and beautiful views are bound to keep you company here. 

Kasol is a breathtaking town.
The soothing sights of Kasol

Things to do in Kasol

  • Visit the peaceful hill station of Naggar 
  • Enjoy an evening at the Moon Dance Cafe 
  • Explore the Pin Parvati Pass 
Enjoy an evening spent in the blissful town of Naggar.
Enjoy an evening in the quaint town of Naggar

Best time to visit Kasol 

The best months to visit Kasol are May and June, as it serves as the perfect escape from the sweltering summers. Months through November through February are recommended as well. 


Covered in the pristine blanket of snow during the winters, and splattered in the lush green hues in the summers, Tosh is yet another destination often flocked by backpacking enthusiasts. Lying at a short distance of 20 km. from Kasol, Tosh is almost paradisiacal, swathed in towering deodar, oak and pine trees. 

This last motorable village in the Parvati Valley, the village is dotted with houses splashed in the soothing pastel hues, and idyllic bylanes and landscapes. The humming of the Parvati River will follow you here as well, along with the picturesque views of the mountains. 

Tosh serves as the ideal break from the city life.
Snow-capped mountains are a norm in Tosh

Things to do in Tosh

  • Take a soothing walk in the Malana Village
  • Savour the sounds of the Parvati River 
  • Embark on the Kheerganga Trek 
  • Relish Israeli food 

Best time to visit Tosh 

As predicted, the summers, from April through June are the ideal months to visit Tosh. During winters and monsoons, the landslides are at an all-time high, making it difficult to navigate to the village. 


With something for the adventure-seekers and the naturists, Solang Valley is a beautiful village. The soft gurgling of the water streams will follow you everywhere, as you wander and explore the famed valley. Offering the best of both worlds, the valley is home to a range of adventure sports like paragliding and zorbing and is also known as the skiing capital of North India. 

An emerald haven during the summers and covered in a pristine blanket of snow during the winters, Solang Valley boasts bespoke experiences, whatever weather you choose to visit this place. Calling for all nature-enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, Solang Valley is sure to lure you in. 

Soak in the amazing vistas of Solang
Solang mountains are the most bewitching sight

Things to do in Solang

  • Try your hand at quad biking 
  • Indulge in snowmobiling 
  • Devour the breathtaking landscapes while on the Gondola 
  • Visit the serene Rohtang Pass 
Rohtang Pass is famed for its appealing vistas.
Witness the iconic Rohtang Pass

Best time to visit Solang

The best time to visit Solang Valley is during the summers and the winters. Whilst March to June promise pleasant weather, October to February are ideal for winter sports. 


A relatively untouched gem, only accessible by foot Pulga is certainly worth a visit. Located at a staggering elevation of 7250 ft., this village lies 3 km. away from Barsheini. Be prepared to bid adieu to the modern comforts and conveniences as you enter and embrace nature at its finest. 

Housing the magical Fairy Forest – a forest of dense, tall deodar trees – that is truly a bewitching sight. Leading up to the mountain and treks, the view from atop is absolutely stunning. The beautiful valleys and creaking wooden bridges are an experience in themselves. 

Pulga is a peaceful village nestled in the mountains
Bathed in Deodar forests and pristine snow, Pulga is a sight savour

Things to do in Pulga

  • Seek blessings in the Lord Narayana Temple 
  • Stroll along the dense forests of Pulga 
  • Explore the lush tea plantations 
  • Wander around and embark on hikes and trails 
The views atop are simply unmatchable
Trek to the mountain peaks

Best time to visit Pulga

The best time to visit Pulga is during the months of May and June, as the entire village is covered in a sheet of mist. During the winter months, the hill station is a beautiful enigma, bathed in snow, overlooking the breathtaking soaring peaks.

These unexplored gems and hidden places boast some of the most magical sights and views and emanate a soothing aura.


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Trying to navigate through the twenties, manoeuvring through the ifs and buts, Riya is an aspiring writer looking to expand her skillset. When she's not animatedly dissecting character arcs and storylines, you can find her trying to weave stories and dabbling into poems. She looks forward to all things fries, hardcovers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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