Things to do in Goa in Monsoons

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We bet you’ve longed for a carefree, fun-filled holiday to the beachy coasts of Goa. But while India’s favourite ‘tourist’s paradise’ is reputed for its spirited summers and tropical temperatures, we ASSURE you there are numerous places to visit in Goa during monsoons, than meets the eye.

Visiting Goa during the rains is seeing it in a new light. The winding roads, verdant forests and waterfalls cascading down its nooks and crannies make it a sight for sore eyes. The month of June, when the monsoons begin to wash in, marks the start of the ‘off peak’ season in Goa, but also the most refreshing time for things to do in Goa. The beaches are nearly empty, accommodation prices start to drop, and the hustle-bustle of tourists is minimal. We cannot think of a better time to plan a relaxing trip to this seaside paradise!

If you’re looking for a whisk-away holiday to rediscover Goa this monsoon, we’ve curated the ideal itinerary for your every mood!

Goa for nature lovers

One hardly ever sees Goa listed on any ‘monsoon destinations’ wander list, and let us tell you, EVERYONE is missing out! Around this time of year, Goa is bustling with biodiversity and lush greenery, making it a piece of heaven on earth. So, if a scenic escape into the arms of nature is your idea of a perfect holiday, here are some things we highly recommend giving a shot. 

Take a road trip through the Western Ghats

A long, scenic drive through the tranquil forests of the western ghats is how we recommend commencing your next trip to Goa! Of course, the cherry on top has to be the overcast weather, the smell of the rains and the chilly monsoon winds flurrying through your hair.

Trek through the Sahyadri mountain range

The majestic Sahyadri mountain range engulfs the coastal state of Goa. With over ten diverse trails to choose from, we can’t wait for you to try out nature’s way of meditative therapy.

Soak in the beauty of the Dudhsagar falls

Roughly translating to ‘Ocean of milk’, the Dudhsagar falls is one of India’s tallest waterfalls. With gushes of water plummeting from hundreds of feet in the monsoons, we urge you to experience this surreal sight.

For the serial-chillers

Have you ever felt the undying urge to leave everything behind and do absolutely nothing? We’ve all been there! Taking a break to reset, relax and rejuvenate sounds like a job for your inner serial chiller, and we’ve got just the lazy list of things for you to do (it’s very low effort, we swear).

Lounge around on the secluded beaches of South Goa

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag and give you all the juicy details. The beaches of south Goa are THE place to be. Secluded, clean and breathtakingly beautiful, we highly recommend making it your new ‘go-to’ destination.

Hit the casinos and nightclubs for a fun night out

Here’s an open call to all the social butterflies who know how to party! The Mandovi River hosts an array of casinos for you to take your pick and dance the night away with friends, drinks and incredible views.

Gorge on delicious Goan delicacies

If you visit Goa and don’t down a delicious fish thali, did you even really visit Goa? Forget fancy restaurants and bars; the BEST authentic goan food can be found at little shacks, streetside cafes and local eateries. Enjoy your meals with a side of ‘Urrak’ or ‘Jungle Juice’ as the Goans call it. It packs a punch of flavour, but make sure you have a ride back home. 

For the adventure junkies

Nothing feels better than a rush of adrenalin pulsating through your body as you immerse yourself in an adventure. The Goan monsoons are the best time to let loose, step out and seek all the thrills! Think you can handle the heat? Check out these riveting outdoor activities that aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Go rafting along the Mahadayi river

You’re probably wondering how an aquatic adventure sport and the rains make sense together. When the rafting season is at a halt everywhere else, the Mahadayi invites all adrenalin junkies to come and experience the thrills like never before.

Scuba dive into the depths of the Arabian Sea

The quaint little islands off the northern coast of Goa are the perfect place to dabble with this exciting sport. If you’re not quite the ‘YOLO’ type of person and prefer easing up on the thrill, we suggest giving snorkeling in the shallows a shot!

Cycle/bike through the winding roads of old Goa

A delightful way for a ‘Tour de Goa’ would be renting cycles (or bikes, if you will) and meandering around town. Be it cafe-hopping in the north or exploring the hidden gems of the south, we promise you’ll love the adventure!

For the sightseers

Beating the heyday of the summer months and travelling to Goa during the rains is a revelation. Not only do you escape the sweltering heat, but the swarm of people that flock here during the peak seasons. While we’ve all been guilty of doing the same old ‘touristy’ things around here, make sure to incorporate these off-beat locations in your next travel trip itinerary.

Catch a soothing sunset at Cabo De Rama

‘Praça do Cabo de Rama’ (or ‘Cabo de Rama’ for short) is a medieval hillside fort in south Goa. Even though the Portuguese left behind this stunning view, we wouldn’t want you to miss a spectacular sunset! Wear your comfiest pair of sports shoes, carry your favourite snacks (and maybe some drinks if you’re feeling fancy) and thank us later!

Tour the local spice farms

The spice plantations scattered across the state of Goa have quite the reputation for contributing to its lip-smacking cuisine. Taking a tour of these farms is a great way to support the local communities, encourage their small businesses and learn some of the best-kept cooking secrets Goa offers.

Explore the architectural wonders of churches, temples and forts

From cathedrals dating back to the 1500s to temples built during the Kadamba Dynasty, Goa is a congenial blend of diversity and culture waiting to be explored!

For years, Goa has been the happening hotspot for all things summer. It’s about time we changed that narrative and appreciate it in all its glory, all throughout the year!

As we close our eventful itinerary for the perfect monsoon trip to Goa, we’re absolutely positive it has something in it for everybody. 

StayVista hopes to welcome you on your next trip here VERY soon!

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