8 Places to Visit in South India This Rainy Season

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Positioned on the Peninsular Deccan Plateau, this enchanting land is teeming with the best of nature, dynamic culture, rich legacy, and authentic culinary experiences and also has stunning places to visit in South India. The grandeur of South India is year-round, but the monsoons in India bring lush foliage, booming cascades, and surging streams to some regions, making them even more ethereal and ephemeral.

Monsoons in South India

The rainy season in India is the most eagerly anticipated of all the seasons. As the raindrops drizzle on the treetops, meadows, and rivulets that welcome its arrival, this season ushers in a brand new beginning and enriches the flora all around. There are several other places to visit in monsoon in India; however, the mellow petrichor mingling with the atmosphere in South India seems more alluring. Of course, every city has some wonderful destinations to explore that you won’t find anywhere else. But we’re sure that you will fall in love with the grandeur of the places to visit in South India, which are known for their scenic beauty, delightful people, and fauna.

Here’s a guide to things you can do, and places you can visit,  to make the best of the monsoon season in South India.

Places to visit in South India

1) Chikmaglur – The Coffee land of Karnataka

Positioned at the foothills of the Mullayangiri range, Chikmagalur is quite ideal for travelers touring the South India tourist places. The torrential rains bring about the lush green landscapes. The flowers blanket the hills, and the entire area is awash with majestic waterfalls, gushing rivers, and lagoons.

Chikmaglur is one of the top destinations to visit in South India

During the rainy season, popular tourist destinations in Chikmaglur include Baba Budangiri, Manikyadhara Falls, Hebbe Falls, Kudremukh, Mullayangiri, Jhari Falls, Hirekolale Lake, and Honnamana Falls. Did you know? This beautiful little district, which really is rich in biodiversity, produces the majority of the coffee we consume. The Charmadi Ghat, near Chikmagalur, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South India, as well as an excellent destination to take a road trip.

2) Allepey – Backwaters at Alappuzha

Alleppey is one of the finest places to visit in Kerala during the rainy season. After Munnar, this is touted to be one of the best places to visit in South India during the monsoon due to the perceived sacred backwaters. While cruising through the azure backwaters, take in the scenery and enjoy a relaxing stay on a houseboat while soaking in the heavy rain, which, needless to say, is very well worth it. Whenever you visit Kerala, be sure to explore Alleppey and Munnar, both of which are definitely and truly spectacular. This city is lauded as South India’s Venice.

Accommodations in Kerala

3) Ooty – One of the most romantic places to visit in South India

Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam or Udhagai, is one of the most romantic places to visit in South India in August. Ooty is a very well hill station in Tamil Nadu, known for hosting the annual flower festival at the Botanical Gardens and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. This destination boasts a toy train ride that departs from Mettupalayam and takes you through the dreamy Nilgiris. You may even go boating or embark on a trek to the Dodabetta peak if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Accommodations in Ooty

4) Yercaud – The lesser-known South India tourist place

This destination is in Tamil Nadu, and it is one of South India’s most popular hill stations and weekend getaways. Known as the realm of seven forests, we’re pretty sure the gorgeous sites will keep you occupied with shooting. Yercaud is one of the best places to visit in South India during the monsoon season but is often overshadowed by the popularity of Ooty and Kodaikanal. This hill station got its name from the Yercaud Lake located at its center.  Yeri signifies lake in Tamil, and Kaadu indicates forest. The great tourist attractions to see during your trip to Yercaud are Yercaud Lake, Lady’s Seat, Shevaroy Temple, Pagoda Point, Killiyur Falls, and Botanical Garden.

5) Kodaikanal – The princess of Hill Stations in South India

Are you an admirer of the monsoon rains? Does the rhythm of raindrops, the aroma of fresh foliage, the enticing earthy scent, and the cool crisp winds all appeal to you? Kodaikanal; an exquisite haven, also known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations,’ comes alive after the rains, when the lush woods, glistening lakes, and waterfalls appear lovely and colourful. Kodaikanal is full of adventure that will fill your heart with immense joy, and let you experience the breathtaking picturesque vistas and different attractive tourist spots.  Add in some soothing drizzle, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate vacation formula! It is just what your parched spirit requires, and you will feel revitalized and renewed after a visit to this magnificent hill station. Kodaikanal, like a hilltop town, has cool and pleasant weather all year. The rains, on the other hand, add to the exuberance and offer you the much-needed solitude and relaxation you’ve been waiting for!

6) Coonoor – The Nilgiri Slopes

Coonoor, along with Ooty and Kotagiri, is one of the three hill stations in the Nilgiri mountain ranges. Set at a height of roughly 6,000 feet, Coonoor is one of Tamil Nadu’s most popular tourist destinations, attributable to the Nilgiri tea industry. At Coonoor, one of the most popular tourist places to visit in South India, travelers must visit the Tantea tea museum, play golf at Wellington Golf Course, hike to the Hidden Valley, and cover a wide range of other activities.

7) Coorg – Scotland of South India

Coorg, popularly known as the “Scotland of the South,” is an entrancing hilltop station not far from Bangalore. You will be able to witness various views of grey clouds that mix in gradually with the foliage of the hills, and the sight is worth witnessing. Coorg is an excellent location to go waterfall rappelling! While Coorg is a year-round tourist attraction, the optimum time to visit is during the monsoon, when the town is showered in the first drops of rain and the lush-green forests provide amazing views. So, if you’re planning a trip to Coorg during the monsoon, make sure you take in the spectacular scenery this wonderland has to offer, as well as some unforgettable memories.

8) Wayanad

Wayanad, nestled atop the Western Ghats in northern Kerala, is one of the most popular places to visit in South India during the monsoon months since it receives plenty of rain. With mesmerising waterfalls, rich flora, and a delightful weather, the copious rains make this hill station even more appealing. The ‘Neelakurinji’ flowers, which bloom once every 12 years, are a distinctive attraction of the hill station during the rainy season. As part of the trip to Wayanad, you must explore the medieval Edakkal Caves, go on safaris in pursuit of wild elephants, go on a jungle trek, scale the beautiful waterfalls, and enjoy a luxurious vacation. A three-day monsoon tourist celebration is also staged here, at this beautiful hill station.

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