4 Off-beat Summer Holiday Destinations

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Take the road less travelled – This quote by Robert Frost is much more than just a philosophical idea. 

Summers are all about tans, lazy afternoons, refreshing mocktails and vacations! This summer, ditch the mainstream destinations for the uncommon and off-beat ones. Read on to know why you should choose off-beat destinations followed by a few hand-picked holiday destinations to pack your bags for. 

More Discounts

Off-season usually ensues decreased rates; be it travel fare, accommodation cost, shopping, etc. While on the peak dates, when there is a surge of tourists, the prices are higher, because there is more demand than supply. By choosing to tour off-beat destinations, you attract charming discounts, thus, more travel with lesser funds! 

Off-season travel sales and discount

Explore the unexplored 

Travelling to off-beat locations helps you explore the places which are likely to be missed by a majority of the crowd. Familiarizing with local culture in its truest sense becomes easier because there’s less crowd and more time! 

travel and explore

More time to yourself

Less crowd helps you skip the queues, smooth bookings, and much more. You get so much time for yourself to reflect, explore, visit, capture and celebrate! 

So, while it’s clear that off-beat locations make the best of the vacations, here are 4 hand-picked destinations in North India that are perfect for your next vacation.

More time to yourself

Tirthan, Himachal Pradesh 

Deriving its name from Tirthan river, Tirthan sits at an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level. It’s literally a river-side retreat and full of adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, wildlife watching, etc. Relax among the pine trees in the valley or set your feet for scouting some little unexplored village along the way. 

Homestays in Tirthan – Jujurana Stays amidst forest with seasonal pool, gazebo and library. 

Homestays in Tirthan, himachal pradesh

Jujurana Stays, Tirthan

Subathu, Himachal Pradesh 

This quaint cantonment town with yellow mustards and lush green nature is a training center for the Gurkha regiment. If a relaxing getaway is on your mind, this is an ideal place to be at, where the time stands still and there are only unobstructed views of the goddess of nature wherever your eyes can see. 

Homestay in Subahtu – Misty Mountain Cottage with scenic views of valleys, garden and wood-fired oven. 

Homestay in Subahtu, himachal pradesh

Misty Mountains Cottage, Subathu

Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh 

The idyllic retreat, Mashobra is a quaint town in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. An ideal place to take a break from city life and detox yourself, Mashobra offers beautiful walking trails, romantic drives and mostly unadulterated nature everywhere. 

Homestays in Mashobra – Doc Hardy’s Cottage with antique decor, views of the valley and traditional North-Indian cuisine. 

Homestays in Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh 

Doc Hardy’s Cottage, Mahasu

Naggar, Himachal Pradesh 

An ancient town situated at the banks of the river Beas, Naggar is famous for its castle and various adventurous activities like trekking, fishing, hiking and more. When in Naggar, expect tranquility, time and stillness surrounding you when you unwind yourself in the beauty of this place. 

Homestays in Naggar – Lily Dale Cottage with scenic views, barbecue and bonfire. The Kang Estate amidst the forest, antique decor, library, bonfire and barbecue.

Homestays in Naggar, himachal pradesh

Lily Dale Cottage, Naggar


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